BREAKING: The Edison Subpoena

BREAKING: The Edison Subpoena

Listed below is what the FBI is seeking from the City of Tallahassee. See original document here.

From the subpoena:

Please provide the following documents regarding Cascades Holdings LLC d/b/a Edison Restaurant (Edison) and Adam Corey:

a. Any and all City of Tallahassee audit files and reports related to reviews, examinations or audits of the project undertaken by Cascades Holdings, LLC d/b/a Edison Restaurant and Adam

b. Certified copies of the approval documents related to Edison including any and all staff evaluations.

c. Records of any and all votes by the Tallahassee City Commission-as to applications made related to Edison.

d. Copies of all proposals, business plans and submissions to the City of Tallahassee regarding Edison.

e. All electronic or written communications including, but not limited to emails, text messages, facsimiles and letters to and from Corey, City of Tallahassee officials or employees regarding Edison.

f. Documentation regarding any and all financial transactionss between the City of Tallahassee or Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency and Edison or Adam Corey, i.e. funding provided to rehabilitate the site now known as Edison.

7 Responses to "BREAKING: The Edison Subpoena"

  1. Watch for the connections. Lobbyists, investors, campaign contributors.

    This isn’t going to end well for the Edison “investors”

  2. Wow….are u being funny…The FBI…is the FBI.Are u trying to say that 5 guilt and 23 charged…Wow, must be fun living in trump world……

  3. Hopefully this is the law-and-order FBI and not the obama-Comey-Strock-Page-Mueller FBI doing the investigation. If it’s the latter, any liberal democrat will be found “not guilty of intent” and/or exonerated. My hope is that this is a true investigation and not some sham display to “clear” the COT and their cronies from any prosecution. After all this time and all this crime, it would be nice to see some actual justice handed out.

  4. Interesting they didn’t ask for;
    -list of all investors of the LLC
    -copies of all bank financial loan obligations and who was required to sign and/or guarantee loans

    1. Why would the City have this information? Seems like this would be included in a subpoena directed towards the Edison, and not the City.

  5. When the FBI is interested in prosecuting a case they show up unannounced and remove documents.
    When the FBI is interested in whitewashing criminal activity they give you months to get your story straight then ask you to provide documents at a future date such as June 5 at 9:00AM. Just in case you need to edit your incriminating documents a little more you know.

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