Tallahassee Beating of Security Guard Appears in Miami Herald, Not Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Beating of Security Guard Appears in Miami Herald, Not Tallahassee Democrat

On April 13th, the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) posted on their facebook page a video of an assault on an apartment security guard. The video, shown below, shows three black men beating a white security guard. The video contains foul language.

The facebook post came 12 days after the incident.

The video was included in story posted by the Miami Herald on April 13th at 9 pm.

However, a google search reveals no story on the Tallahassee Democrat website. The Tallahassee Democrat did share the TPD facebook post on Saturday, April 14th.

Also, TPD has not provided a press release describing the incident.

How quick does TPD normally post press releases on notable crimes?

Today April 17th, TPD issued this press release: “The Tallahassee Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit is currently investigating a robbery at 3190 Apalachee Parkway which occurred at approximately 9:55 a.m.this morning. ”

TPD stated on the facebook post that on April 1, 2018, an unauthorized pool party was hosted at Aqua Palms Apartments, 1600 Old Bainbridge Road. The security officer charged with asking the party-goers to leave the premises was battered by three male subjects.

The Tallahassee Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit is asking for the public’s help in identifying these three subjects. If you have any information, please call TPD’s Violent Crimes Unit at 850-891-4200, message us on Facebook or call Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS.

Why isn’t the TD covering this crime?

Why didn’t TPD issue a press release?

13 Responses to "Tallahassee Beating of Security Guard Appears in Miami Herald, Not Tallahassee Democrat"

  1. The Democrat’s racism is well known to everyone. So is Gillum, who implied Tallahassee is full of racists when he was traveling around the state. Goons like the Democrat and Gillum – whose horrible record on crime qualifies him for mob boss status – is how Trump got elected. Keep it up goons. We need Trump for a second term.

  2. Hopefully someone at the party will do the right thing and call in a tip as to who these guys are. Real men do not act this way. I agree that the lack of coverage is somewhat disturbing, but then when it comes to these types of situations the responses always seem to be alittle one sided. Thoughts and prayers to the injured security guy and his family.

  3. Sad thing is that no one ever does anything about these types of incidents in this liberal “progressive” community ! First we need a competent TPD that launches into an investigation with gusto ( although with groups like the pool party bit, NO ONE will cooperate ) to assist in justice for victums. Second , we need a complete overhaul of city/county officialdom from the top down with a 100% attitude adjustment that equates crime and justice (you do the crime, you do the time )! Although this will likely never happen in Tallahassee, someday when the voting electorate wakes up and we join the sea of “RED” that surrounds us, just maybe things will change and much for the better !!

    1. The security guard was in no way racist, and followed every necessary protocol to end the party and was ONLY attacked because they did not want to follow the rules. People need to quit faulting this guy for doing his job and put the blame where it belongs, in the idiots who acted out because they can’t stand authority figures, especially ones telling them what to do.

  4. Well, News Maven, he probably thought he was doing his job. It’s a shame we’re supposed to anticipate that humans will act like rabid dogs when asked to comply with societal rules.

  5. You can be absolutely sure that if it were a black security guard and three white assailants, it would be on the front page of the Tallahassee DemoCRAP. And that idiot Gillum would ask for a special session of the City Commission. He’d probably allege a few Confederate flags were observed by witnesses, too. Can’t leave those out of the story, right?

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