Maddox Uses $125K in Campaign Funds for Legal Bills

Maddox Uses $125K in Campaign Funds for Legal Bills

Financial reports show that City Commissioner Scott Maddox recently used $125,000 from his 2020 Florida Senate campaign account for legal expenses.

The entry, shown below, lists $125,000 to Baker Donelson.

TR recently published a story in February about Maddox’s attorney, Stephen Dobson, joining the firm of Baker Donelson.

Baker Donelson’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Group defends businesses and executives in a wide range of domestic and international investigations and prosecutions.

Mr. Dobson recently spoke on behalf of City Commissioner Scott Maddox in relation to the FBI investigation into local government activities in Tallahassee.

TR first learned about the expenditure from Peter Schorsch of




11 Responses to "Maddox Uses $125K in Campaign Funds for Legal Bills"

  1. When too many people “friends” and local media allow Scott Maddox get away with things over and over, eventually he thinks he is above the law and digs deeper and deeper holes that he cannot get out of, hence the FBI investigation. Yes, pray that he sees the light and will come clean with his dealings. But most likely he will remain defiant and face severe consequences.

    1. It’s worked for Hillary all these years, no wonder the folks in Tally think they can do the same. After all, we are just a Washington D.C. Jr., complete with our own Obama wannabe – Gillum

  2. You know its this time of year when shouting from the crowd, ” crucify him, crucify him” should taste a little bitter. We have our system and rule of law, so much for innocent until proven guilty! If Scott did something wrong, let the system work and he should get and accept the consequences for his actions. However, I don’t know of too many people that have the right to cast the first stone, myself included. There is a person behind the title, there is a father, a son, a husband , a friend , a brother , and even if people do bad things, people other than themselves are affected. How about let justice prevail and pray for him, pray for his family, pray for everyone affected and be the bigger person.
    Grace, mercy, love and forgiveness go along way to heal not just them but ourselves and makes the world a much better place starting with the one giving it. I know, I have needed it in the past, need it every day and will need it in the future. And for the record YES I am, have been and will always be Scott’s friend. Doesn’t mean I condone every decision he makes, think like he does or have the same believes. He is a D and I’m a life long R which means we have many differences, but we remain loyal friends despite our differences.

    1. Mr. Beeman, I agree with you that none of us are entitled to throw stones – we should allow the legal system to work and hopefully the whole truth will come out and any justice due will be served. I hope all those implicated and involved in the undeniable corruption in our city government are brought forward, the legal system is allowed to work, and any justice due is served. Perhaps at some point any guilty persons will learn from their hard experience and be reformed. None of us are angels, but the legal system must be brought in to end this corruption, since the individuals involved seem unwilling to end it themselves.

    2. Mr. Beeman,

      You are crossing the line when you, yourself – a police officer – admonishes the public because Maddox’s numerous questionable to possibly illegal activities are being exposed. A perfect example of how it has been able to go on for so long…

      If you don’t think using campaign contributions to pay legal fees to defend himself against corruption allegations, then perhaps you need to rethink your position. What about flying on a jet to Las Vegas with developers (FBI agents)? How does this serve the public? It does not, it is a self serving act that crosses the line into corruption that does harm to the public at large on so many levels.

      What about large contract bids and awards that are manipulated down to the wire so that his largest campaign contributors are awarded the bid by default because of some manipulative backroom schemes?

      What about misusing his position to disenfranchise minorities and veterans because they reported misdeeds?

      Defending acts that cause harm to the public at large because he is your friend is inappropriate and unprofessional at the very least.

      Again, you need to separate your friendship from your duty to protecting the public at large from harm. Enabling and defending corruption because he is your “friend” is irresponsible.

      1. Should Scott go to prison his friends will no longer benifit as the wheeling dealing preferential jobs contracts kickbacks will be over.
        Fair weather corruption enabeling friends will not write a letter go for a visit or even donate $5.00 to Scott’s prison commasary acount so Scott can get a candy bar or a bag of chips.
        If Scott has to do hard time I’m gonna send him some commasary money. But no one else will.

  3. “What a tangled web we weave when first we intend to deceive.” Mattox is spiraling down, down, down and he deserves every bit of it. I hope the FBI indicts him and many others in this corrupt town.

  4. Maddox raised these funds while attempting to run for superintendent. He ran on the platform that Pons must go. Once he stuffed the bank, he pulled out and filed to run for an office opening in 2020. He knew what was coming from the FBI. He was fooling the public. The real fools and victims are those who donated to him.

  5. F.S 106.071(1) requires in addition to the above; the purpose, a description of goods or services obtained, and the issue to which the expenditure relates.

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