Two New Faces on Downtown Improvement Authority

Two New Faces on Downtown Improvement Authority

The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority (DIA) will get two new members and two current seat holders were reappointed. Current members William Moor, Jr. and Chris Dudley were reappointed and Elizabeth Emmanuel and Slaton Murray were selected to fill the remaining vacancies.

The DIA seeks to promote downtown improvement and redevelopment, which is achieved primarily through maintaining property value.

To qualify for appointment to the board, a prospective member appointed shall be an owner of realty within the downtown area, subject to ad valorem taxation, a lessee required by lease to pay taxes, or a director, officer, or managing agent of an owner or of a lessee so required to pay taxes.

Also, rules state that no two members shall be affiliates of the same corporation, partnership, or other business entity, nor shall any member be serving as a city officer or employee.

Current member William Moor, Jr. was selected for reappointment for this upcoming term. Mr. Moor currently works for Capital City Banc Investments as its president.

Chris Dudley has been a member of the DIA since 2016, and was selected for reappointment. Mr. Dudley is a lobbyist and managing partner for the Southern Strategy Group.

Two seats on the DIA came open due, in part, to the ongoing FBI investigation.

Elizabeth Emmanuel will immediately fill the vacancy for Kim Rivers’s term, who resigned on February 9, 2018. Ms. Emmanuel will be eligible for reappointment following the end of the current term in 2020. She currently works as a program coordinator for Leadership Tallahassee, and was referred by current member Chris Dudley, Sue Dick of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, and Justice Major B. Harding.

Edward Slaton Murray will fill the seat currently occupied by Adam Corey, who is not seeking reappointment. Mr. Murray works for NAI TALCOR as a commercial advisor and was referred by the President and CEO of the Seminole Boosters Andrew Miller, President of Capital City Bank Group William G. Smith Jr., Chris Marino of the State Board of Administration Florida, Florida State University Professor Dr. Dean H. Gatzlaff, and fellow professor Dr. Barry A. Diskin.

6 Responses to "Two New Faces on Downtown Improvement Authority"

  1. Truth hurts…facts are facts. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist when Tallahassee has little to no economic growth for 30 years. Unless, of course, you take into consideration that everyone doing anything in Tallahassee is synonymous with the word “indictment” or “FBI Investigation”. That, and the fact, that the same benefactors of CRA funds are constantly influencing the process makes one have to at least question the validity of such appointments. If you’re sick of the BS perhaps you should stop defending it and put your name on a ballot? Otherwise, pick up another copy of the Democrat and keep believing how our local politicians are in it for the greater good of Tallahassee. What a joke!

  2. Wow. Do you guys not have anything better to do than troll online? Any time anything is announced in this city the peanut gallery of conspiracy theorists has to weigh in. It’s pathetic. Get a life.

  3. I just hope these newbies wont mind waiting until the FBI is finished [goofing off and pretending to investigate or exonerate or just riding the clock out and getting paid] before these newbies get their cut of the All American Cities important elected/appointed officials pay to play money. Kind of unfair to make these newbies wait so long to get on the gravy train.

  4. I think with the current members and the new appointees, we can expect more of the same boring, lame downtown environment. The DIA needs to think outside the box and include vibrant and exciting individuals with new and fresh ideas to make downtown Tallahassee an “18-hour destination.”

    One more question about downtown Tallahassee: why is there a building missing right before the corner of Monroe Street and I believe Jefferson Street? It’s been empty for two or more years now. Does anyone know what that is about? Just curious.

  5. Wow, Slaton Murray! Is he 21 yet? William Moor, former Tallahassee Chamber President and Capital City Bank Investment President? Elizabeth Emmanuel recommended by Sue Dick? Why don’t we just roll the DIA into the Tallahassee Chamber so that everyone knows who is in control? In fact, they could just hold there meetings at Capital City Bank to make things easier. Makes me so proud to call Tallahassee home. Gotta love the diversity…LOL!!!

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