Questions Remain After City’s Football Ticket Investigation

Questions Remain After City’s Football Ticket Investigation

Last week, Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad presented the city’s investigation of the football ticket controversy to the independent ethic’s board. The report was conducted by Raoul Lavin, an assistant city manager.

However, after reviewing the details of the report, there appears to be important questions that were left unanswered.

First, why didn’t the report identify and name all city employees that received football tickets to the Old School skybox?

The report narrowly focused on city employees Mike Tadros and Ellen Blair. However, the investigation revealed at least one other employee was involved. The employee was never named.

In addition, multiple sources have confirmed that Mayor Andrew Gillum, Gillum’s Chief of Staff, Dustin Daniels, and Gillum’s brother viewed games from the Old School skybox. However, none of this information was addressed in the report.

Second, why didn’t the investigation look at the complete 2016 football season?

The investigation focused on one football game instead of a complete season. Sources have indicated that Blair viewed four or five football games from the Old School skybox.

Third, in calculating the value of the football tickets why wasn’t the food and beverage cost part of the value?

Information retrieved from the Seminole Boosters indicate that food and beverage for a football skybox rental must be purchased separately through the University Center Club and averages about $1,000/game. With 20 seats per box, this adds an additional $50 to each ticket value.

And finally, why did the report ignore the fact that city employee Ellen Blair received two tickets?

The report indicates the Blair was given two tickets for the College of Charleston game but the analysis used only one ticket for the value calculation. Using two tickets in the value calculation would have increased the value of the gift over the $100 gift threshold.

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  1. AND the dance goes on—-incestual investigation of corruption leads no where. Please, please, please will the “”block voters”” wake up before it is too late? VOte these folks out of office. That is the only way you will get rid of them !

  2. I bet AF-T is sitting in her retirement rocking chair, fat pension check in hand, LHAO at all the “amateurs” who can’t get away with the stuff she did.

  3. Just ask yourself with all that is known how did this happen? It happened because we allow people who lie and cheat like Rocky Hanna and his falsified notebook to go on without consequences. Tallahassee is a very corrupt place local government and the school system. Leon County Schools is the poster child for ethics violations

  4. Hey – where’s the city of Tallahassee’s Communication Department (Alison Faris) to explain this debacle to the common citizenry at this point; certainly there is important information to be sent out to our Citizens through the Democrat on this scam? Unless Eddie scored tickets for the Communications Department too? Even the Democrat is hammering Goad, Blair and Tadros on this.

    Maybe this helps explain why the City’s Annual BENEFIT Fair (in October) sponsored by the City Human Resource Department (Ellen Blair) is always football (as in mostly FSU) themed?

    A public record request was put in place for this specific info; chase it down – and see the City’s response….

    More to this story FBI.

    1. Sure, glad to accomodate.
      First: “Report” only identifies Tadros and Blair in the skybox. 3rd employee also present in skybox remains unknown. 1 omitted fact.
      Second: In addition “report” omits presence of Gillum, Daniels, and Gillum’s brother in skybox. 3 omitted facts.
      Third: “investigation” only focuses on one football game, leaving out all info regarding city employees in skybox for remainder of 2016 football season. Sources indicate Blair viewed 4 or 5 football games in skybox. Whether true or not about Blair, lack of specific COT employee skybox attendance for entire 2016 seasons omits 4 or 5 facts.
      Fourth: Calculations from ‘report” do not include food and beverage cost as part of value. 1 omitted fact.
      Fifth: “Report” ignores fact that Blair received two tickets for the Charleston game. 1 omitted fact.

      So, total facts left out of “report” = 10. Or maybe 11, if Blair was indeed in the skybox for 5 games, via “gifts’ of free tickets.

  5. Typical corrupt liberal Democrat “report”: For every “fact” mentioned, there are ten or more actual facts omitted. Mr. Goad must have some very terrible, or very enticing, motivations for a “report” that isn’t at all what it’s supposed to be.

  6. This will be dragged out until those who should be wearing orange jumpsuits “negotiate” their golden parachute retirements, ala Tricky Ricky.
    (“Hey, you did it for him, why not #MeToo?”)
    Dr. Jackson should sue them all, of behalf of the taxpayers.
    The operative phrase should be: Disgorgement of Ill-Gotten Gains.

    1. Excellent Maven.
      Dr. Jackson would be the only one who could put our lock step leftist favoring local Judges in a conundrum.
      Because hey Dr. Jackson is a registered Democrat too.
      We love you Dr. Jackson!

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