Congressional Candidate Bob Rackleff Talks Healthcare, Favors Rolling Back Trump Tax Cut

Congressional Candidate Bob Rackleff Talks Healthcare, Favors Rolling Back Trump Tax Cut

Bob Rackleff recently appeared on WFLA’s (100.7 FM) Morning Show with Preston Scott to speak about his campaign for the Democratic nomination for Florida’s second district, which spans 19 counties from Panama City to Crystal River.

Congressional Candidate Bob Rackleff

Rackleff previously served as a speechwriter for the Obama administration and has also served as a Leon County Commissioner.

Rackleff said he is running because he is “distressed by the direction the country has taken.” Rackleff said he wants to strengthen social programs and to reclaim the congressional  seat for the Democrats.

The seat is currently held by Republican Neal Dunn, who was elected in 2016.

Rackleff emphasized his alignment with the Democratic party, particularly with the Obama administration, and applauded the party’s position on climate change and veteran policies.

Rackleff did not speak favorably of Trump’s presidency, which received 66% of the vote in congressional district two. He argued Trump’s success in the district was due to the lack of robust economic recovery in North Florida since the Great Recession.

Rackleff applauded the Obama administration’s response to the 2008 recession and noted the consistent job increases throughout his presidency.

Rackleff said the main issues he hears about on the campaign trail involves veteran affairs and healthcare.

“What I hear from everybody is the importance of healthcare and affordable healthcare,” said Rackleff. He views the Veterans Affairs healthcare system as successful, especially in contrast to the private healthcare system.

Rackleff’s said he favors rolling back the 21% corporate tax cut. He argues that the money saved from the cut is not being used wisely and does not contribute to job growth.

15 Responses to "Congressional Candidate Bob Rackleff Talks Healthcare, Favors Rolling Back Trump Tax Cut"

  1. What a disaster is this Democrat candidate. Yeah, that’s a good issue- repeal the tax cuts! Wow and yes, this guy was a county commissioner which explains the high millage rate in Leon County. Obama killed the economy, healthcare, the VA, the IRS was weaponized, Benghazi, constant wars, A CIA and FBI out of control abusing their power/ yep he wants more Obama failure. Vote Dunn!

    1. Good post Tally G. and that’s just what we know about the leftists you commented on.
      Just take a moment to contemplate on all the dirt they did to back stab our great nation that we may never know about.
      Bob Rackleff is one of them by his own admission.
      If you are one of those local folk who agreed to let them put a blue Bob Rackleff sign in your yard please do yourself a favor and do a little research.
      Take that sign down and put it in your recycle bin before you bring more shame on yourself and your family!

    2. Couldn’t agree more, Tally G! All the the obama administration did to America was tremendous economic, military, and social damage. Anyone who claims differently is either in purposeful denial or profoundly ignorant. The legion of sorry facts and figures on the obama years are too well documented. I’m hoping that if we ever get a good Federal AG (and let Sessions go somewhere else to continue taking a nap), that the new AG finds out some very compelling and incriminating new facts on obama (all uses of lowercase intentional).

      As I say to myself anytime I see a hillary or gillum bumper sticker “My thinking patterns and value system are so diametrically opposite to yours (if any) that we may as well be from different planets.” How anyone can enthusiastically vote for those two or this character above is beyond understanding. Go, Dr. Dunn!

  2. The sad thing is that the local liberal progressives will block vote for some ding dong like this and put him in office—-just more of the same ole, same old !

  3. Bob is just the type of useful idiot George Soros is counting on to help Mr. Soros profit greatly from the decline and destruction of western civilization.
    Bob is so ready to turn his and your narrow butt up for the rape that Mr. Soros has planned for western civilization.
    The dead solders from our great land roll in their graves knowing people like Bob may be seriously considered for elected office. Bob is a sell out to all the great Americans who fought and died in WWI and WWII.
    Plus Bob is an extremely old geriatric depends (gramper-pampers) wearing elderly man who will likely succumb to the natural ageing process 1/2 way into his first term.
    Is that what Florida needs?

  4. Mr. Rackleff believes the VA healthcare system is “successful”?! It absolutely is not. Thanks to “ObamaCare” we could no longer afford for me to have civilian-sector healthcare, so my ‘last resort’ is the VA. Veteran’s Choice is a hot mess, the VA can’t get its paperwork straight, and it leaves veterans hanging on bills, and getting timely healthcare. I shouldn’t have to travel three hours, one way, for something that can be seen locally. Oh yeah, that’s right, no one locally will accept what the VA (and Veteran’s Choice) is willing to pay. I can’t say anything further without using bad words to express how ignorant Mr. Rackleff is when it comes to Veterans Affairs.

  5. Hey Dr. Neal:
    You should ask Bob if it’s true that he took his money out of the market when Trump got elected, which is what I heard.
    Because the NASDAQ is up 51% since Nov. 8, 2016!

    So, I guess for Bob, the Trump presidency has in fact been a disaster.

  6. Rackleff’s said he favors rolling back the 21% corporate tax cut. He argues that the money saved from the cut is not being used wisely and does not contribute to job growth.

    Typical liberal think from a local… We dont know how to spend our own money wisely, so he prefers the government take it from us…and decide how to spend it for us! Amazing…I cant decide which is worse…the local corruption, or liberalism.

  7. Bob’s tired of winning.
    If anyone else out there is also tired of winning like Bob then be sure to vote for Bob!!!

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