Killearn Country Club Redevelopment Update

Killearn Country Club Redevelopment Update

TR has reached out to a number of people that have knowledge of the current situation involving the Killearn Country Club. It is tough to know the truth given the legal component and the convergence of so many different interests, but here is what we were told by people on all sides of the issue.

First, there is consensus that the facilities are severely deteriorating and that time, which is rarely a priority in legal proceedings, will only make it worse. However, there is also consensus that the golf course is in “great” shape.

Second, TR has been told that there will be no movement on the process that would result in facility improvements until the remaining lawsuit is settled.

Some have indicated that the owner of KCC is experiencing financial troubles and that this is the reason improvements have not taken place. However, TR has checked with lawyers – independent of this process – who said that delaying improvements amid a legal challenge is a reasonable position for a property owner preparing to make a large investment. Also, it has been reported that the owner has recently purchased a golf club in Virginia which would appear to demonstrate the owners has access to financial resources.

Third, the goal of the legal proceeding appears to be to secure a decision that will stop the re-development and eventually result in golf being played on the north course.

And finally, TR has learned that the Southwood Golf Club recently sold to a group of local investors for approximately $1 million. Given the numbers associated with the KCC redevelopment, this sale would seem to indicate that the window of opportunity for a financially viable KCC may soon begin to close.

2 Responses to "Killearn Country Club Redevelopment Update"

  1. “Time and Tide wait for no man”. No one can “invent” affluent, avid golfers and few are flocking to Leon County. The new owners of Southwood Golf Course will be hard pressed to maintain its current membership while attempting to attract “daily fee” golfers. They will realize that, much like investing in a yacht, it’s not so much the initial cost that’s a deal breaker, it’s the upkeep.

  2. Golf clubs are more often than not, financial losers having been originally created to market premier lots fronting them . Killearn was no different. If you want to retain our club and provide for it”s upgrade , then you are going to have to accept some give and take or all is lost and ALL home owners will be the loser”s. All parties need to come to terms with the issues at hand and resolve differences before this matter destroys the existing facilities and impacts home values in this premier subdivision !

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