City Commission Candidate Dianne Williams-Cox: Put Me in Coach

City Commission Candidate Dianne Williams-Cox: Put Me in Coach

TALLAHASSEE — To Dianne Williams-Cox, a candidate for Tallahassee Commission Seat 5, life is like a baseball game and Tallahassee is like a pitcher caught in a slump.

“When a pitcher gets in trouble on the mound, I don’t think you should pull the pitcher. I think you should pause, talk with the pitcher, and give the pitcher the opportunity to get his or herself out of that situation. In Tallahassee, this is an opportunity for us to pause, be retrospective, and think about how we want to move forward,” she says.

“We are a great city,” Williams-Cox says, “but we want to be greater. We want to go to the next level. We can’t do that without coming together and working together and listening to all ideas and being open to maybe changing out position on things.”

Williams-Cox sees herself as a team player, someone who realizes holding elected office, is not just about doing what she wants. She says it’s about carrying the message of what the citizens want

“People want to know that they matter, to know that you are listening to them. They want to be a part of the solution. I love people enough to listen to them, to work with them, to help resolve issues even if we don’t always agree,” she says.

Some of the changes she wants to see is greater transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in the City Commission.

She defines ethics as doing right even when no one is looking.

She said she is a loyal person who believes in doing what she says. “I expect to be held accountable for my actions. I enjoy the opportunity to meet with people and to explain why I do what I do.”

A proud and active member of the Democrat Party, Williams-Cox says if elected she will work to revitalize blighted neighborhoods, to increase the minimum wage, promote environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy and to further programs for children, youth, senior citizens and the under-served.

Williams-Cox has harshly criticized Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for not focusing on the needs of Frenchtown and the Southside.

She thinks the CRA has great potential, if managed properly.

“I am happy there will be more attention focused on Greater Frenchtown/Southside CRA,” she said, “because it has been around the longest and has received less attention than the Downtown. I am really pleased the Greater Frenchtown/Southside CRA dollars will be utilized and we will be looking for projects to help the blighted areas in those locations.”

She thinks her 32 years of public and private sector work and her work as a volunteer, contributor and leader of many community projects, has provided her with the relationships needed to put solutions for Tallahassee’s challenges into action. She has served in several different capacities with the local Democrat Party. Most recently she formed Southside United Citizens Action Alliance.

Williams-Cox began her career as a software developer with General Motors in Detroit, Michigan and later joined the government defense contractor, Harris Government Systems in Melbourne.  She worked for the State of Florida for 19 years and for many agencies including the Departments of Children and Families, Education, Management Services, Employment Opportunity, Revenue, Office of Insurance Regulation, and Florida Legislature Revenue.

Williams-Cox has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Florida A&M University.  She is the owner of DWC Management Consulting Services and serves as the Accountability and Compliance Officer for Voices for Florida.

Get more information by visiting her campaign website.

10 Responses to "City Commission Candidate Dianne Williams-Cox: Put Me in Coach"

  1. Yep, she is destroying Tallahassee.
    Vote her with the rest. They have let outside money have their way and we are watching.
    She sold out Boynton Hill Community; it wasnt aesthetically pleasing to be sitting off FAMU Way. She has no imagination or forward-thinking. We need forward thinking people, creative people, people that can think out of the box, not old stale bureaucrats.

  2. Translation: I vow to spend tax money to buy votes by greenlighting projects no wise independant investors would pay for as they are economic money pits. I further pledge to carry the burden of seemingly good ideas forward based on their original expressed intention and never actually review their performance. Rb and I are tracking the same trail of foolishness on the wind.

  3. “When a pitcher gets in trouble on the mound, I don’t think you should pull the pitcher.

    Well that’s exactly the problem. The whole team needs to be pulled. They are not on the working citizens of Tally team. To continue the baseball analogy, this is what we have…

    The pitchers have been throwing softballs to their patrners in fraud, waste and nepotism.
    The outfielders have been letting fly balls drop so the “other team” can advance.
    The infield takes a bathroom break in the middle of an important play.
    The catcher tells the batter what pitch is coming.
    For $10,000 per game the pitcher will guarantee you’ll get on base.
    The scorekeepers have been running up the other team’s score…for a price.
    The general manager keeps increasing ticket prices to pay for his home maintenance.
    The manager sends the grounds crew to his home to service his pool and cut his grass.
    The managers friend is hired to be the batboy…and paid $176,000
    The manager’s family run the concession stands, collects parking fees, and pays his brother $20,000 a month for consulting.

    So Batter Up! Let’s start fresh with a new lineup this season.

  4. Kind of sick and tired of these candidates that pitch the same old blah, blah, blah. This one wants to revitalize French Town, spend spend spend on the south side, give away more and more free stuff to children( whose parents do not provide for them ), enviromental concerns voiced by the wacko enviromentalist, renewable energy ( 250 acres of solar panels made out of country ,are not enough) , etc., etc. How about just once , one of these candidates support the tax paying majority by looking for ways to SAVE taxpayers money , rather than the liberal (progressive far left) looking for ways to tax & spend it !! Look for ways to trim government expenditures, encourage private enterprise to progress in an orderly manor (without taxpayer subsidies ) and give us hard working taxpayers some relief !!. AMEN

  5. She seems to not comprehend the crisis we are facing, preferring to act like the problems are small and easily solved by right minded people like her. That is a mischaracterization of our current city government. We do not need a soft touch, but someone willing to do the heavy lifting, to kick butt and take names, to clean house and get our city back on an ethical, moral, and economic track. No, Ma’am, when the pitcher is losing the game, you DO pull him.

  6. “I expect to be held accountable for my actions”
    Words Rocky Hanna and his Assistant Superintendents hope voters never remember.

  7. When a pitcher cannot get the ball over the plate, the coach relieves and replaces the pitcher.
    The same goes for the infield and outfield. I believe that is what has occurred at city hall; the whole team needs to be replaced including management (the city commission) and top level employees.

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