Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Gets Backing from Prominent African-American Leaders

Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Gets Backing from Prominent African-American Leaders

Mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels has secured the support of three prominent local African-American leaders in his campaign to lead the city of Tallahassee for the next four years.

Tallahassee Reports was sent an image of a campaign postcard which was recently placed on the windshields of cars at local churches.

The postcard features pictures of former city manager Anita Favors, Mayor Andrew Gillum, and civil-rights attorney Ben Crump.

Below the pictures, the card reads:

For sixteen years, we have had a progressive Mayor that has made our community a priority.  On August 28, 2018 we need to elect a Mayor that will continue to be a voice for all. We believe Dustin Daniels will be that Mayor!

The message is referring to the “sixteen years” served by former Mayor John Marks and current Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Also, Daniels featured a video on his campaign Facebook page with Favors, Gillum and Crump.  Daniels wrote on his Facebook page:

I’m so very grateful to have iconic community leaders like Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, Mayor Andrew Gillum, and former City Manager Anita Favors put their faith in me. They are trailblazers, community builders, and drum majors for justice. They have been active and courageous for the issues and fights that matter. and I’m incredibly honored to have their endorsement.

In addition to Daniels, John Dailey, Michelle Rewhinkel Vasilinda, Joe West, Carrie Litherland and Norris Barr are candidates for mayor.

11 Responses to "Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Gets Backing from Prominent African-American Leaders"

  1. Typical Tallahassee politics. Play the race card to turn out the southside vote for one guy while the ones footing the damn bills northweast and northeast of Tennessee Street split our votes between 3 people.

    It never ends.

  2. There is a certain segment of our local population that block votes according to their instructions from folks and institutions THEY think represents their interests. It is sad , very sad that these folks cannot think nor act for themselves . As long as this mentality exists, local government will remain the mess it has been, is, and will be!!

  3. Dustin Daniels is a part of the problem – he’s NOT a part of the solution…the fact that a Super PAC was started by a city lobbyist ought to tell everyone that this is about continuing “business as usual”…if you like the current city commission – the Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight” – you’re going to love Dustin…no one should ever be Mayor again that hasn’t at least been in the private sector…Gillum’s administration, which Dustin ran – was an utter failure…that’s why he’s running for Governor because he couldn’t get elected again…he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t end up going to jail for the corruption he allowed to happen on his watch!

  4. “For sixteen years, we have had a progressive Mayor that has made our community a priority.”

    Yes – and what kind of community have we got? Tallahassee has the highest violent crime rate in the state for three years in a row, highest property tax rates, utility rates, high unemployment, poor national reputation – and on and on. These are the “priorities” that a “progressive mayor” has inflicted on Tallahassee. This is the kind of community you want to “continue” with?!

  5. Anyone who supports Daniels is trying to preserve a culture of corruption at COT, and I dare anyone to deny there is such a culture – it’s too well documented and is too extensive. If Tallahassee voters are more influenced by a candidate’s ideology over Ethics and Integrity, we may well end up like Chicago, with most of our ex-mayors and elected officials in prison on corruption convictions. That will be small consolation to a Tallahassee ruined by that corruption.

  6. Anita knew how to get others to do her dirt and likely got out just in time to avoid a Federal indictment.
    Former Mayor John Marks however was very dirty and careless. Even though Marks got out early Marks is highly likely to face Federal indictment from a lot of dirt Harold Knowles has already flipped on Marks to try and save himself a few years of prison in Knowles middle Georgia Federal case.
    The others? Well now we will just have to wait and see wont we?

  7. Okay… Do I REALLY need to ask this question???? What’s wrong with prominent Africans endorsing Dustin? Is that unlawful? I can’t wait to read about prominent White endorsements…

    1. Stanley, I thought these three were African- Americans. I have no problem with them supporting any loser they want. I do wonder about what was intended by your classification of them. Have you let a new normal out of the bag?

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