Mayor Gillum Runs From Questions About Tallahassee Democrat Negotiation

Mayor Gillum Runs From Questions About Tallahassee Democrat Negotiation

Gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Gillum, when approached in city hall today, refused to answer questions about a controversial negotiation that reportedly took place with officials at the Tallahassee Democrat.

Instead, Gillum ran for cover.

TR recently reported that Gillum and his supporters put pressure on the Tallahassee Democrat to alter a photo of Gillum and Adam Corey in return for an interview with Democrat reporter Jeff Schweers.

And now, Tallahassee Reports has been told by sources that Gillum and Tallahassee Democrat publisher Skip Foster met in person about the issue that resulted in a favorable article where Gillum described how he broke ties with Adam Corey.

To date, the Tallahassee Democrat has yet to respond to TR’s request for comment.

After conducting an interview with WCTV, Gillum, using his aide to run interference, meandered his way through the city commission chambers without offering any answers to any of our questions.

We asked Gillum if he or any of his supporters put financial pressure on the Tallahassee Democrat to alter what stories would be published.

We also asked Gillum if he met with publisher Skip Foster about the issue.

At question is the use of political power and financial intimidation by the Mayor of Tallahassee to impact what is published in the Tallahassee Democrat.

TR will continue to investigate the negotiation between the Tallahassee Democrat and Mayor Andrew Gillum.

13 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Runs From Questions About Tallahassee Democrat Negotiation"

  1. You Andrew Gilliam hides from the truth, ask Ricky Hanna’s Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory how Rocky allowed Shelly Bell put to all students in Aadvanced classes to get out of taking the state US History test and why Ms. Gregory is doing away with computer assisted reading programs for students of poverty at middle and high school.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen: All 4 of these democrats are losers…………why waste time talking about them. I have been a democrat longer than anyone should be. Sad….Gillum, Graham, Philip Levine…………and Mr. King…………just want to debate stupid ideas at Channel 13 Fox Tampa on April 18, 2018. Why waste your time ….one of these candidates needs to call for the REPEAL of Chapter 106 and the elimination of only Republicans candidates listed at the very top of ALL ballots in Florida. The State of Florida Democratic Party is not going to win an election until they cut the excessive qualifying fee…$7816.38…..then demand that the State of Florida give the money to the Democrats within 30 days so they can quickly use the challengers unfair qualifying fee (1/3 of it) to be used to promote bad candidates such as Gillum. Sad.

  3. Look no further than the 54 stories about the former superintendent written about evidence from a notebook submitted by Rocky Hanna who admitted that he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing. The Tallahassee Democrat along with Rocky Hanna successfully accomplished a smear campaign. If they did that to a sitting superintendent imagine what they would do to run stories and make deals with others. The Tallahassee Democrat has never printed the truth with the headline Rocky Hanna lied.

    1. Let me ‘splain the Gillum run for Gov.
      Back when it was rolled out that a whole bunch of locals across the USA were on Hillary’s short list for VP basically to excite the locals ya boy Gillum was one of the many. He knew that was just a dream but was able to excite USA haters like George Soros into thinking Gillum could destroy Florida in a B. Hussian O. manner and turn FL into an east coast California.
      From that point forward Gillum has been taking these USA haters money and laundering it out in a circle type of manner to come back to Gillum.
      So in a twisted way Gillum did us a service by taking substantial USA haters money out of the political system and into his fake scam of a run for Govenor.
      Thank you Gillum.

  4. “The lawsuit was filed in Leon Circuit Court April 2 by the City of Weston and nine other South Florida cities”. No surprise – southeast FL is a main habitat for hardcore liberals. Looks like they’re trying to do a “California” strategy and “resist” the laws of FL that restrict their gun-banning agenda.
    As I recall , the District of Columbia tried to restrict 2nd Amendment gun rights with it’s own regulations. In District of Columbia vs. Heller, the Supreme Court slapped DC down. Hopefully the FL Legislature and Supreme Court will give these liberal cities’ little lawsuit and gillum a good slap also.

    1. Sorry, News Maven – I should have referenced your story link above to my comment. Thanks for that link!

      As for Gillum dodging any questions about the Democrat and it’s poor imitation of journalism, Gillum seems to have a pretty big mouth when he has a friendly audience, but when the questions aren’t ones he prefers, he runs. No surprise there.

  5. Out of curiosity, what was edited out of the original Gillum-Corey photo? Or do we know? If it was edited, where can we get a copy of the unedited photo? Thanks TR for investigating this!

  6. Run away little man, go find a safe space, call George Soros; “Daddy Daddy what do I say…sob…sob”

    1. So did Curtis misspeak because he is ignorant or did he blatantly lie to stir up emotions? The weapons of war he is referring to would be military ‘GECAL 50’ Gatling guns. Local officials are not interested in learning or speaking the truth. I think the only reason Brian voted no is his fear of a law suit.

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