Local Candidates Grab Campaign Endorsements

Local Candidates Grab Campaign Endorsements

As the primary election draws closer, a number of organizations that have an interest in local elections choose to interview candidates and make decisions about public endorsements. In addition, at times, elected officials and influential members of the community will also publicly endorse candidates.

Jeremy Matlow, a candidate for city commission seat 3, announced last week that he had received a local labor union endorsement.

From Matlow’s campaign Facebook page, “Proud to announce that the 50,000 teachers, state workers, electricians, retirees and everyday working people that make up the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor have endorsed our campaign. Honored to have them join our movement and bring their voice to City Hall.”

On July 9, The Tallahassee Professional Fire Fighters (TPFF) Union, Local 2339 International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the Big Bend Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) announced their joint endorsements for this year’s elections.

The two organizations believe that the following candidates best align with priorities for public safety in Tallahassee: John Dailey for Mayor, Lisa Brown for City Commission Seat 3, Bob Lotane for City Commission Seat 5, Jasmine Ali-Mohammed for County Commission Seat 1, Rick Minor for County Commission Seat 3, and David Frank for Circuit Judge.

Separately, the PBA also announced their endorsement for Monique Richardson for County Judge Seat 3.

“These candidates have shown an understanding of the important and unique issues facing local law enforcement officers,” said Steve Slade, President of the Big Bend Chapter. “We ask that voters consider this when making their choices at the polls on August 28th.”

Also, Tallahassee Reports has learned that mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels has secured the support of three prominent local African-American leaders in his campaign to lead the city of Tallahassee for the next four years. The endorsements include Mayor Andrew Gillum, former city manager Anita Favors, and civil-rights attorney Ben Crump. See story on page 3.

Other organizations that will release endorsements in the coming weeks include the Tallahassee Board of Realtors and the Tallahassee Builders Association.

8 Responses to "Local Candidates Grab Campaign Endorsements"

  1. “The two organizations believe that the following candidates best align with priorities for public safety in Tallahassee: John Dailey for Mayor, Lisa Brown for City Commission Seat 3, Rick Minor for County Commission Seat 3.”

    I hope the rank and file and voters don’t go with these three endorsements as these candidates are insiders with ties to the current problems, are deeply entrenched into public relations that attempt to build up their humanity and philanthropy when they are really building up their political machines at the expense of tax payers dollars, public safety, and the economy.

    We saw this with Mr. Dailey’s recent attempt to implement the Children’s Services Council, Lisa Brown’s patriotic video, and Rick Minor’s backing down from Maddox to let that corruption to continue.

    The amount of energy, focus, and monies lost that if the monies and energies they expended on their bogus humanitarian and patriotic PR stunts would have been spent on children, veterans, and raises for city and county law enforcement all lost to self promoting themselves at others expense.

    One may think that things could not get any worse, but yes it can! Crime rate could continue to spiral out of control and the money and energy diverted to political machines rather than public safety, the economy, and quality of life could cause public safety layoffs, stagnant economy, etc.

    These endorsements have already shown us where these candidates focus and expend their energies…on themselves!

    MAYOR: NOT Dailey

    It is for their benefit also, that they learn to focus energies and humanity on others and not themselves to have future success, but now is not their time.

    Please vote responsibly and not for public relations stunts and political machines. We have had enough of this nonsense already.

  2. Vote for Conservatives, Republicans, and outsiders. Voting for any insiders will only perpetuate the same corrupt government we’ve had for years.

    1. Yes. I wonder if they have actually looked or researched the candidates. I have seen some candidates do and say many things involving law enforcement and fire fighters, yet they weren’t the ones endorsed.

    2. Yes! Bill Schack has been very vocal and active within the local law enforcement community, yet he wasn’t mentioned. I wonder if they even researched other candidates or just went with whom they knew?!

  3. I just wonder if leftist usual suspect and union endorsements are going to resonate now that Trump has shown America the JOBS and the MONEY.
    I mean who would want to go backwards into unemployment and poverty?

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