Tallahassee Democrat Acknowledges ICE Protest, Ignores Poll Showing 69% Support for ICE by Clinton and Trump Voters

Tallahassee Democrat Acknowledges ICE Protest, Ignores Poll Showing 69% Support for ICE by Clinton and Trump Voters

Amid a national debate over bias media coverage, the Tallahassee Democrat took the time to write a story about 30 protesters calling for the end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department.  ICE is the government agency responsible for securing borders.

The article covered more than half a page in the Sunday edition of the paper and provided one side of an issue that is sure to become another controversial component of the emotional debate over illegal immigration. The article failed to provide any context to the protest.

What the Tallahassee Democrat reporter who penned the article would of found with just a little research is a poll released last week by a former Bill Clinton adviser showing that 69% of registered voters do not favor disbanding ICE.

The poll has been cited by a number of news outlets, including NPR.

The poll question about ICE was asked this way:

Do you think that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, known as ICE, should be disbanded or not?

The poll indicated that 69% of the respondents answered “Not Disbanded”, while 31% answered “Disbanded.”

The details also showed that 59% of Hillary Clinton voters and 81% of Trump voters were against disbanding ICE.

Adding this information to an article highlighting a relatively small protest seeking to disband ICE would have provided balance to a controversial issue that could further sensationalize the illegal immigration debate.

Not including this information leaves many readers the opportunity to conclude that this is an important movement with wide support.

The question appeared in a Harvard-Harris poll by former Clinton pollster and strategist Mark Penn. It was conducted June 24-25, with 1,448 registered voters.

The poll revealed other interesting findings on the illegal immigration debate that Tallahassee Reports will include in a separate report.


18 Responses to "Tallahassee Democrat Acknowledges ICE Protest, Ignores Poll Showing 69% Support for ICE by Clinton and Trump Voters"

  1. Abolishing ICE and open borders is a truly suicidal position of the left and the radical wing of the Democrat Party. Suicidal for their party as well as for the USA.

    1. Simple rules for interaction with a liberal progressive: Agree that if there is any chance for a productive exchange of ideas then there will be no cursing, no name calling, and agree to a dialogue not a monologue (take turns.)

      Very rare will you find one who can follow those simple rules for more than a few minutes because they quickly run from facts to feelings.

      Mr. Gulledge did not even make it to a second sentence.

      1. Well said, Tango. If you’re talking with a LP and tell them that they must stick strictly to the issues and debate with facts and the civil presentation of ideas, it’s a very short conversation.
        Once you declare name-calling and uninterrupted rants off limits in the debate, an LP’s ability to abide by those rules is usually measured in seconds.

    2. Thank you, Todd. I’m proud to be counted as a representative of the Trump base. Just as I’m sure all Liberal Progressives are proud to have Maxine Waters counted as representative of their base.

  2. Was a time when the DEmocrat was actualy a newspaper, but last 10 years, it is simply a socialist rag blabbering liberal doctrine that no longer reflects the real world . Example: The guest writers and the full time reporters have no idea how to present both sides of an issue nor do they care !

  3. Great going, Democrat! Keep those Socialist-Liberal headlines screaming on Page One in all caps, above the fold!
    Please, please keep blaring Democrat-Socialist-Liberal (DSLs) war cries of “Abolish ICE!” The more your rabid bands of pseudo-journalists in local and national media push Anti-American policies like that, the more crushing the defeat DSLs will suffer in the midterms and in 2020. While it may fuel your impulsive desires to openly advocate for the concerns of illegals over the rights of American citizens, your Anti-American headlines and speeches will backfire on your candidates in the voting booth. I imagine then the DSL party will simply resort to violence (as they are already), since it will be clear that you can no longer win national elections.

    Democrats have always had difficulty explaining any real differences between them and hard-line Socialists, now they no longer have to!

    Two more points:
    (1) Trump is very seriusly considering a new policy that anyone who enters America illegally is AUTOMATICALLY disqualified from any sort of amnesty, green card status or similar. Case closed, nothing for you here, illegal.
    (2) Your “concerned” media NEVER reported the obama administration doing the exact same thing (that you’re screaming about now) with illegal familes/children during his time in office. Where was your “concern” then, or were you too occupied with asking obama what part of his job “enchanted” him the most? There are documented pictures of children in holding cages during the Obama administration – I dare you to publish them, with dates and factual captions

    1. the worrisome thing though is that many of the Dem followers don’t seem to be interested in gathering all the facts and thinking for themselves. They see the headlines on rags like the Democrat & on CNN at the dentist office and think they are informed.

  4. When Trump came to Tallahassee, the lberal media also reported on the less than 100 protesters instead of the thousands of supporters that made it inside and the thousands more that were turned away because they ran out of room due to the throngs that wanted to get to the rally. Keep reporting your left-leaning prejudice slants and your paper will go bankrupt. People are not as stupid as you media crackpots think…

  5. No border, no country. I love the country, so all of you commie socialist should move to Cuba or Canada or somewhere that will make you happy with your selfish wants and needs. Leave us alone!

  6. The democrat wrapper is very bias. A recent article with the heading that taxpayers were funding the GOP governors race is a perfect example. While critisizing Putnam and Desantis in several paragraphs for accepting matching funds, they then mentioned, as aside, that miss Graham and Andy were both also taking the matching funds. No bias there!

    1. Spot on, Barry!
      DeSantis’ net worth is less than $400K, about where Gillum is. So if it’s OK for our (Nazi collaborator) Soros-loving mayor to accept funds, it should be “OK” for DeSantis too.
      I’m always glad to see more and more people figure out the Democrap’s hidden agenda, and reject them.
      Let’s Make Tallahassee Great Again!

  7. The only thing that exists without boarders is the human mind, something that has been lost by these Democrats.

  8. The majority that counts at the mid-terms sees this for the theatrical BS that it is. Good Bye Blue Wave.

  9. Democrats, like most Americans, want to “feel” safe. That’s why the majority of them are socialists. Being safe, having basic needs fulfilled by the government and other things are issues most Dems will agree on why just about anybody.

  10. When people say “Would’ve” (a contraction for “Would have”) it sounds like “Would of.”

    A lot of people write as they hear it, which is understandable, but that does not make it correct.

  11. In a couple of the captions in the attached photo gallery, the Wakulla sheriff came out to tell the protestors that facility has never even housed children, and never will.
    Seems to me that completely deflates their cause. I mean, why protest detainjing children at a place that has never done that?
    If illegals don’t want to be separated from their children, here’s the best way to avoid it: don’t break the law by crossing the border.

    Oh, and if anyone out there knows where I can go to claim my “white privilege,” please tell. I’ve been looking for it for over three decades.

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