County Commissioner Lindley Joins Desloge, Speaks Out Against Children’s Services Council

County Commissioner Lindley Joins Desloge, Speaks Out Against Children’s Services Council

Days after County Commissioner Bryan Desloge said he will not support a referendum for a Children’s Services Council (CSC),  fellow Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley has publicly voiced the same position.

The proposed CSC would be funded by a millage rate increase that would raise $7-$8 million annually.

Lindley explained her position in a Facebook comment ( see full comment below) posted on an article by David Lawrence, the retired publisher of the Miami Herald, who cautioned Leon voters about rushing into a CSC referendum.

Lindley wrote, “I can’t abdicate my responsibilities as an elected official in spending tax dollars, no matter how well-meaning the cause, on this very recent proposal with so many unknowns.”

Lindley was addressing the structure of a proposed CSC which would remove spending decisions from elected officials.

Lindley was also critical of the process that resulted in the county staff researching the need for a CSC.

Lindley  wrote, “The county professional staff cannot be charged with doing the research that might “sell” it, but then the county commissioners you elect will have no oversight of appointees’ decisions or, beyond an annual report, no evidence of success. Taxpayers’ views wouldn’t necessarily faze appointees either.”

In her comment, Commissioner Lindley provided her preferred method of addressing the needs of children in our community.

Lindley wrote, “If our commission needs to raise mileage to spend more on children and other social services, that would be a more straightforward approach, with oversight and safeguards against redundancy.”

The Leon County Commission is scheduled to discuss the CSC at their next meeting on May 22nd.

13 Responses to "County Commissioner Lindley Joins Desloge, Speaks Out Against Children’s Services Council"

  1. Democrats lie. They pretend to be Christian, sometimes, but they don’t really have any moral foundation. They pretend to care about children, but they always vote for abortion. Democrats and some Republicans are self centered hypocrites that never met a tax that they didn’t like.

  2. We already have numerious sources for child care and welfare in place. WE do not need to raise the millage rate on the tax roll to provide ANY additional funds for any more DO-GOODER projects in Leon County ! Vote NO-NO-NO !!

  3. We need to keep an eye and ear on Comm. Nick Maddox and his actions. He not only gets paid by the county but also by the Leon County School Board. Rocky and the Board hired him as Executive Director of the Leon County Schools Foundation. His $100,000 salary/fringe package is paid by the school board and not by the Foundation. If he raised no money for the Foundation, he still gets paid. Nick will fall in line with this scam on tax payers. Our.local liberal officials are protective of each other.

      1. It had been this way since the LCS Foundation was started. The directors salary is hidden in the Board budget. There are no links to look this up. It would take a public records request to find this fact. I came across this fact from former school administrators. Contact Mr. Maddox. Ask him if the foundation or LCS pays his salary?

      2. You can look up the foundation’s records by doing a guidestar search You will need to register for free. At the very end it states clearly that Sheila Costigan (previous director) and Nick Mattox are employees of the school board and their salaries are considered in-kind donations to the Foundation. Sheila’s salary was listed at 89K with some additional pay to make it over 100K. Be sure and check out the list of 21 board directors who vote to choose the exec director. Also, the grant money they give out looks to be in the 100K range, not a huge amount all things considered.

  4. Once it’s in place you can never get rid of it. Do the job you were elected to do, don’t pass the buck to some unelected official that the voter has no control over. Then you will sit back on your hands and say, well I didn’t raise your taxes. When you will have if you vote to pass CSC.

    1. Snidely and Dudley (we need Bullwinkle and Rocky to chime in!), I agree with you both 100%. Liberals will say or do anything (“lie” is the simple term) to gain votes. Then if elected, they conveniently forget their campaign pledges or start “evolving their attitudes” (a favorite obama tactic) to do whatever works for them, as opposed to working for the citizens. Tally has suffered far too long from liberal officials’ corruption and outrageous tax hikes (to pay for outrageous elected salaries). We need NEW candidates who are focused on improving Tallahassee (rather than their own bank accounts), lowering ( I repeat “lowering”!) taxes, reducing elected salaries and government expenses, and attracting big companies/employers to locate here so Tally’s economic base is wider. Vote Republican and/or Conservative – you won’t get any of those goals from a liberal.

    2. When she decides not to run again, MAL will be on the Childrens’ Services Council Board of Directors. Okay, maybe that was presumptuous. But she will be on some non profit board. That is how the circle of insiders moves around that big long trough, or longest table if you will..

  5. I think the change that made these 2 liberals act out of character and say they wont support what everyone knows they will support is the cresting conservative wave of voters about to wash the local trash out to sea.
    Tallahassee is tired of the liberals. Lying to get any vote they can is the liberal way. I expect to see more lying from the rest of the liberals from this point forward.
    Just do the right thing and vote straight line republican.
    Do not waste time trying to ponder and debate if liberal’s are being honest “this time”. They are not.

  6. Doesn’t MAL mean “millage”, not “mileage?”
    C’mon, from a former newspaper scribbler?
    Or do we have a case of “Driving Miss Mary Ann” here?
    One wonders if being a child-less commissar influenced her reluctance in going for another money grab, one that would allegedly benefit children?
    Or if it was because the whole concept was half-baked, at best, to begin with?
    And Snidester, great point. Wouldn’t surprise me at the last minute if she flip-flopped on this.

  7. Good point. I trust Bryan a little but not Mary Ann. If my memory serves me right, when she was with the Democrat she supported David Lawrence and his liberal views on Early Childhood. He was involved on a statewide effort. Keep pre-k in your mind. If this issue is added to the scope of this movement both will flip. The state funds early childhood with our tax dollars now.

  8. And does anyone out there actually believe both will not flip on this issue approximately 3 and 1/2 minutes after they are elected?
    That’s assuming they are in the rest room at the time.
    I’m giving them 3 and 1/2 minutes to flush, wash hands, and flip.
    Believe them if you want but I’m saying “I told you so” right now!!!
    Come on people we are talking about Mary Ann, the same ultra/uber/whatever leftist that wrote for the Tallahassee Democrat, yeah that Mary Ann.
    Again “I told you so”!!!

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