Mayoral Candidate Dailey Wants to Give Citizens More Time to Speak, Move Lobbyist Contracts

Mayoral Candidate Dailey Wants to Give Citizens More Time to Speak, Move Lobbyist Contracts

On the Voice of Freedom Today morning show on RealTalk 93.3 this morning, Leon County Commissioner and mayoral candidate John Dailey told show host Greg Marr that he wants to write the next chapter in Tallahassee’s history.

Dailey, noting that at least three seats on the city commission will have have new elected officials after November, said he is running for mayor because he sees an opportunity to start with a clean slate and move Tallahassee forward.

Dailey said he has the experience to take advantage of the opportunity that comes with hiring a new city manager, which is one of the most important positions in Tallahassee government.

Dailey said he was comfortable with the current leadership mayor position as along as it operates efficiently.

“I understand that the mayor’s job is to move the city forward.  The mayor is only one vote and must bring consensus,” Dailey said.

Dailey added that if the mayor position was moved back to a rotating process, based on his experience, he believed the position should rotate among elected officials every two years, not one.

He also said he would move the management of the city lobbyists contracts from the mayors office to the city manager. Dailey said no professional contracts should be managed by the mayor’s office in a council form of government.

And finally, Dailey said if was elected mayor he would move the podium in city hall back to its previous position – closer to elected officials – and make sure that citizens have ample opportunity to address elected officials.

Dailey noted how the Leon County Commission handled hundreds of speakers during a recent public hearing over a firearm ordinance without any incidents.

There has been controversy in city hall for years over how citizens are allowed to address the city commission. Recently, the podium was moved as elected officials voiced fear for their safety.

14 Responses to "Mayoral Candidate Dailey Wants to Give Citizens More Time to Speak, Move Lobbyist Contracts"

  1. John has a backbone of jello. He has no ability to mix it up on the tough issues that taxpayers care for. It was his wife who declared war on their neighbors to force Love Oak Plantatiom road to have a sidewalk the residents didn’t want. While John acted neutral. It didn’t happen thankfully. But he is spineless.

  2. My concern with the current process involving Leon County Commissioners totally eliminates any citizen from talking with, speaking to, other than in writing any Commissioner on “quasi judicial” issues. This is totally undemocratic and would LOVE to have an elected official step “out of the box” and listen to what their constituents have to say. It appears that “quasi judicial” and administrative actions are inconsistent with current processes. It is hard to believe a lobbyist has the ability to speak with City and County Commissioners and other elected officials, but the citizens are not given that same opportunity.

  3. Folks, moving lobbying contracts from the mayor’s office to the city manager’s is not the real issue. The real question that needs to be asked is why do we have lobbying contracts at all. We have representatives and senators responsible for representing the citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County…it’s their JOB to represent us. The lobbyist hired by the city (and the county) are merely bag me for city and county commissioners and it is a practice that needs to stop, not just moved to another office.

  4. Believe me: sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Based on his history as a county commissioner, where did this new religion come from?

  5. Sorry, I don’t like the sound of “Mayor Dailey.”
    Agree with Hope.
    Conservative outsider, no big developer friends.
    Any out there?

    1. Agreed! I simply can’t vote for anyone with any degree of local “insider” history.
      Both Tallahassee and Leon County have such bad records of corruption and/or incompetence, it’s convinced me that we need to clean house and start over with all new elected officials. “Conservative Outsiders” sounds great to me.

    2. You hit the nail on the head, News Maven!!! The developers CONTROL what happens and what doesn’t. Proof is in the irresponsible growth and development that is taking place now on Bannerman Rd. The citizen’s need to write to their Commissioners, attend the public meetings and be heard.

  6. Experience? Dailey’s leadership at the county has been un-impressive as I did not see any action from him when the consolidated joint dispatch (CDA) needed intervention to run properly. The Waste Pro contract switch over from Waste Management was worse than what was in place before. Didn’t Mr. Dailey initiate the Children’s Service tax issue that has no plan…only further taxation?

    Commissioner Dailey is educated, charismatic, hard working, and kind, but not sold on his leadership style or past record. Mayor Gillum’s previous campaign treasurer’s reports mimic Mr. Dailey’s and look at that disaster. Because insiders and special interests support a candidate does not mean this is the most qualified. I would like to see a more conservative with no insider ties and fewer special interests enter this race.

    1. Moving oversight of lobbyist contracts from the mayor’s office is good, moving that function to thr city manager’s office is bad. All lobbyist contracts should be reviewed and voted on IN A PUBLIC MEETING by the elected commissioners. Yes, there may be some unethical activity involved, but at least, thr public will be able to view the comments, how they vote, and have some opportunity to hold them accountable. Unethical activity in the managers office is unseen, and largely unaccountable.

  7. From a reliable source: John Dailey donated his County Commissioner’s salary to charity, each year.

  8. Wow now you see why I like straight and direct talk!!! This is the type leadership our community needs; Elected officials putting citizens first with or without connections! I’m supporting this guy

    1. Remember,,, This is the guy that crammed the Fire Services Fee down our throats, Forced us to pay extra for the rural waste collection centers and tried to close them, Raised the bogus storm water fees, etc etc.

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