Tallahassee Democrat Promotes Dustin Daniels Video, Ignores Jeremy Matlow’s Efforts

Tallahassee Democrat Promotes Dustin Daniels Video, Ignores Jeremy Matlow’s Efforts

How many more ways can the Tallahassee Democrat pump up the non-candidacy of Mayor Gillum’s chief of staff, Dustin Daniels, while ignoring the efforts of filed candidates?

On the heals of brokering a deal with Mayor Andrew Gillum to crop an embarrassing picture in return for a favorable interview, the Tallahassee Democrat continues to show favor to those who are operating within in the Gillum orbit. These power players include Dustin Daniels, Sean Pittman and Kevin Cate.

First, there was a story about a website for a Daniels’ potential candidacy.  The article was by Jeff Schweers. The same Schweers that penned the “cropped picture” story.

This story came as others who actually filed for local office struggled to get coverage in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Now comes more free PR a story about a video that clearly promotes Dustin Daniels before he has even filed for an office. The story, again, is penned by Jeff Schweers.

This free publicity for a potential candidate, combined with other actions by the Tallahassee Democrat has other candidates raising serious questions about the bias of the Tallahassee Democrat.

And there is more.

Back on March 7, 2018 FloridaPolitics.com broke a story about a campaign video released by a filed candidate for city commission, Jeremy Matlow. A few days later TR followed with an article.

From the TR article:

“The campaign advertisement, coming from a Democrat and self-proclaimed progressive, implies the current City of Tallahassee leadership has ignored struggling families on the southside. The video provides imagery of Cascades Park and the million dollar bridge over South Monroe Street and informs viewers that poverty is not far from these publicly financed amenities.”

The emotional video, to date, has garnered in excess of 27,000 views but has been unable to garner any attention from Mr. Schweers or the Gannett owned Tallahassee Democrat.

10 Responses to "Tallahassee Democrat Promotes Dustin Daniels Video, Ignores Jeremy Matlow’s Efforts"

  1. For years the Tallahassee Democrat has been controlled by local special interest. Today it isn’t any different. It is a shame that the population of Tallahassee doesn’t demand more from our local newspaper. Fortunately, TR and technology along with other social media outlets have greatly changed how we get our news. As a result, the bias reporting of Tallahassee Democrat becomes less important and seemingly more and more insignificant. It would be nice if Skip Foster would have the strength to stop the madness and give equal coverage to people willing to give up their time to run for public office, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I don’t know much about Matlow, but I sure see campaign signs for him all over downtown and Collegetown. Again, why anyone buys a subscription to the Tallahassee Democrat is beyond me. Extra money to throw away???

    1. And don’t say for the coupons! We all know that is for stuff you wouldn’t normally buy, so don’t even go there!

  3. Skip Foster is buddies with all of them. Gillum, Daniels, Adam Corey, Maddox, the whole lot. Him and the Democrat are paid off. Look to Gannett. Sketchy, sketchy, sketchy. They are the lowest form of journalism and have the integrity of a cockroach. The Democrat, along with the aforementioned, have turned our city into a laughing stock on a National scale. Once all these guys are locked up and Foster fired, we can restore Tallahassee to the great place it used to be. The only non-partisan investigative journalism we truly have in Tallahassee is Tallahassee Reports.

    1. Skippy & Co. are doing exactly what their masters in McLean are ordering them to do. If anything, Foster will get a promotion.
      And when you run that rag, everything would be considered a promotion.
      Look at Gabordick.
      He destroyed the newsroom, circulation decreased by almost half, & numerous sections of the paper (and most of the display ads) disappeared. All while going on walks in the park with Maddox & his posse.
      And he got bumped up to EE at Florida Today.

  4. The Democrat leadership and staff all know they promote the local usual suspects because of inappropriate financial benefit reasons first and lefty liberal hate the USA political reasons second. But even more interesting is they do not care who knows about it. Quite frankly The Democrat leadership feels they do not even have to lift a pudgy finger to respond to the truth of what Steve is laying out here.
    Kind of reminiscent of the way Hillary was so confident that no Democratic voters would ever finally wise up and cross party lines to vote for truth, justice, and the American way.
    Hillary basically got lazy, started effin off on her one and only job, and refused to get up off the couch and campaign to win the presidency.!!
    She had to cancel her election eve victorious fireworks show!
    Remember how that went down for Hillary all you “fake news” Tallahassee Democrat leadership and staff?

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