Who is “Lobbying” for Reese Goad as City Manager?

Who is “Lobbying” for Reese Goad as City Manager?

At the last city commission meeting, City Commissioner Nancy Miller made a surprise move to hire interim city manager Reese Goad.

This motion was a surprise because the city commission had previously voted to conduct a nation-wide search to fill the position after two new city commissioners and a new mayor were seated after this election cycle.

Also, Miller’s proposal was not listed on the agenda of items to be addressed at the meeting.

Miller’s proposal failed when City Commissioner Gil Ziffer recommended the discussion about hiring a city manager be addressed in October.

Since the meeting, TR has received a number of phone calls with information addressing possible explanations for the “Miller Surprise.”

After a few phone calls of our own, the “Miller Suprise” might have been unexpected by some, but the proposal to hire Reese Goad appears to have been  a coordinated effort by a group of insiders concerned about the upcoming elections.

Here is what we know.

For the first time in over 15 years there is a guarantee of three new votes on the city commission. In addition, the traditional political power brokers do not have the same relationships with the potential candidates during this cycle as in the past.

There are candidates in each city race that could win and who do not have allegiance to the status quo. In fact, even some candidates that are well connected are speaking out against the status quo.

Enter Vancore-Jones.

Drew Jones, a principle with Vancore-Jones, the local political consultant and city vendor, was in the audience at the city commission meeting when Miller made the proposal to hire Reese Goad.

Why is this important?

Vancore-Jones has been the most influential local political consultant in Tallahassee over the last ten years. They have been consultants for current city commissioners Nancy Miller and Gill Ziffer.  Also, they have worked with Leon County Commissioners John Daily, Mary Ann Lindley, Kristen Dozier and Bryan Desloge.

Vancore-Jones has also been paid by the City of Tallahassee as a consultant for years. So far this year the City of Tallahassee’s online checkbook shows that Vancore-Jones has been paid approximately $50,000.

Also, records show that interim city manager Reese Goad has been instrumental in awarding the city work to Vancore-Jones.

One source told TR that “Drew Jones does not frequent city commission meetings unless something is at stake. He knew Miller’s motion was coming.”

Another source said that while Reese Goad as city manager would be a financial help to Vancore-Jones, the move to hire Goad is bigger than that.

The source said “the leadership at the Chamber of Commerce and traditional power brokers are not used to the uncertainty involved with these elections and what could happen with a new commission. They are distressed about the direction a job search for the most powerful position in local government could take if Matlow, Williams-Cox, and Daniels ended up winning. ”

The source said that Miller’s proposal “buys the status quo group some time.”

The issue will be back before the city commission in October. By that time, the primary results will be known and a clearer picture will emerge about who will be on the city commission. This will no doubt have an impact on the debate over City Commissioner Nancy Miller’s proposal.

9 Responses to "Who is “Lobbying” for Reese Goad as City Manager?"

  1. A lot was read into Miller’s recommendation, none of which may be true. With the number of contractors COT uses for services, how could the Democrat make a case against Goad’s appointment based only on gossip and rumor? It is unfair to this career City employee, with an excellent record of service, to smear his professional record without backing up the gossip with facts.

    Is the Democrat treating the other two candidates in a like manner?

  2. Just don’t piss Reese off… Re-structuring happens (demotions, firings, shifting of depts, etc) just ask Heath, Ivan, and many, many more. If he don’t like you, your gone (or made miserable until you quit)

  3. Cynthia Barber promoted Reese Goad cause he was way smarter than she will ever be! He was the one that kept her looking like she knew what to do! I worked for Reese and he knows his stuff way more than any of the other two City Managers!

  4. It’s genuinely puzzling to me why city officials like Miller and other COT Cabal continue with their usual suspect manevers (like large “grants” to city vendors who coincidentally owe the city large loan amounts and are posing as “community organizations”) – all this while Fernandez’ and Waste Pro’s lawyers are trooping into the federal courthouse and a grand jury is seated. Most folks with sense and something to hide would lay low, but not our COT.

    Either the COT Cabal really thinks it can’t be touched, or they don’t have the sense to change their ways while the FBI is watching their game table. Maybe I shouldn’t be puzzled, just more realistic or cynical. After all, Hillary is still walkin’ around a free woman . . .

  5. Two words: Cynthia Barber.

    Barber promoted and emplaced Goad to this position and ‘they’ have to have Goad in this position to further Anita Favor’s/Barber’s/Mark’s/Gillum’s and Cassandra Jackson’s succession plan – to include the New Police Station and other storm water project (Miler/Buss) projects. This Nancy Miller maneuver is part of the ‘agreement’; look at the TAPP connection where Barber took over Miller’s TAPP program – where Miller was paid big buck$ by John Bu$$ just prior (and after) becoming Commissioner. Get it FBI?

    Look at the CoT Succession plan now pulled from Public Record – except in email chains. The City has had this plan laid out years ago; aside from anticipating that pesky FBI investigation……; ask Lew Shelley, Burt Fletcher, AFT, John Marks, etc. all the latest other ‘Leadership’ Retirees.

    But will Fernandez present this information under sworn testimony – in a plea bargain agreement …..stay tuned Tallahassee and Florida….; another good job – Mr. Stewart!

  6. There are no bounds to the greed of nancy miller. For too long, there has been a group of people who are favored with lucrative contracts by the city commission and city staff. These people will always go along with what the city wants-no matter how infeasible it may be-in order to keep getting their perks and favorable contract awards. Not a healthy situation for the tax payers-it will continue under Goad. Goad must go!

  7. Keep in mind that it was Reese Goad in his “official capacity” of interim City Manager who knowingly and gleefully pushed out the 100% falsehood (lair lair pants on fire) that the value of the tickets to the [“all inclusive, all the adult beverages you can drink, all the finest of foods you can eat, rubbing elbows with the Seminole Nation elite”] sky box bribes was $99.00.
    These bribes were accepted by Reese Goad’s friends who are or were city employees at the time. The above mentioned 100% falsehood (lair lair pants on fire) came out of “Dirty Little Reese Goad’s” stink breath mouth in order to keep the guilty employees in line with the City’s policy which prohibits the acceptance of any “gift” valued at over $100.00.
    Sorry dirty little Reese but you are fired with zero retirement benefits for Conduct Unbecoming a City of Tallahassee employee!
    Ka Boom!!
    Wow it’s true after Snidely has dropped the mic there’s really nothing left to say.

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