Leon County Projects $7.92 Million Increase in 2019 Tax Revenues, $7.92 Million in Expenses

Leon County Projects $7.92 Million Increase in 2019 Tax Revenues, $7.92 Million in Expenses

The Board of Leon County Commissioners will hold a 2019 budget workshop and county staff will report that current tax rates will increase tax revenue by approximately $7.92 million.

However, the staff will also report that expenses are projected to increase by $7.92 million.

The revenue increase comes from an increase in property values ($6.2 mill.), sales tax collections ($1.2 mill.) and gas tax ($0.22 mill).

The staff report states:

“At this preliminary stage of the budget process, the analysis maintains the current millage
rate (8.3144) with a projected property value growth of 5.0%. This would result in $6.2 million in increased property tax collections. While the millage rate remains constant, under the definitions in Florida Statutes, this would still be considered a property tax increase. ”

On the expense side of the equation, projections indicate that $4.0 million will be allocated to Sheriff personnel and operating expenses, $1.9 million will go to county government personnel expenses, and $1.0 million be put in a reserve for  impacts of a possible additional homestead exemption

The staff report states:

“In order to address the Sheriff’s request to increase the number of patrol officers and increase staffing ratios at the jail, during last year’s budget development process, County staff and the Sheriff’s Office presented a multiyear phasing plan.

“Beginning last year, the approach contemplates four new patrol deputies and four new correctional officers per year over a three year period. Fiscal year 2019 will be the second year of the phase in plan.”

“In addition, the Sheriff’s Office is also evaluating several additional positions to address cybercrimes, fleet management and records management. To mitigate the impact, the cost for the records position is anticipated to be offset by fees associated with public record request related to body camera footage.”

The workshop is scheduled for April 24th, 2018 from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.

11 Responses to "Leon County Projects $7.92 Million Increase in 2019 Tax Revenues, $7.92 Million in Expenses"

  1. This article leaves out the percentage increase. The increase is only 3.1%. The projected 2018 inflation rate is 2.4%, so the increase is barely more than the rate of inflation. While I do agree that some money should be put aside into a “rainy day fund” for when tax revenues inevitable decrease. For comparison purposes, the Republican controlled state legislature has increased spending by 8.2%. Additionally, the increase in property tax adds less than $3 per month to the tax bill for the median valued home in Leon County.

  2. How many taxpayer-funded programs for so-called “children’s issues” (which have not even been identified) will child-less taxpayers end up funding?

    The insanity downtown never ends.

  3. AND , the beat goes on ! Expenses increase identical to the increase in tax revenue for the up coming budget ? How coincidental ! AND, brace yourselves as the new proposal for another tax increase in advalorem tax rate to pay for under priveledge children in Leon Co., is a sleeper on the November ballot that needs to be voted DOWN. We have a multitude of programs to help the needy AND DO NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE , at taxpayers expense!

  4. Based on what the the legislature did, does anyone know what the school board is going to do with local required effort. They may be increasing our taxes to meet the state requirement. You can be sure Supt. Hanna will not say anything until the last moment.

  5. James Anderson what a wonderful idea! Then the landowners are not burdened with all the tax! Increasing the sales tax and eliminating the property tax would be fair for all!

  6. This is a legal theft. All property taxes need to be eliminated and replaced with an increase in the sales tax, otherwise you never will own your property but you will have an uninvited partner. END THE PROPERTY TAX.

  7. This cult has a large number of overpaid managers and assistants with assistants that need to have major reductions in salaries.

  8. Some drunken sailors just told me they are shocked, SHOCKED, at how much money our commissars spend.
    This again, we have NO DIVERSITY on either the city or county.
    12 Tax-And-Spendocrats.

  9. It’s certain that no one at Leon County government or COT looked at ridiculous and unqualified top-level salaries and raises as any possible way to reduce expenditures. Always a yearly coincidence to see that our exorbitantly high taxes are barely enough to cover present expenses – one assumes that large tax increases must soon follow in order to have a few government pennies to spare. We can’t have our top-level civil “servants” having trouble making ends meet.

  10. Whatever you do Commissioners, don’t reduce the millage rate to offset the huge jump in property values…I am not sure electing Republicans would make much difference, but wouldn’t it be fun to see?

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