Commissioner Lindley Flips, Children’s Services Tax Moves to Public Hearing

Commissioner Lindley Flips, Children’s Services Tax Moves to Public Hearing

In a meeting dominated by supporters of the creation of a Children’s Services Council, the Leon County Commission voted 6-1 to move forward with a public hearing scheduled for June 19th that will determine if a referendum will be placed on the November ballot.

If approved in November, the creation of a council means Leon County citizens will be asked to support $7-8 million in new taxes to finance an organization with the sole mission of addressing children issues.

Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desolge held to his public position against the creation of the council. However, Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley, who had publicly voiced opposition, changed her position and stated she felt committed to let the issue move to a public hearing.

After the hearing, Commissioner Lindley explained why she changed her mind.

“We had announced the public hearing for June 19 and, after hearing so many people – pro and con – were preparing for that event, I just felt I couldn’t in good faith vote against a full public discussion,” said Lindley.

Chairman Nick Maddox voiced finacial concerns, but also decided to move forward with a public hearing.

These votes, with the support of County Commissioners John Dailey, Bill Proctor, Kristen Dozier, and Jimbo Jackson rounded out the support to move the proposal to a public hearing.

Three commissioners that supported the public hearing – Maddox, Lindley, and Jackson – made comments that indicated their support for a public hearing did not mean they will automatically support the issue on June 19th.

Their concerns focused on the impact of raising taxes and the lack of clarity on exactly what children needs would be addressed and how.

15 Responses to "Commissioner Lindley Flips, Children’s Services Tax Moves to Public Hearing"

  1. Leon County has some of the worst schools in the state. We spend way to much money on education for very little results. This is just another liberal Utopian idea that will turn to donkey dung.

  2. By trying to add ANOTHER Child Program only tells me that ALL of the others are Failures, so WHY are you still supporting THEM. We have so many Child Programs already that every child should be well taken care of already. Maybe it is time we end all of those programs and start from scratch.

  3. I agree, Old Voter. The “insiders”just want more highly-paid seats to occupy, particularly if they are “excused” from a COT role by the voters. My guess is that the CSC is just another CRA with different initials: a contrived organization with a lofty-sounding mission statement but in reality is a back-channel money chute for the “insiders”. They only slapped the “children” label on it to deter criticism. It’s just another barely-disguised money-grab for more taxes and fees – most all of which will be diverted to outrageously high salaries, member kickbacks, and slush funds for the benefit of those who run it.
    I think CSC should stand for “Contrived Stealing Cabal”.

  4. Somebody on the commission is supporting the creation of the children’s council as a possible job for themself if they don’t get elected to another position, or reelected to the commission. If any current county commissioner, or staff, is hired to head the children’s council, you will know it was a setup and, therefore, an ethics violation.

  5. Our Commisioners have so much work to do that they have to outsource their responsibility and our tax dollars to an outside board. Once we give them permission to establish this board we are screwed. The CSC can raise your taxes all in the guise of helping children, as they pad their pockets with $ 100,000 dollar salaries, and you the voter have no control over them. You will not be able to vote them out of office. Don’t give up your rights, leave this job to the Commisioners, if they do a bad job with our kids we can vote them out. No new salaries, and you remain in control with your vote. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR VOTE. That’s what you do if you allow them to create this board.

  6. LP. You do have it all wrong.

    All this did was allow a public hearing on the topic. If it were to move forward, the commission would have to vote to put it on the ballot. VOTERS would decide if they wanted a CSC or not; not the commission. Also, Florida Statute sets out the make-up of the commission and the rules by which they operate.

  7. WE do not need another taxpayer funded source of money to help the offspring of those that refuse to care for their own ! If you breed them , you raise them ! AMEN

  8. Here’s an idea:
    Get on your Amazon account, order the cheapest pair of foreign-made FLIP FLOPS you can find, and have them gifted to:
    Mary Ann Lindley
    City Hall
    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    Free shipping for Prime members, hah!

    1. Okay, let me try that address again, now that my blood has stopped boiling and my purse is in the safe:
      301 S. Monroe Street,
      5th Floor
      Tallahassee, FL. 32301

        1. Should we honer Mary Ann’s lock step mindless lefty liberal locked in party line D voting dirty usual suspect theiving criminal mentality by just sending the left one only?
          Besides she keeps one foot in her mouth so often she can really use one of them anyway !!!

  9. This whole thing smells. Someone please correct me if I have the facts on this wrong:

    1. The Government is going to set up an advisory (crony) council under the guise of helping children.
    2. This council will be funded with usurped taxpayer money ($8M, initially)..
    3. This council will undoubtedly be lead by an executive director, selected by the government, making a VERY nice salary supported by staff also making very nice salaries.
    4. This council/director will then decide which other councils/services/programs to give our money to.
    5. There will be no government oversight of the funding decisions.
    6. There will be no government accountability in the decision making.
    7. There will be no real benchmarks to measure success.

    And this is a good idea? How many programs exist today for the “benefit” of children that are readily available / accessible in this community? How much of this usurped money will end up being wasted or even worse?

  10. Mary Ann flipped like a liberal pancake. Maybe she cut a deal to be hired as the first director of this issue if it passes. We know that they have someone in mind.

  11. Dang Mary Ann flipped quicker than I anticipated.
    Must have been a flip due to peer pressure because the room in which the meeting was held was dominated by her beloved dirty local usual suspect supporters who are salivating at the chance to control and profit from the money.
    Wait a minute would this have been properly termed a “flip” or a “flop”?
    Shall we rename her “Flip Flop Mary Ann?

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