Gillum Collects $230,000 from “Black Power” Group

Gillum Collects $230,000 from “Black Power” Group

The Tampa Bay Times (TBT) is reporting that Mayor Andrew Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign PAC, Forward Florida, has received $231,000 from a PAC dedicated to electing black leaders. And the PAC is not bashful about publicizing its mission. See image from their website below.


Also, the group brags about hosting a “Black Campaign School” that trained 120 candidates and campaign operatives from around the country this past June.

The Collective PAC, based in Washington D.C., lists the founder and executive director as Quentin James.

TR confirmed that James was convicted of voter fraud in Columbus, Ohio in 2009 for casting an invalid absentee ballot.

The Franklin County Court ordered the “Defendant pay a fine in the amount of $1,000.00, pay court costs in an amount to be determined, and serve ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY (180) DAYS at the FRANKLIN COUNTY CORRECTIONS CENTER.”

Ultimately, the incarceration sentence was suspended.

Unlike campaign committees, political committees like Collective PAC  do not have contribution limits. Also, the Collective PAC has an associated political action committee and a SuperPAC that are required to disclose their donors.

But Collective Future, the 501(c)(4) arm of the group that has served as the largest contributor in 2018 to the Gillium related PAC Forward Florida, does not have to identify donors per IRS rules.

Therefore, the names of donors contributing to Forward Florida are anonymous. TBT reported that Quentin James did not respond when asked about the identity of the major donors to Collective Future.

A Gillum spokesman wrote in an email to TBT that the campaign is “proud” to have the backing of the Collective. “It’s a clear indication that Mayor Gillum has real momentum in this race,” Geoff Burgan wrote.

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  1. Straight out of the liberal playbook. How about we form a new movement: National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People, NAACP. Think we could get some attention?

    1. Excellent, Alex! Count me in! We can get Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and the rest of Conservative Talk Radio to give the NAACP lots of free promotion on their national shows. It will make the MSM Lynch Mob’s heads explode even more than Trump’s tweets.

  2. Directly connected to this article:

    Look on the City Checkbook and do a search for NFBPA (for last 10 years) you will find extensive funding via CITY OF TALLAHASSEE’s taxpayer’s money to organize and $upport the National Forum for Black Professional Administrators (NFBPA) of which Cynthia Barber, Assistant City Manager over Police, etc. is the Tallahassee Chapter President and Anita Favors-Thompson was the former National President. Both AKA’s – btw. The NFBPA Funding was used for membership, travel, conferences (out of state – and National conferences) only for black COT employees; this has gone on for years. Now look who the NFBPA members are and who, how, when funding was ‘approved’ for The Tallahassee Chapter of the NFBPA to use tax payer money for this. FBI – get it?

  3. I say let them waste the money on Gillum. That is $230,000 that could have gone to better candidates. But instead it is going to Gillum and his entourage of corrupt friends.

  4. Waiting to see if Collective Future contributed to Gillum’s otherwise pitiful April fundraising totals,

  5. Trump has to publicly disavow a white power group about 8 dozen times that supports him.
    Yet Gillum fervently welcomes the six-figure support of a black power group, run by a CROOK.
    Oh, the hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.

    1. Exactly right, Maven – just as the Rabid Left always screams about the outrageous “Koch Brothers” but replies “Soros who???” when you bring up Big Georgie’s name. Somehow Soros’ money is pure and untainted, but the Koch brothers’ money is Evil Incarnate.

      One of Saul Alinsky’s prime operating principles was “Accuse your opponent of something you are doing yourself.” I’m certain gillum and this “Black-Power” PAC could educate us further on Alinsky’s operating principles. Maybe I’ll start a “White Power” PAC – any bets on how quick the Mainstream Media Lynch Mob would come after me?

      1. I don’t think white people need any more “power”? Don’t we pretty much have it already?
        Y’all are ridiculous. Can’t stand it when someone gets “uppity”. Lolol.

  6. Dirty money for a dirty candidate. However the jokes on the PAC.
    Dirty Andy quite likely is in process of laundering the fools donation out to a usual suspect right now and Dirty Andy will pocket a hefty kickback.
    No refunds!!!

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