Local Media Publishes Erroneous Facts About Children’s Services Council Days Before Pivotal Vote

Local Media Publishes Erroneous Facts About Children’s Services Council Days Before Pivotal Vote

Days before a vote by the Leon County Commission on the Children’s Services Council (CSC), the Tallahassee Democrat reported there were eight CSC’s in the state of Florida and that Leon County could become the ninth.

However, this is incorrect.

To date, nine Florida counties have created CSC’s that invest property tax dollars in the well-being of their community’s children and families, not eight.

In eight counties, voters have approved “independent” taxing authority for their CSC to ensure a dedicated funding source is available for children’s programs and services. In addition to Palm Beach, the other counties with independent districts are Broward, Hillsborough, Martin, Miami-Dade, Okeechobee, Pinellas and St. Lucie.

However, Duval County (Jacksonville) operates as a “dependent” CSC district, relying on funding from different sources, including county government, to pay for children’s programs and services.

Which CSC was left out of the analysis provided by the Tallahassee Democrat?  The Duval County CSC.

Interestingly, the major difference between the Jacksonville CSC and the other eight is that the Jacksonville CSC is not supported by an independent taxing district.

Rather than relying on taxing authority for funds, the Jacksonville CSC funding comes from county government and other sources outside of government.

The Florida Children’s Council states that “Dependent Children’s Services Councils perform essentially the same functions as independent CSCs, but they do not have taxing authority. Their funding primarily comes from the county’s property tax revenues and falls under the county’s annual budget.”

Based on government documents, the Jacksonville CSC , which was created in 1994, works hand-in-hand with local nonprofit organizations to improve the health and lives of children living in Duval County. The Commission carefully monitors all programs that it funds, and closely tracks each program’s effectiveness and outcomes.

It appears that a voter referendum is only needed for those CSC’s that are seeking independent taxing authority. Otherwise, a CSC structure can be set up and funded by county ordinance.

Why is this approach not being discussed for Leon County?

Why was it left out of the analysis by the Tallahassee Democrat?

Do elected officials even know about this option?

Check back for updates.

6 Responses to "Local Media Publishes Erroneous Facts About Children’s Services Council Days Before Pivotal Vote"

  1. The liberal LEFT , as usual, depicts the status of Leon Co. children as needing money spent on them (that their parents should pay for, not the taxpayers). AND , those not agreeing , are to be shamed for child neglect ! BS—- you breed them , you support them . It is plain and simple. Where the faulty logic came from that the village is responsible for raising your children, is part of this liberal doctrine crammed down your throats by those seeking a free (to them) hand down of hard earned taxpayer monies—–don”t go for it —-vote no this fall,for your own well being , as no one else is looking out for your wallet but YOU !!!

  2. Don’t wast time trying to over analyse the motives behind this attempted money grab. It was just a Leon County “usual suspect” money grab pure and simple with local “usual suspect” enabler Tally Dempcrap providing cover as usual.

    1. From their Wiki page:
      “In the mid-20th century, during the segregation period, the Democrat published a separate section for black subscribers. White subscribers received in its place the business section.”

      I guess both of those sections, eliminated long ago, have since been replaced by the USAToday section, which needs no local input.

      1. Good point there Maven. I also submit the Democrat is as offensive as a Cival War monument and must be bulldozed.
        In addition to a seperate section for minorities the Democrat referred to every minority as “colored”. I bet the business had seperate bathrooms and seperate water fountians for the “colored people” too.
        Yepers raicest and offensive bulldoze the Democrat and put it’s dust and broken bricks whereever they put the broken pieces of all those offensive Confederate statues and monuments.

  3. It’s obvious why they dont want to consider setting this up without independent taxing authority. If they have to depend on property tax revenue to fund it they’ll get a lot of pushback from citizens when they try to raise taxes to pay for it….but an agency with independent taxing authority will give them deniabilty for any responsibility they have for the tax increases, and leave them more room to raise property taxes. This falls under the same cowardly practice of setting up automatic pay increases so no one has to go on record approving themselves a raise every year.

    This will also give the local insiders another vehicle to increase their circle of corruption with minimal or no accountability to the taxpayers that fund it.

    If they REALLY want to see child services improved they should FIRST call in all nonprofits operating in the county and consider forming a Child Services Group with those interested…and explore what can be done without automatically confiscating the funds from the citizens of Leon County.

    There is one thing that makes some programs stand head and shoulders above others, have more success, have a better reputation, are appreciated more by the ones who receive the services, have high approvals, create goodwill in the local community, and even inspire others… That is when the services are funded by “cheerful givers”.

  4. Not sure if elected officials now or know…

    Elected officials should get their information from professional government staff presenting all facts, time/dollar cost figures, alternatives and recommendations via an objective cost/benefit analysis NOT the local newspapers.

    Living the dream….

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