Most FSU Sports Improve in Academics, Football Still Faces Challenges

Most FSU Sports Improve in Academics, Football Still Faces Challenges

The NCAA recently released the Academic Progress Rate’s (APR) for the 2016-2017 year. These rates are important because the NCAA requires that schools  reach a certain APR threshold – 930 for four years, 940 for two years – to avoid penalties.

The data shows that all FSU teams, except for football, scored over 960.

The FSU football team, which had a single year score of 918 last year, improved to 966 during the 2016-17 academic year and raised the four-year APR t0 941.

Also, 14 of the 18 FSU sports teams met or exceeded the four-year APR score reported last year.

Four FSU teams reported a perfect 1000 four-year APR for 2016-17.These teams are Women’s Beach Volleyball, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Golf and Women’s Tennis.

The table below shows the four-year APR over the last two years for all FSU sports. A full searchable list can be found here.

This football team improvement raised the multi-year average from 939 to 941, which keeps the program eligible to participate in championships.

However, the football program still has the worst multi-year APR rating among all Power-5 programs. The Atlantic Coast Conference ranking are shown below.

In-state rival Florida reported a multi-year APR rating of 977 and Miami had an APR rating of 964.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that FSU’s APR rating was among the lowest in the country throughout Jimbo Fisher’s tenure in Tallahassee.

ACC APR Ranking
1 Duke 992
2 Clemson 987
3 Boston College 985
4 Pitt 984
5 Louisville 981
6 Georgia Tech 980
7 Wake Forest 979
8 Virginia 969
9 Syracuse 967
T10 Miami 964
T10 NC State 964
T12 North Carolina 960
T12 Virginia Tech 960
14 Florida State 941

2 Responses to "Most FSU Sports Improve in Academics, Football Still Faces Challenges"

  1. The Only stat that counts with the NCAA (National College Alumni Assn) is 4.5–for the 40 yard dash. Grades? Who cares about stinkin’ grades? $100 million for theater seats at Doak Campbell with plans for a private “Fat Cat” golf club for wealthy contributors indicates that FSU puts its emphasis on buying the best football team possible and has nothing to do with education.

  2. Do not worry about those pesky APR’s.
    Locals have been bending over backwards praising the great things Coach Taggart has not even done yet here at FSU!!!
    Honestly it is reminiscent of the way the sycophant prognosticators blabbered on about the lowering of the sea levels, the radical dictator nations of the world laying down arms and singing kumbaya, and do not forget that orgazmo pants crease early in the Obama administration.
    Show us what you can do Coach.
    And good luck with increasing those APR’s Coach!!!

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