Analysis: Latest Local Campaign Finance Reports

Analysis: Latest Local Campaign Finance Reports

With approximately four weeks before primary election day, the latest campaign reports filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections shows which candidates will be in the best financial position to influence voters through advertising.

The amount of money raised by candidates can be an indication of support in the community. However, these reports do not capture the full impact a campaign may have on voters through endorsements, political forums and grass roots activities.

With this in mind, listed below is the a financial picture of each campaign for the Leon County and City Commission races based on information available as of July 27, 2018. The amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar.

City Commission Seat 4/Mayor

Leon County Commissioner John Dailey has far surpassed the other mayoral candidates in fundraising. Dailey has received $137,641 in campaign contributions and spent $40,934. He has $96,707 on hand.

Dustin Daniels, who is the former chief of staff to Mayor Andrew Gillum, reported $25,451 in total contributions and his total expenditures amounted to $9,732. Daniel’s campaign has $15,719 cash on hand.

Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, a previous representative in the Florida House of Representatives, has received $8,930 in total contributions and spent $3,132 towards the race. She has $5,798 on hand.

Joe West has raised $5,300 in support of his campaign and spent $4,955 on the race thus far. West’s campaign has $345 in cash.

Carrie Litherland has raised $2,445 in total campaign contributions, and has thus far spent $1,326 on her campaign, leaving $1,119 on hand.

Lastly, Norris Barr has raised a total of $1,275 in support and spent $968 towards his campaign. Barr’s has $307 in cash.

City Commission Seat 3

Jeremy Matlow has surpassed his opponents in fundraising, with $101,973 in total contributions. Matlow’s campaign has spent $37,197.90 of its funds, leaving 64,777 cash on hand.

A large portion of his campaign is self-financed. Matlow has contributed approximately $50,000 of his own money to his campaign.

Lisa Brown has received $34,085 in total contributions and has spent $13,216, leaving $20,869 cash on hand.

Bill Schack has thus far raised $16,467 and spent $11,770, and holds $4,697 on hand. His largest contribution to his campaign is a self-financing payment of $3,305.

Remaining candidates Alexander Jordan and Richard Garzola pale in comparison to their fellow candidates’ fundraising efforts. Jordan has received $1,400 from multiple individuals but has reported no expenditures. Garzola has self-financed $425, and spent $380 on campaign and banking fees alone.

City Commission Seat 5 

Robert Lotane leads this race with $92,193 in contributions. Approximately $62,000 of the contributions are listed as loans from the candidate.  His expenditures amount to $68,465. Lotane’s total cash on hand is $23,728.

Diane Williams-Cox has raised $15,627 and spent $7,391, leaving $8,236 on hand.

Howard Kessler has raised $14,717 and spent $6,840, with $7,877 on hand.

Lastly, Henry Adelusi Jr. received $923 in contributions, with his personal money constituting the largest donation. He has spent $915 on his campaign and has $8 on hand.

Leon County Commission District 1

Current District 1 Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has raised $9,225 with expenses of $3,391. This leaves Proctor with $5,834 on hand.

The challenger, Jasmine Dana Ali-Mohammed, has raised $3,330 and has spent $3,033 which leaves $297.

The race will not be on the ballot until November.

Leon County Commission District 3

Rick Minor has received $77,722 in contributions and spent $11,052 of his campaign finances, which leaves $66,670 cash on hand.

Emily Fritz has received $46,335 in contributions and has spent $12,827 on her campaign. This leaves $33,508 cash on hand.

Carlos Rey has raised $6.732 in campaign support and campaign expenditures are $3,524. Rey’s campaign holds a remaining $3,209.00 on hand.

Kyle Frost has raised $6,300 and has spent $4,409 of his funds, leaving $1,891 on hand.

Rex Rekstis has completely self-financed his campaigning, contributing $3,500 and spending $3,413. Remaining funding amounts to $87.

7 Responses to "Analysis: Latest Local Campaign Finance Reports"

  1. Michelle Rehwinkle Vasalinda is the WORST candidate for the City of Tallahassee. She was a co-sponsor of the Guns on Campus bill, and… was a outspoken supporter of NEAR Shore Drilling, within 1 mile offshore of the our pristine Florida coastline (both of which thankfully failed). Tallahassee needs a Mayor who represents the community. That is NOT Michelle Rehwinkle-Vasalinda! Anyone would be better.

  2. I agree with you Hope, especially on your choice for mayor. MRV’s deep background teaching ethics is a skill none of the other candidates have. And we need ethics in City Hall more than the local rag needs real news.

  3. Hope’s Endorsements –

    Mayor – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

    Michelle has the most experience, most education., and already has a track record for serving the citizens well and addressing important issues. This is the best candidate – by far – for this office. Her common sense, experience, and a stellar reputation in politics would guide Tallahassee forward in a positive direction.

    City Commission Seat 3

    Bill Schack –

    A professional, educated, and focused person who will focus on the citizens and not special interests. Exactly the type of official that is long overdue. He also has a stellar reputation within the community who is ready to help steer Tallahassee in the right direction.

    City Commission Seat 5 –

    Diane Williams Cox and Howard Kessler –

    Both are well educated, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate who have the passion and drive to serve the citizens best interests.

    Leon County Commission District 3 –

    Emily Fritz – Another well educated, experienced, knowledgeable candidate who has a stellar reputation who would serve the citizens well and would be able to hit the ground running to focus on important issues to move Leon County in a positive direction.

    These endorsements were carefully considered and these candidates have stellar credentials, experience, and the passion to serve. This slate would be a step forward for local government…which is so desperately needed at this time. It is imperative that honest, educated, and experienced serve so citizens will be provided a community that is safe, has a strong economy, and improve the reputation of our local government.

  4. Well another election year and we see who will win again the candidates that have the most money! I at one time thought things would change but … well maybe the next election… ….,..

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