“Our Kids First” Political Committee Opened to Promote Children Issues in Leon County

“Our Kids First” Political Committee Opened to Promote Children Issues in Leon County

Our April 16, 2018, a political committee titled “Our Kids First” was opened with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

The committee was opened by local attorney Jon Moyle who was one of several citizens who spoke before the Leon County Commission in March in favor of the creation of a Children’s Services Council.

A political committee can accept contributions for the purpose of expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate or issue and make expenditures that advocate the election or defeat of a candidate or issue.

An image of the first page of the filing is shown below. The full document can be viewed here.


The Leon County Commission voted unanimously to move forward with a public hearing in June on a proposal to create a Children’s Services Council.

It appears elected officials are prepared to put a proposal on the ballot in November. The proposal would create an independent taxing authority which would have the authority to levy up to half a mill in property taxes, generating between $7.5 and $8 million a year in revenue.

County Commissioner John Dailey had pushed for a public hearing in April, however a number of officials wanted a delay and proposed a June hearing so that county staff could gather more information. The Commission will address the issue again at their May 22nd meeting.

“There’s so many children’s issues in Leon County that need our attention and need to be properly funded. We heard from a lot of the experts tonight urging us to pass this measure and to keep moving forward,” said Commissioner John Dailey, who is leading the effort.

13 Responses to "“Our Kids First” Political Committee Opened to Promote Children Issues in Leon County"

  1. Skip Foster and the Jon and Serena Moyle game. No thanks. I wonder if they still do the Lafayette Historic District dance?

      1. What candidates are being helped by this? People need to know the specific candidates in step with this!

  2. Absolutely no , no , no more new taxes ! There are half a dozen programs, grants, and government polices spending hard earned taxpayer”s money already on children”s issues . Just another make work for beaurocrats and YOUR tax dollars….wake up , folks !!

  3. I very much need to know how this council differs from Whole Child Leon, what are it’s specific goals and how will those goals be measured? At some point, we need to say that throwing money at an issue isn’t always the answer. I suggest spending that money in effort to change the culture of not getting married, not staying married and not having children for whom you do not intend to be responsible. Public information has reduced smoking. Public information and churches can and should work to change the culture of irresponsibility.

    1. Let’s focus on voting the children out of office and electing some adults.
      Then we can determine if more taxes for warm/fuzzy feel-good questionable schemes subject to enriching crooked politicians, their family’s, local Reverends – and usual suspects are appropriate.
      Do not accept this as a done deal at this point of the game.
      I really feel the leftists see the writing on the wall and are trying to snatch and grab as much of your money as they can before we vote them out of office.
      Too bad we can no longer run them out of town on a rail with tar and feather adornment like in olden times!!!
      But at least we have air conditioning now.

    2. Ms. Barton, could not agree with you more! All this “feel good happy talk” about childrens’ services is just a smokescreen for another local government grab at our wallets. I can hear the closed-door elected officials’ conversations now:
      “We’re running out of ways to raise taxes without angering the already angry Tallahassee-Leon County citizens – what can we do?”
      “I know – we’ll concoct some new nice-sounding program promising to do some sort of good for children – it’s hard for anyone to argue as long as we put “Children” in the program title!”
      And thus is created a new “taxing authority” with as yet no clear-cut, well-defined, specific goals and limitations.
      Voila – we just got our taxes raised again!

      Taxpayer money is better spent by actually addressing the root social problems that create most childrens’ problems, as Colleen points out: Changing or re-educating the culture and welfare-fueled lifestyle that has destroyed many communities. You know – the culture of absentee fathers and unmarried mothers (sometimes having children with multiple fathers). Now if the “Childrens’ Services” goup has the specific goal of changing that culture in mind, they should loudly publicize it and state the specific details of how they intend to accomplish it. Then we citizens might think the additional money confiscated from our pockets might actually do some good.

  4. This issue and this committee will actually help break liberal ownership of local politics.
    Think about it this way: public opinion of local leaders is at an all time low and the last thing citizens want is more money in local leaders corrupt control.
    All leftist candidates will gladly side with this cause and take whatever support this committe will give. Local voters are waking up and no longer like liberal dirty crooked officials handeling their money

  5. We do not need another tax for a feel good slush fund. I have not seen how it is going to be used. Who will oversee it? Are we hiring another Director who is a lobbyist, or is a City Government insider? Is the CRA spending for projects outside the scope a model? Our City has the money to increase the funds available in our huge City budget. No one will fight for the money necessary to give those organizations that impact lives everyday. However, we need a way that doesn’t involve a new tax. Common Sense not Common Government at billSchack.com

  6. Getting out in front of the campaign to convince Leon County to accept this increase in tax with no governmental oversight in the name of children.

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