John Dailey Ahead in Money Race for Tallahassee Mayor

John Dailey Ahead in Money Race for Tallahassee Mayor

In the first campaign report since filing to run for mayor of Tallahassee, current Leon County Commissioner John Dailey brought in $91,171 in April. This includes $10,446 rolled over from his county commission campaign for district 3.

A review of the Dailey’s report shows 374 donations totaling approximately $80,725.

One of Dailey ‘s donors was gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham. Ms. Graham donated the maximum allowed -$250. Dailey previously endorsed Graham in her campaign for governor.

Also filing his first report, Dustin Daniels reported donations of $4,228 from 44 donors. A review of his report shows that over 50% the donors were from outside Tallahassee.

Daniels is Mayor Andrew Gillum’s former chief of staff.

The Political Action Committee believed to be affiliated with Daniels, Progress Tallahassee, has reported 43 donations for a total $16,468 since it was opened in March. A review of donors shows that less than 50% of the donations, approximately $7,400, listed addresses in Tallahassee.

Two other mayoral candidates also filed campaign reports. Joe West’s campaign  has raised a total of $2,455 through 23 donations and the Erik David campaign has raised $1,435 through 32 donations.

12 Responses to "John Dailey Ahead in Money Race for Tallahassee Mayor"

  1. Nothing will change! Corruption will continue. It’s Tallahassee with its strong liberal voting population. You can’t change dumb and unaware.

  2. It may take longer to get all the facts before publishing….but I guess that doesn’t matter when you like the partial story. I have no love for any of the insiders…but if you want to be a publication that is taken seriously beyond the tea party choir, the you have to do professional journalism.

  3. The sad thing nothing changes the rich get richer and the insiders will always run the city because they have the money ..and.. old saying “ Money talks and B.S. walks”

  4. Gabriel:
    Dailey is an insider, so I don’t see any draining in my crystal ball. But we can wish anyway.

    One thing’s for sure: When it comes to war chests, he’s leaving Daniels in the Dustin…

    1. News Maven couldn’t agree more with you that Mr. Dailey is a veteran insider for the Leon County Government. Mr. Dailey’s first priority if elected to Mayor will be to immediately ask for RESIGNATIONS from ALL appointed STAFF including recent APPOINTMENTS on DAY ONE! Citizens of Tallahassee DESERVES an ethical, trustworthy leader and its my belief Mr. Dailey has the tenacity to lead by STRENGTH and not by WEAKNESS! Delusional Andy’s sidekick Dusty Desperately is an INSiDER who oversaw and blindly condone shenanigans of LAME DUCK commissioners. A vote for Dusty Desperately is vote for continued FBI presence in our City! Don’t believe Mr. Dailey would have looked the other way while the COT SHYSTERs run amok with tax payers dollars!

      1. I hope the pretty picture Gabriel paints is true.
        However with all the corruption and insider dealings going on Mr. Dailey has collateral dirt on him just from being in association with our dirty elected officials and their usual suspect dirt collaborators in the private sector.
        Searching back in my memory file I place Mr. Dailey as a keep quiet – go along to get along kind of bow tie wearing fellow when faced with in your face corruption and associated wrong doing. I can not recall any past standing up in defiance of the usual corrupt order of things from Mr. Dailey. The City and County governments are so intertwined that you can not make a case for Mr. Dailey keeping quiet because of the separation of power between City and County.
        Look at Bill Proctor as an example of a man not keeping quiet due to “separation of powers”. You may not like Bill because he’s a loud mouth crude talking non-white male but his constituents do like him a lot. Bill will fuss and cuss about anybody in any government doing what Bill sees as wrong. Bill has what Mr. Dailey wants – a longer re-election history than any local politician.
        In addition my gut reaction to the asking for resignations is that is just a campaign ploy only – which likely may result in only 3 or 4 innocent people who Mr. Dailey hates not keeping their jobs – with the rest of the embedded swamp remaining totally intact.
        In summary Mr. Dailey as an insider has a long up hill fight to prove himself worthy of the vote. Actually his highest level of donations at this point in the race actually inspires more suspicion than trust in this candidate.

        1. Snidely – you usually call it pretty well; but just wanted to offer insight. The County and City are two complexly different entities. In this whole review of issues with City, the County has pretty much remained isolated from this highly visible City corruption, entitlement and dirty dealings.

          Proctor’s a card alright; enough said.

          John Dailey has been well spoken, thoughtful and quietly a statesman. I think he can make some decisions to regain confidence in this runaway City Government. He has the experience and finesse and if/when the potential for a merger (City Bailout) happens that will strip the City Manager (weak mayoral governance) of his input. Think through the shot; Tallahassee deserves better. I think Dailey has the wherewithal, diplomacy, insight and ability to address these issues; and tendering up a load of City resignations won’t be an issue.

  5. Why no analysis of Daily contributions geographic source, only Gillum? Did you just take this from Democrat or actually get the public record!

  6. Mr. Dailey, Congratulations on your journey to become the next Mayor! Make Tallahassee Great AGAIN! Conduct a clean SWEEP of APPOINTED STAFF! Bring in your own TEAM, drain the Tallahassee swamp!

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