BREAKING NEWS: Gilchrist Principal David Solz Placed on Leave

BREAKING NEWS: Gilchrist Principal David Solz Placed on Leave

The Leon County School Board announced today that Gilchrist Elementary School principal David Solz had been placed on administrative leave pending the findings of an investigation.

The statement said that “Mr. David Solz has been placed on administrative leave pending a review of recent information regarding a consensual relationship with a teacher.”

The Leon County School Board announcement comes less than 24-hours after Tallahassee Reports published a story about an improper relationship between Solz and a married teacher he supervises.

Since the article was published Tallahassee Reports has been contacted by several sources who did not want to be identified. These sources said Solz’s behavior with other teachers at Gilchrist has been an issue for years.

Tallahassee Reports is in the process gathering additional information.

Mr. Solz was appointed principal at Gilchrist Elementary on July 1, 2009.

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  1. What happened with Mr. Solz? Did the county retain him? Its been a couple of months, I would assume that the county had plenty of time to investigate him. I would love to know if our tax dollars are still paying his salary.

  2. #metoo
    We are outraged when we read of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and we should be equally appalled when reading about it here in our own community. This principal is our very own Harvey Weinstein of Tallahassee. Let’s be clear, the women who post here are saying one thing, they suffered at the hands of a man who could use his authority to impact their lives. He preyed on these women, and they where isolated and made to feel alone. Just like the actresses involved with Weinstein, our Tallahassee women also have no reason to lie. Most would rather crawl under a rock and pretend this heartbreak never happened to them. And that is why we speak out….so it never has to happen to anyone else. He needs to be removed from any leadership position in our school system before more women have to use the metoo hash tag against him. Believe us all when we say our own dignity is enough to make us not want to share our experience on such a website, but necessary to protect others.

  3. @Smear on Gilchrist

    This isnt gossip, this is def fact. The issue has been that complaints were sent to the “proper agency” (school district) and nothing was done. Finally, they had no choice but to do something about him and his issues.

    Also, in no way did he interact well with teachers or staff. You have no clue about this because of the professionalism of the teachers and staff. Anything positive you saw from him was fake for all to see.

  4. These posts are inappropriate. Gilchrist’s dirty laundry should not be aired out in this forum. Please hold back the gossip, even if it’s a fact sand send your complaints to the proper agency to handle and investigate. I have two kids in Gilchrist and will never look at the teachers and administration the same. As an outsider, and a mother, I liked PrIncipal Solz. He interacted well with the teachers and parents.

  5. Ladies, the school district still needs information for the investigation on David Solz. The school district is building a case against him for his actions and needs you to come forward. Rocky Hanna has assured over and over again that the job of anyone that comes forward is safe!

    Lets get this guy out of the district, not just Gilchrist!

  6. First off! Y’all need to get off Rocky Hanna! He’s a great superintendent and he was cleared from the accusations at Leon High! Y’all acting like it’s the end of the world.. Get over yourselves, and sweep around your own FRONT PORCH! If David Solz did wrong, it will show .. if he did not do anything he will stay! Simple as ABC! Now make news on why teachers not getting paid enough or why FL is giving our schools 47 cent per child.

    1. Hanna was “cleared” by Kathleen Rodgers who Rocky quickly promoted without an interview. Here is the truth:
      “It’s less understandable why she would support him as a candidate,” Johnson said. “If the public knew all that Gwen knew at the time of the [superintendent] election, Rocky probably not would have gotten elected because he was seducing an employee and then retaliating against her when she cut off her relationship.”

      1. Dr. Rodgers was not bias when she investigated Superintendent Rocky Hanna. She is a wonderful asset to Leon County Schools.

  7. The superintendent admits to the same behavior he gets elected with no outrage? Houston/ voters of Tallahassee we have a problem:
    Hanna himself had a brief, consensual relationship with a Leon High teacher during the 2005/2006 school year when he was principal of the school, according to district documents. The relationship came to light in 2015 during the run-up to the 2016 superintendent election. An investigation by the district found no wrongdoing by Hanna.

    “Honestly, I could have benefited from a policy like that,” he said.

  8. Another One,

    I got that from him as well. It was shocking and disturbing to read these posts about all the other woman subjected to his manipulative games and lies. He’s hurt so many of us. He never thought we’d all find out, shame on him!

  9. The attitude and behavior being displayed on this forum is nothing short of appalling and quite disturbing. As a parent with children who attend Gilchrist, I’m horrified. If what you all are admitting to is true, I’m sickened by the integrity of professionals who are instructing and interacting with my children. It takes two to tango, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m in shock by how flippant you all are being about your lack of judgement. You are talking having sex at an elementary school!

    This is ridiculous and from the sound of it, it’s been carrying on for some time and all of you have gone along with it. If any of this is true, I hope you make it right because being passive about it and passing the baton to the next one to handle is just as bad as the original deed itself.

    1. I totally understand your concern A Very Concerned Parent. Please understand, the teachers did not know the extent of what was going on and he used his power to put fear in some. There are a lot of good teachers at Gilchrist and I promise had they known the extent of what he was doing something would have been exposed before now. Most thought it was just his intimidation and those women who felt harassed were afraid to speak up because of the fear of losing jobs. Or making it worse on them. I agree it takes two and this teacher is as guilty! I can assure you no other teacher in the school has gone that far with him as of now. Please trust in your school, the teachers love and care about your children very much and now Scotty Crowe is awesome, I am sure he will be happy to speak with you about any concerns!

      1. Thank you @SadSituation I completely understand the horrible predicament being harassed by a superior puts a person in and those are very unfortunate situations. I’ve been there and I agree it sucks.
        I wholeheartedly agree that in my experience I have only encountered amazing teachers and staff at Gilchrist who care deeply about our school.
        My comments were definitely geared toward those individuals who have admitted to Sunday Funday and after hours rendezvous. I personally wonder how you keep so many women straight and making sure you don’t have sex scheduling conflicts!

        1. You are very welcome A Very Concerned Parent! It is a sad situation for sure. I hope you and your children have a wonderful school year!

  10. Thank goodness he is gone. Now if they will continue to make good decisions and get him out of our county school systems.

    1. Superintendent Rocky Hanna told the School Board about the decision during a retreat Monday afternoon. He said he was “disappointed” and that the district “received other other correspondence that we will be looking at to make final determination.”

  11. I have also written a letter to the district in a formal complaint against this matter. From what I have been told he will stay in the county-he should be asked to resign.

    1. Unfortunately formal complaints mean nothing unless you are a Board member filing one. The District must think they have the state in their back pocket, or the inspector general, because keeping him in any job after this would not happen anywhere else.

  12. Thank you Teacher850 for being the voice of reason!
    Your right she’s gone and hopefully the county will do the right thing where he is concern!

    It’s going to be a great school year at Gilchrist!!!

  13. Guys, come on… This really isn’t about Brooke and the issues she’s created with her coworkers over the years. Although she has obviously pissed off some people, that’s a completely separate issue for her to deal with personally. To make it worse, she started dating the principal of the school in which created an ethical issue and also noticed favoritism by the staff and faculty. The friends, and I guess her, that are posting on here in her defense are unaware of her personality at work. Again, that’s for her to deal with on a personal level. She’s gone from Gilchrist, be happy!

    With that said, let’s not get off on the wrong agenda here! This is about the issues Gilchrist and LCS has with David Solz. These issues include being mean, manipulating, demeaning, and controlling at school toward his faculty and staff, and the sexual harassment with staff that has been observed, and stated.

    Now, let me explain what GES has dealt with since 2009.

    David has mastered the art of deception and manipulation. He appears respectable and sincere but often that’s just a façade. Manipulative people draw you in and ensnare you in a relationship before they show their true colors. Sound familiar ladies? Manipulative people are really not interested in you except as a vehicle to allow them to gain control so that you become an unwilling participant in their plans. They have several ways of doing this, as many of you will recognize. They will often take what you say and do and twist it around so that what you said and did becomes barely recognizable to you. They will attempt to confuse you, maybe even making you feel as if you’re crazy. They distort the truth, and may resort to lying if it serves their end. Sound familiar ladies? Sound familiar GES?

    Manipulative people can be passive aggressive or nice one minute and standoffish the next, to keep you guessing and to prey on your fears and insecurities. They often make you defensive. They can also be extremely aggressive and vicious, resorting to personal attacks and criticism, dogged in their pursuit of getting what they want. They bully and threaten, and won’t let up or let go until they wear you down. Sound familiar everyone?

    Ultimately, all situations and relationships are about them, and what others think, feel, and want really doesn’t matter. Controllers, abusers, and manipulative people don’t question themselves. They don’t ask themselves if the problem is them. They always say the problem is someone else. As you can see, David does not understand the concept of boundaries. He is relentless in the pursuit of what he wants and has little regard for who gets hurt along the way. His behavior is to feed off of someone at their expense and is depleting, exhausting, weakening, and demeaning. He preys on our sensibilities, emotional sensitivity, and especially conscientiousness. He knows he has a good chance of hooking you into a relationship because you are a kind, feeling, and caring person. He caters to your goodness and kindness at first, often praising you for the wonderful person you are. But over time, praise of these qualities will be minimized because you are being used in the service of someone who really doesn’t care about you.

    If you want an easy way to discern manipulators, pay attention to the way they speak about others in relation to you. They will often talk about you behind your back the same way they talk to you about others. There are posts on here that detail that behavior from him. David is also a master at creating scenarios and dynamics that allow for rivalry, and jealousy, and encourage and promote disharmony.

    I’m asking you again. If you have been affected by him in any way, don’t just post it here. Let the school board know as well. You can do this anonymously. The more letters or emails that flood the school board the better. If you don’t think that is enough, share your experiences with the Florida Department of Education Inspector Generals Office at 850-245-0403.

  14. Women that went willingly to him and dated him because they wanted him… now they want to cry wolf because he’s with someone else. Give it a rest! No advice giving here “honey” I’m not hurt by any of your words. My heart hurts for my friend, she is a good person and will be just fine.

    1. Honey you are still making it about the women, it’s HIS actions towards these women! Him having SEX and no telling what else on the schools campus, harassment and using his power (read Tearcher850 post she explains it perfectly)! Obviously you are sticking up for your friend but do not assume in this situation what went on, you are blinded by what your friend is feeding you!

  15. Oh, I love all this free advise about ME!! Proves the old saying I guess truth hurts!

    Read all the women’s post here and all the true facts!!

  16. Honey!! This is laughable to me.. you’re not a good person, that’s the only fact I see here. I will be here as a friend until the end. I don’t judge people or drop them like bad habits for the decisions they make in THEIR life. A true friend will always support each other and pick them up when they fall. In your words “people are not perfect” only god was! One day you will need someone to be there for you and I pray you will have a friendthat can see through your evil ways to pick you up!

  17. Wow all that anger!

    Read all the post, GOI again stop making it about me! Bigger Facts here!!!

    If you can not pick up on them, well then hmmmm

    Honey prayers are always welcome since NO ONE is perfect, some just want to make people think they are!!

  18. @sad situation… you’re a coward!!! You’re a bully!! You’re miserable!! You’re disgusting!! I am all but sure you have no friends and you were bullied in school. This is your way to lash out your inner feelings, trying to make someone feel your pain. Go see a therapist, they might be able to help you. We’re not groupies we’re called friends which is something I’m sure you know nothing about. Probably a good thing you’re no longer in her circle. I’m sure she sensed pure evil from you and cut you out of her life for a reason. You are jealous, you are a coward and you are a BULLY! She will be fine because she has a loving support system which again you probably know nothing about. But you, you will go to sleep every night miserable and you will wake up every morning miserable! Again, I will pray for you!
    I’m sure this won’t be posted!

    1. GOY, as I am copying post for the county, I was rereading what you said here and I literally laughed out loud! lol She did not cut me from her circle. I saw her true self right away, she does not like people telling her the truth about her life and that is not me I do not paint a happy picture if it’s ugly. I tell it like it is! So honey, you just keep being her “friend”.

      Gilchrist is the BEST!

  19. It’s super easy to focus on how unlikeable they are or how disgusting their behavior is…because I can say what has been posted by most is true. And I am shocked over the number of women who feel free to vent…I’m so glad you have the opportunity! The fact is, she WAS given special treatment. She was held at a much different standard that everyone else. She said terrible things about students, who were in earshot. She was able to leave school over trivial things and left interns unsupervised. She walked around in a bathing suit with a see through cover up during summer hours…When teachers were written up for much less. Other teachers have had to walk on egg shells over their actions while she was able to behave so unprofessionally. I’ve never seen anything like it. I am not jealous, I am not hateful, I am not writing to stir response. I’m writing to bring the focus back to the fact the relationship did result in favoritism. She’s gone, and now he needs to permanently go too. Any attention Gilchrist deserves should be focused on the amazing things the students and teachers are doing there!

    1. Amen DR! She’s gone and lets see what happens with him!!

      Green With Envy, I am so bored with you trying to make this about me “Frankly my Dear I don’t give a you know what” what you and her little groupies think about me! It’s funny you are typing with a Green with envy name but saying “a few of us think it’s high time your cowardly self show your face” Oh brother you all are just too cute!

      B I mean Mary would for sure and has stooped to hurting more people than I think she even realizes!

      Gilchrist is and always will be the best not because of anything other than the hard working passionate teachers, staff and faculties!

  20. Green With Envy
    July 21, 2018 at 8:04 pm
    These women should be jealous, have you seen her? She’s hotter than anyone he’s ever had! Definite upgrade!

    This is hilarious!!!! Really is this like kindergarten stuff, she is ugly deep down she is all miss I’m so wonderful, life can’t get me down, he makes me smile ( talking about her dog)!! Most see through her BS but I’m glad she has her “Best Friends” just be careful she is 88.9% fake!

    Thanks for the laughs though!

    Ladies you all hang in there!!

    1. You know SadSituation, you are harboring some serious resentment towards this woman. Does she know you feel this way??? Seems as if you need to take things up with her. We’ve all passed the popcorn and sipped our tea watching this unfold, but a few of us think it’s high time your cowardly self show your face. At least B is responsible for her wrongdoings and isn’t sitting behind a screen trolling like a coward. One thing can be said about her though, she would never stoop this low as to say this many hurtful and disgusting things. How you make others feel says a lot about YOU. You disgust me.

  21. Good try post do not have to be approve! You just need a valid email.
    I want to say first thank you to all the brave women who have spoke up, it takes courage to speak up and have a voice. It is too bad that some people have to put such a negative emotion or stigma out there like accusing you of “jealousy “.

    It is obvious they have never walked in your shoes and they are standing up for a person who always makes it all about me, myself and I. She always plays the victim even in the dumbest situation.

    I am going to contact TR and see how all of us Ladies that sincerely care about this issue about each other’s in general and see how we can contact each other in real.

    It’s pretty sick that theses couple people can not see anything wrong with a “man” having sex and fulfilling his sick fantasies at their kids school. Or harassing women!

    Love be each other Ladies!!

    1. Some of us have already talked. If anyone would like to reach out:

      The women I have communicated with are accomplished, intelligent, and sadly believed the lies of a skilled manipulator. Marginalizing their voices by proclaiming that they are simply jealous is exactly what David would like to see happen.
      There is proof of his behavior and lies. If anyone would like it, you need only ask.

  22. I know 3 people who have tried to post on B & Solz behave today and they are not posted. Apparently, the posts have to be “approved”…..hmmm

  23. The problem is he thinks about nobody else’s feelings. He doesn’t care how many teachers, staff or “relationships” he has effected with his dominant, narcissistic, insensitive behavior. None of these ladies are saying they are victims. Just letting everyone know that he is full of $hit with his lies and manipulative games he played. He hurt a lot of really good people. Shame on him!

  24. Must be a slow news weeks in Tally. Couples meet at work all the time. Seems to me the husband who brought this story to TR is having some buddies send in negative comments to get revenge. I know of a few people who have tried to post positive comments about Solz, but none of them are getting posted. Kinda makes you wonder…

    1. yes it is. Here’s info from the school’s website:

      Gilchrist Elementary continues to not only meet, but exceed, state educational standards. As a school of distinction and excellence, Gilchrist each year since 1999 has earned an “A” rating from the State of Florida.

  25. None of these woman want DS. They just want everyone to know that she is not the only one. Seriously, he broke up with his 21 year old GF a few weeks ago and now is getting married. That poor girl thought she was the “only one”. How about the others he has been “talking to” while with her and B. Nobody is jealous, actually we feel sorry for her. She is not aware of what she’s getting into.

  26. @Get over yourself

    I don’t think you’re actually reading these posts for what they are. I’m not reading stories of “victims” and “jealousy”, I’m reading stories of women that have been Solz’ girlfriend, while he was married and after. Each of their relationships seemed to have been similar in nature by which he was dating them while at the same time deceitfully dating others. This happens, I understand, and although wrong, its not the big picture here. I’m not seeing victims, I’m seeing women that escaped this man and are happy about it!!

    Now, here’s the main problem: Solz has been using the school’s Principal office, and who knows where else on campus, as a “playpen” just start. There are vivid descriptions of this office, by non employees, listed in these posts as well. Also, he’s having relationships with teachers which is an Ethic’s Policy violation with LCS. The man, and I use that term loosely, has a really bad problem with bullying teachers and staff. Teachers are leaving this school for other schools just to get away from his mean tactics and words. And although she will never come forward, there is even a teacher that told coworkers she left to get away from his sexual advances toward her while at school. You should never close an office door behind you with a female teacher, alone, inside.

    Lets allow the women to vent without the harassment as its healthy, and its when the truth comes out. You might not like what’s being said but there’s more negative than positive being posted…that should tell you something.

  27. So let me get this right… you ladies all had consensual relations (Sunday funday) with Mr. Solz and now that he has moved on and found someone else that he may or may not want to spend forever with you’re all claiming to be victims???? I’m so confused.. you ladies are 100% hypocrites, not victims of sexual harassment. You willing did things with him and some have even said you were his “gf”. Now you want to write letters to the LCB and try and ruin his life and his children’s life because he has moved on and you’ll are miserable and clearly jealous. Come on, this doesn’t make any sense. Stop placing blame on him and his new girlfriend and focus on becoming better people. Hurting others is no way to live. Breakups happen every day along with divorces and affairs, that doesn’t make people bad.
    Just to be very clear one more time.. you are not VICTIMS, you went willingly into a relationship and it didn’t workout. Jealousy is also the devils work!!

    1. The women here haven’t claimed to be a victim of sexual harassment but rather a victim of his sick game. He had multiple women on the side all while selling the happily ever after, you’re “the one” BS to these women.

      So what if a woman met him at school? She isn’t responsible for the school. He was. She wasn’t the one risking her career. He was. Don’t attempt to pin this on the women! He knew what he was doing was wrong because of his position at the school. He didn’t care. What does that show you about him? Is that a man that deserves to have a position of power?

      All of this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. What about the teachers he has made feel uncomfortable by his undesired comments? What about the teachers and administrators that have left because of his behavior? Remember it’s HIS actions that have caused this.

      HIS choices may have ruined his life. His pattern of behavior and lack of moral character is evident. None of the women on this thread have ownership in his lies or behavior. Don’t blame the women for speaking the truth If you want to blame someone blame David.

      Jealousy is the laziest response one can use. Are you going to call these women haters next? I haven’t read a single post here that alludes to being jealous. Jealousy would indicate these women want David. I think it’s safe to say no one here would touch him with a 10-foot pole. These women are anything but jealous.

      His new girlfriend was his subordinate. His new girlfriend is married. They both knew there were consequences to this relationship and they didn’t care.

      Do NOT blame the women for speaking the truth!!

    2. You’re right. There’s more hypocrisy going on between these girlfriends than there is in this whole scandal! Looks like a case of deranged and delusional ex girlfriends to me.

    3. These women should be jealous, have you seen her? She’s hotter than anyone he’s ever had! Definite upgrade!

  28. Mary, you are so right every time I hear it I am telling. Once again she needs to shut her trap!
    It is more like shame on me for trusting a person such as her and no I never appear to be perfect like she portrays her life to be. This is not about me thou, I sure wish she or you would stop trying to turn it around. Wait you almost sound like her this is exactly what she does! Hmmm I wonder!

    Anyway there is only one me!!

  29. Sad Situation, you are a bully hiding behind a screen. Show your face or say this where everyone knows who you are. You are gossiping. As soon as you “hear” something, you run back to this post and repeat it. What kind of person are you? Clearly you know her because you feel so strongly about her. But shame on her for allowing someone like you into her life. Someone who is so quick to help tear her down. People make mistakes, but I’m sure you have never made one in your entire life. You appear to be perfect. You appear to have everything figured out and know everything about everything. If only we could all be like you.

  30. This post is specifically for the Gilchrist family members that have been bullied or harassed (sexually and non sexually) by Solz and for those on here that have spent some time at the school with him (on Sunday nights for example).

    The posts on these articles are proof that there needs to be a very deep investigation into Solz. There are multiple instances written here of sexual wrongdoings, harassment, and using the school as a “playground” for his antics that must be reported. You must report this to the LCS School Board! You can also anonymously contact the writer of this article as well to give him more information to report. Now is the time to get this information out in the open and get him removed from the school, or removed from the district! No school deserves this guy as an administrator or teacher! Please do your part in this quest!

  31. I just got word that the two of them have been ring shopping! He is pretty smart let’s marry this one to prove, I am not what they say! Is she divorced this fast?! I think not oh but they just fell in love two weeks ago, it had not been going on for Months and months!! And I just won the lottery ?

    “He knew she was the one a long time ago” is words she said too!

    This is hilarious!

    1. Haha! You can’t make this stuff up! Does she not realize he is using her to keep himself from getting into trouble? He’s a smooth talker, but he ain’t that good. Master manipulator!

      What a way to start a marriage. One is married and the other is under investigation. Match made in heaven.

      So many of us have been “the one.” Luckily what he really meant was we were the ones that got away from his crazy making.

      1. Another One,

        Haha you are so right! We have all been “the one”. He is a charmer, but it looks like he messed with the wrong husband’s wife this time. ? we are the lucky ones and saw through his BS. Can’t wait for her to really find out what he’s doing.
        Lifetime movie in the making!

  32. Mary, that is the sad part the “Families” this has hurt. But facts are facts and like someone said venting is good. Maybe they shouldn’t read this forum, just a suggestion. Oh, and I will say jealous I am not especially of them!

    1. Mary,

      Sad Situation is right. Nobody is jealous of her. At least the rest of us didn’t know about all the others. She has known and is bragging about it. The rest of us would like to forget DS, but because of her WE are all finding out about so many others. Bet he’s rethinking getting involved with her. SMH, secrets are out.

      1. Jealous? Of her? Of him? Of their “relationship?” LMAO! No one is jealous. Trust that! We’re counting our blessings. We get to sit back and watch the show while eating our popcorn and sipping our tea. His lies and seedy behavior finally caught up with him. Hello, Karma. Nice to see you.

  33. First of all, the situation is what is. What is going to happen, will happen. As for all of you attacking the teachers character, jealousy is real and you all are eaten alive with it. The things you have said about her as a person and her character are repulsive. Commenting on the situation is one thing but totally defaming someone’s character is another. Her family is reading this and your nasty, cut to the core, jealousy ridden words affect them as well.

      1. Raises hand. I was one of his gf’s. I feel terrible for his kids and ex wife. He has shown no concern for their well-being. How many did he parade through his home to meet them? Including the one that is only a few years older than his daughter. He’s gross.

        1. I was a GF too. He loved me, we were going to get married. Lol
          But he got caught in to many lies. Said “bye Felicia”. Lord we all need to hang out and drink wine while the stories unfold. LMAO. Good luck XXXX and David. We all wish you the very best.

  34. I am mad at myself for not speaking up sooner! She has hurt some really sweet people/teachers. No one speaks up because of the fear of backlash from her mean girl self and for not wanting to hurt her sweet kids. The same goes for David Solz, the fear of backlash. It is sad that two people can cause so much stress, heartache and hurt. I have seen it with my own eyes, so yes it is fact! Maybe they did us all a favor at least it is exposed, even if the county does nothing. No bad deed goes unpunished, right?

    1. We heck, I posted the 2nd post because I did not see my first. Couldn’t remember what I said in the first one sorry folks. Its Friday and my head is in the weekend already!

  35. All these comments about the Bible, yeah David kept one on the top of his desk, right side of his computer. Funny the things you see when you are hanging out with your “boyfriend” late on a Sunday night.
    I’ve been reading this stuff all week. You ladies speak the truth and I’m glad he’s being exposed.
    If anyone needs proof of his shenanigans, I got plenty.

  36. When reading these posts, I see nothing but facts! It is obvious most comments are from woman that have been victimized by his lies and fairytale endings. This teacher will be next, if he hasn’t already moved on from her (it will happen soon). She isn’t the only one around. Let’s pray that the teachers, staff, parents can all move on and that his “seedy” behavior will eventually stop so more people aren’t effected.

  37. Take a minute and read the news article on Politico Florida. Thank you Steve Stewart for going on the record stating Rocky Hanna broke a trust and was in violation of professional ethics! Read all about Gwen Graham saving the day for Rocky Hanna on the same issue. Start at the top and demand the school board suspend Hanna! If you want this behavior to stop start with the person caught red handed who was thrown a lifeline and his ethics violation and intimidation buried. If you want action demand accountability from the school board!

  38. @Get over yourself @Danielle: This post is not an attack on you, you’re obviously a friend of B, and while I commend you for sticking up for her, she’s not innocent. Your attacks on the posts here are without merit due to your obvious lack of knowledge of the issues with Solz, as well as you only knowing her side of the story. But, you have to understand that the posts here are factual. When many people feel safe enough to vent and report, it becomes more than gossip, it becomes people stating facts. If you will seriously take a moment and read all of these posts, you can see a pattern of issues with Solz that she got herself involved in.

    Sadly, for whatever reason, your “friend” allowed herself to fall prey to his issues. She was fully aware of his past with other teachers and still made the decision to begin a relationship with him outside of her marriage. Now, she has to deal with the repercussions of this decision and her decision to walk around telling everyone about the relationship. But, as usual, she was seeking attention for herself. Now she’s got it!

    Her recent FB posts seem to be seeking validation and sympathy for her actions. I know, it’s a “super tough time” right now for her, but her lack of thought for herself, her husband and her children has caused this “super tough time”. Sadly, if you read her posts, you consistently see the words ME and I. In my opinion, this says a lot about her personally and is a very strong indication of poor self-image, low self-confidence and an excessive need for approval, validation and recognition. These kind of posts are also associated with narcissistic tendencies, including superficial relationships.

    If you need validation/facts on any of these “gossiping” posts, please ask for them. I’m sure they will be answered by a lot of people. BUT, beware, you’re asking for names and places to be written for all to view.

    1. What I wonder is why until now have we all been afraid to speak up! I mean I know who “she” can be with backlashes to people that go against her, I have seen it in the school with my own eyes how she has hurt sweet teachers who had been her friend. All because they go against her little fantasy. But have stood by, myself included I pretend to be nice because of a job or not wanting to rock the boat. Same goes for David Solz, the fear of backlash! I guess there was a plan laid out and here it is at least if nothing comes of this in the county. We can feel good that they have been exposed and we know now we are not the only ones they have hurt. A lot of good that will do huh? No bad deed goes unpunished right? least I hope!

    2. @teacher850 facts can be proven? Is there anything you can prove? I can prove that a transfer was requested from the teacher and that she was not transfer by the school board. If David is such a terrible person and all of these things have gone on and continued to go on, you mean to tell me not ONE single soul has come forward or had anything to say until now? I find this hard to believe. I do not believe that the school board would have taken any of those “acts” lightly, seeing as they’re already taking this one pretty seriously. Let me also touch base on your comment about the teacher not thinking about her marriage or children. You do not know what was going on in her home. Leaving her marriage had NOTHING to do with David. Her marriage was over a LONG time ago. She put her children first by no longer exposing them to the relationship she had with their husband. That takes a lot. Most women “stick it out” for the kids which ends up hurting them worse in the long in. Don’t talk about subjects you in FACT have no idea about! You also comment about her Facebook post stating she is having a hard time?! Do you think it’s easy to read the ridiculous comments and have people judging her off of hearsay? NO! Lastly, you comment about low self confidence, yet you continue to break her down and talk about her horribly. Yes, I am a friend of hers. I know what she’s been through. I know all of the hear say about David. I can tell by your post your think you do because maybe your her friend on Facebook, but in reality, you need a hobby and a friend. That fact that you have allowed a relationship between two consenting adults consume so much space in your mind is sad.
      P.s- Narcosis means playing victim to circumstances you created.
      She’s not playing a victim. She doesn’t want pity. She wants to be in a happy relationship like everyone deserves. So do us all favor delete her on Facebook and have a great day!

  39. Wow! Ok, first let’s get this straight…this is not gossip. If you believe it is, I will pray for you
    I agree they both should be fired but their Union defends teachers who molest children for Pete’s sake! This school district will only change when changes take place at the top. I won’t repeat all the sins of Pons & Hanna….they are multiple but voters & taxpayers let them skate. So whatcha gonna do now??

  40. Hasn’t stopped under the new superintendent. It is more than one person and is pervasive in the culture. I agree LSCB definitely fights dirty, and this principal was especially aggressive, to a mind blowing degree really. It just needed to affect someone with enough power within the LCS organization for it to come to light.

  41. @ sad situation…. Being really mean gets you absolutely nowhere in life. I’m sure your life is empty just like your heart. Give it a rest and invest your time in something that actually matters, like the Bible. No one cares about what you’re saying. Show us the facts, right now all this is, is gossip.

    1. Oh honey, are you reading my post for real everything is fact and she knows it. You keep throwing out tid bits of meanness and using the bible to hide behind, maybe that is making you feel better about what she’s done. Funny you are here posting responding my facts must be really upsetting you, you are showing it to be true. But she knows what I have said is true. Giffin Middle school better watch out, we already know she’ll do what she can to get ahead, David might regret getting her that job once she gets over there and runs her mouth like she always does. We all know she will let them know how wonderful she is. Now, stop making me respond I have a life!

      1. Sad Situation,

        Facts and evidence can be provided. Not sure why people are so defensive towards you. From what I can tell, you have a pretty good picture of the truth. All it takes is one person contacting the right person. It’s obvious just by reading these posts he has hurt many people.

        1. Hmmm, facts and evidence of his depravity have long existed. People that are still caught in his web can’t see it. Yet. Like the rest of us, they will learn. A zebra can’t change its stripes. He’s an old dog (literally!) and will keep up the same tricks.

          At the end of the day, he’s made the school a hostile work environment. He’s used his position of power to engage in nefarious activities. He’s used school resources to carry out his sick and twisted fantasies. If LCSB does a full investigation, these facts will come to light. It will take people being honest about what they know.

          David is banking on people not talking. He’s a narcissist. What more do you expect?

        2. Hmmmm,

          It’s has to be her family or friends that are being defensive or people that just do not know the truth. She is really good at playing the victim in situations or attacking back when she does wrong so that she can come out smelling good. The funny part of this all thanks to her all of this came to light, she is telling “friends” and people in general all kinds of good stuff. She likes to brag about herself and life that is “so wonderful”. She has talked bad about her spouse to people and I am sure David as well. It is to justify what she does. Anyway, I have emailed the county with all sorts of information and I know some of who she has talk to has as well one or two work in a higher position that has gotten wind of information. At this point that’s all we can do. I am praying for those teachers and others left behind at Gilchrist, I hope this does not trickle down and make it harder on them. They have reason to have resentment for both involved. Lets keep fighting for the GOOD and Right!

  42. This has been a hot topic at work today. I wonder why David Solz name has been so prevalent, I mean I understand his position and why but what I do not understand is why this married woman has not been named. She seems just as guilty to me even more, she is married for goodness sake. Two adults made this decision. She to me is just as responsible, for this particular incident. He may have lots of skeletons in his closet that need dealing with but it takes two to tango in this incident!

  43. @sad situation
    You are the one that I will be praying for. Christians do not gossip, christians do not talk badly about other people and christians do not intentionally hurt other people. What you’re doing is the devils work. I don’t see how this is any of your business or ours for that matter. When you “go to church Sunday” you should tell your pastor what you have done and see what he thinks about it. You haven’t made a difference in this town and you clearly don’t care about the children or you would think twice before what you say on social media.

    1. Do I sense a hint of a judgmental person. You have know Idea what I have done for this town, but that is neither here nor there, this is not about me. The truth is the truth, I know from facts a lot more about this situation. I could have been really mean and spoke of names and more specific situations. Sometimes the truth hurts I understand that clearly. That’s funny what you said about me caring about the children after what she’s done, I sure hope she is not letting them read this forum. She has already in a lot of peoples eyes hurt enough lives. By the way God speaks of adultery in the bible.

  44. Wow! What a reaction to what is going on in LCS. Sounds like we have great teachers, sorry administrators and a non- Caring School Board and Supt. Thank you teachers for what you did for my kids and are doing for my grandkids.

  45. Leon county schools needs an independant Inspector General, who is hired by the commision, and not beholden to the district. The place is a mess. How many principal scandals do you need until its obvious, some of these adninistrators feel they are untouchable? Well let teachers know they have an independant investigative arm to conplain to , then sit back and watch how accountable everyone becomes.

  46. One can only hope Sipping Tea…but you’re right. The Sub/Dom comment by “not the only one” completely makes sense now as Solz has always let it be known that he keeps tissues on his desk for the teachers that he makes cry. I sure hope he and B have plenty of tissue on hand for themselves to use. This mess that has just started is just the beginning. Many things are about to come out about what’s been going on behind those school doors, especially his office door.

    I also just heard that people have been sending emails to FDOE as well. Names have been given as well of all involved.

    1. @Teacher850 The citizens of Leon Co deserve better. I hope FDOE and Leon Co does something about this and doesn’t just brush it under the rug. Accountability has to start somewhere.

  47. @sad situation… you are a miserable bully. You should go to church and find Jesus. Focus on yourself and the problems you have in your life and your relationships and stop trying to hurt other people.
    This stuff happens everyday, these people are not bad people. This is their life and they are doing what makes them happy.

    1. Good people do bad things all the time! I am in church every Sunday thank you and I’ll add you to my prayer list like I have this situation. For all those involved especially the children and spouse and most especially the teachers that are left at Gilchrist and all their students.

  48. Mr. Solz lifelong ego trip has finally caught up with him. I think a lot of people will dismiss these claims as just gossip, but as someone with firsthand knowledge – most of this information is correct. He is involved in some very seedy activities. Many people close to him are not aware of just how bad it is, because he believes he has built up their trust to the point that no one would question his character. But the truth is, he has none, and what he presents to the world is an act. Everything he does is for self-gratification, and if the administration took a look at his comings and goings, cell phone records, and trips to conferences on county time, they may be able to piece together the full picture of who this man really is. I think there are probably quite a few people in this town who saw this report and were not all that shocked that he finally slipped up and let his true nature show. Thankfully Gilchrist has great teachers and parents, his “leadership” would not be missed. I genuinely hope Leon County does the right thing for its students.
    Thank you TR for actually reporting the full story, not the sanitized story other outlets are peddling. They made it seem like he did this of his own volition. If he didn’t think he was getting outed, he would not have self reported.

    1. LOL! He must be freaking out over the very thought of this bc he knows the evidence exists. Sunday nights were his favorite time.

      1. Not David Solz, he has a lie for anything and a wonderful way to make people trust and believe him. So sad! Sounds like there are so many that have been tangled in his web. (Some got out) and seem to be enjoying all that is being exposed. Can’t hide who you are forever.

        1. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. The ones that got out are happy karma has finally come knocking on his door. Literally.

          1. One of the lucky ones,

            Yes! Can’t imagine the look on his face. Wait until she figures out she is not the only one he is “involved with”. Lies, cheating, broken hearts- definitely “one of the lucky ones”.

  49. Maybe they should try picking up people on the streets. Or in a bar. Actually you spend most time in your life with people you work with. You never know what life has prepared for you. Ye without sin please cast the first stone. Hope to see you in church Sunday passing around your judgement.

  50. Here is the solution………….Fire the sleazy womanizing ego driven principle…Fire the cheating wife/teacher who should have thought about her own children above herself……… Then lets all move on the new school year is about to start and these teachers/faculty/staff do not need this hanging over their heads nor do they need to be made to feel bad for being a teacher at a school that their principle is a sleazy and a teacher screwed up it’s on them. Let the teachers teach and the kids learn. Find a principle that can come in an mend the school show these teachers some love build them back up and let them enjoy teaching. They all went to college to be teachers because they want and love what they do!

  51. First, the mess in this district didn’t start with Hanna, it began with Pons. Solz is a Pons clone and has been moved through the ranks quickly. He has no clue on how to be an effective administrator and thankfully Gilchrist functions and continues to be an A school due to the teachers, staff, PTO, and families at this school. Gilchrist has and will run just fine without Solz. Since Solz moved to Gilchrist, it has seen awesome tenured teachers leave for other schools to get away from him, to get away from his lack of leadership, to get away from his lack of effectiveness, and to get away from his sexual advances, etc.

    Now, David Solz, I know you’re reading this… The staff and faculty is praying that you are removed from the school. You are no longer welcome. Please make it easy on our district admin and resign your position at Gilchrist. It’s the right decision for you to make, for a change!

    1. Anyone that has had interactions with Solz know he is too narcissistic to step down. He never thought he would be caught.

  52. Unfortunately, this teacher should know that she’s not the only one caught up in David Solz. What is very interesting is that he didn’t break up with his 21 year old girlfriend to be with the married teacher. And besides these two, there are more in the shadows. Let’s hope the (teacher) isn’t believing she’s going to live happily ever after with him. He has a history of meeting multiple women on Dom/sub websites. Is this who we want running an elementary school? LCSB needs to think how his behavior has effected his staff, parents and other woman involved with this scandal. Has anyone looked into whether or not he used his position of power to help this teacher!? Her being hired, quickly promoted, and given awards by the school board could potentially have criminal implications! Is this being investigated!?

    1. I am glad someone finally said this! Thank you Not the only one, this teacher is known around the school for thinking she’s all that and loving the center of attention. She has a huge ego herself and it is funny just working in the school as I did for short periods of time. She would talk trash about David herself. I have a few teacher friends at the school that have mirrored your words. They are afraid to speak up, which is sad and what is wrong with our country all these women are afraid to speak up about him or men in general. They love their jobs or need them and just can not afford to go against the system. How can he go back to that school? How can she show her face, because she loves the attention!

      1. Everything he’s telling her other’s have been told as well. He has effected many lives and still continues to act innocent. They both should be removed from the school. The inappropriate relations that go on after hours should be a huge concern to the staff and parents. If this teacher is actually believing she is “special” she is mistaken. She knows he has other women in his life, he keeps them around in case it doesn’t work with the “new one”. I guess he picked the wrong one this time and sounds like all his secrets are unfolding.

        1. Bless her heart if she thinks she is the one he’s always wanted. There have been many before, during, and will be many after her. Hopefully she can piece her life back together. One more life he’s ruined.

  53. Here’s the deal… Rocky Hanna’s mistress alleged,”Mr. Hanna stated that if I told anyone about our past relationship, I would be gone, that he would be at Leon a lot longer than I would be,” she wrote. That statement alone sums it all up. He used his position as principal to force a subordinate out and that ain’t cool. Rocky continues to disappoint. I think there is enough to vote him out of office and I hope Leon County voters find the will to do it!

  54. Rocky Hanna dated and had sexual contact with a teacher at school that he supervised, evaluated and had transferred when the relationship ended. The teacher recieived a monetary settlement for the transfer – which means our tax dollars were spent on an issue not covered by the teacher contract. Facts speak for themselves. What Mr. Hanna did is not the same, it is worse.

  55. More of LCS finest. It starts at the top. He is guilty. Principals are on annual contract and could be dismissed without cause. He is not an administrator interested in the good of staff and students, He worries more about votes and people telling him he is wonderful. Rocky is a HUGE disappointment and will hopefully be a one term super if he doesn’t threaten others so they are afraid to run.

  56. After hour rendezvous at the school have long been Soltz’s thing. He’s been known to use his work phone to send inappropriate messages to numerous women.

  57. I want to thank the staff at Tallahassee Reports for its honesty in reporting this issue. If you read the other so-called paper in town you can see that Mr. Petley the district spokesman said that this was a self-report by Mr. Solz on Tuesday. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know the district was alerted through an email on Monday of this issue and a complaint was filed in an email. Honesty is not something that the Leon County School district is known for under the leadership of Mr Hanna. The district is trying to cover up this improper ethical behavior by using the same cover up tactics that worked for Rocky Hanna hen did the same thing.
    As others have questioned, where is the school board?

    I hope that the staff at Tallahassee Reports now digs into all of the facts associated with Rocky and up his notebook, the unethical behavior associated with him fabricating information in his notebook and the cost to the district based upon the wild goose chase that he set in motion.

  58. Okay Gilchrist staff and faculty, I know you’re reading this story…You’ve been praying for a chance to get rid of this Principal for years, now is your chance! You were heartbroken when Hanna didn’t move him after his election, but now you have an even better chance… All of his wrongdoings, his unethical practices, his unprofessional issues, and his harassment (sexually and non) are coming out into the open for all to see besides the staff and faculty! The staff, faculty and children of Gilchrist deserve better than this man… You must speak up right now! You can provide anon information to Tallahassee Reports by using the “contact us” link below.

    TR – if you have an alternate form of contacting you, please provide this information.

    1. I agree! Now is the time, I know you fear the possibility of what principle Hanna may assign you or if it could be worse. This school will be watched, parents will have your back. You are a bunch of good teachers some of the best!

  59. The local rag is finally on this story. Of course, no mention in their brief of their competitor TR breaking the story. (#ScoopedAgain)

    I guess being a Presstitute these days just involves rewriting the competition’s exclusive.

  60. Consensual or not, when a supervisor has a relationship with a subordinate, the subordinate may not feel free to say no. It is sexual harassment.

  61. The two of them are claiming that they did not “have a relationship” until she ask for a divorce and until she received a job at another school. Which I find just hilarious, it has been beyond noticeable within that school how the two of them have been for this entire year, he even tried to create a position for her. They come back off a county paid conference together, David, breaks up with his twenty one year old girl friend and her husband finds out all within a few weeks. Funny how they are in love and talking of marriage in just that short frame of time. As it looks someone is not telling the truth, I smell a cover up or could it be save face. Wait can not be because she’s been bragging about this relationship.

    1. It’s one thing to have the media report this, but at this point you are just straight up gossiping! Those who are supposed to be handling it are…let yourself move on.

      1. The school district excused what Rocky Hanna did when dating and influencing authority over a teacher, yet with Mr. Paul he was forced to resign for similar issues. Allowing the school district to do anything related to policing itself is laughable. Hanna has never been held accountable for his lies and unethical behavior but two black administrators lost jobs for things that Hanna has done but never held accountable for. If dating teachers you supervise and providing false information to state and federal authorities goes unchecked how can anyone trust in anything the school districts does related to uniform enforcement of policy and code of ethics.

      2. Danielle, it may seem like gossip but it’s fact and needs to be said so that the county and those parents at the school can know besides teachers. It’s called freedom of speech and this teacher has been going around telling the whole story of course her version, she should learn to keep her mouth shut. David, did manage to keep his mouth shut for the most part. I will never move on as long as I see wrong doings and others afraid to speak up with fear of losing their jobs. Some people need a voice!

        1. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

          Sad Situation, you walk the blurred path between what you call “free speech”, and slander, but what is most telling is you do so, while using a screen name and not your own.

          My point is, most of what you stated is assumptions, hearsay, or conjecture.

          “As it looks someone is not telling the truth, I smell a cover up or could it be save face.”

          … it looks
          ………..I smell a cover up

          You even point out yourself, that you’re just guessing. I get you have the right to your gossip, if that’s how you want to live your life, Go for it, but remember…
          If you don’t know the WHOLE story, it’s not yours to tell.

          Just something to think about.


          1. Danielle, you are right about some of what you say hiding behind a screen does make it easier. Most of what I have said came out of her own mouth and she knows it. There is two sides to all stories for sure and she has been telling her side for a long while, to a lot! You must be a good friend to her!

    2. Mr. Solz has had relations on school grounds. He used county resources to facilitate his “relationships”. (Note to the new lady in his life: you aren’t the only one he’s been carrying on with.) He had extramarital affairs and now he is helping end another marriage. He has zero regard for his own family and quite obviously anyone else’s. Precisely the kind of person who should be influencing our young people, right? As a tax payer I’m hoping they will do the right thing and get rid of Mr. Solz before we have to pay for the inevitable sexual harassment claim. He is a liability.

  62. I don’t know what else you would expect from a school district that pleads bleeding heart liberal and then in the same breath actively promotes the legacy of Jim Crow by corralling black students into a few specific schools with subpar facilities and services.

  63. Leave with pay for a “consensual relationship.” Can someone please give the Leon County Schools top brass a class on MeToo? Its never legitimately consensual if there is a power imbalance and its terrible for the other staff. Petley used the same language published in the newspaper a few years ago attributed to one of the current Asst. Supers when she investigated another sexual harassment matter. Its nuts that a woman in charge of “equity” refuses to understand this concept, or for that matter, the school board attorney. Do they not get sexual harassment training? Women throwing other women under the bus. None of this would fly anywhere else. Its time for this school district to move out of the 1970’s.

  64. “Consensual relationship with a teacher.” This is the same verbage that Rocky Hanna used to justify his dating of a teacher when he was the principal of Leon High School. As a school administrator you yield great power over teacher evaluations, the hiring and rehiring of teachers, setting a professional standard in the school you are leading and setting a tone for a community. Consensual relationship or not it’s wrong, it is unethical, and it should be forwarded to professional practices at the Department of Education. This case and Mr Hanna’s case should be reviewed independently by the Florida Department of Education. In Mr. Hanna’s case, for dating at least one teacher he supervised, having the teacher transferred when the relationship ended, having the teacher receive a monetary settlement due to the transfer and other possible violations related to making false allegations costing a school system hundreds of thousands of dollars (read the report of Hank Coxe which is available through an internet search on the Leon County website) the governor should start an independent review of Mr. Hanna

  65. Long time coming. Extreme inappropriate behavior has been happening for years under his leadership. Many wonderful teachers have lost their jobs or not asked to return under his supervision.

  66. Shouldn’t Rocky Hanna be suspended/placed on leave; he did the same thing when he was the principal at Leon High. Combine dating teachers with falsifying information to state and federal authorities which is a violation of the code of professional practices for educators, more than enough to warrant an investigation by the Governor.

    1. Hanna had a bigtime lawyer defending him (before she showed her hypocrisy and went all #MeToo):
      “Graham was thoroughly aware of the terms of the settlement — and at least some of the allegations against her friend, Rocky Hanna — because she was a school district attorney at the time and was the one who confidentially negotiated the 2008 settlement with the teacher, Julie Lawson. Lawson received extended maternity leave, pay incentives, a transfer to another school and the kindergarten of her choice for her son.”

      Reminds me of when a young HilLIARy got a pedo off the hook, even though she knew he was guilty, laughing about it later.

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