Five Tallahassee Census Tracts Designated as Opportunity Zones

Five Tallahassee Census Tracts Designated as Opportunity Zones

The census tract map below shows where Tallahassee’s Opportunity Zones are located. The designations have been awarded to two census tracts on the southside of town and three tracts west of Tallahassee.

For a detail explanation of opportunity zones, go here .

On the southside, the census tract 10.02 includes the corner of South Monroe and Orange Avenue. This tract is across from the location that was recently identified as the future home of a Public Safety Complex by the City of Tallahassee  Part of the rationale for choosing this location included the idea that the Safety Complex would drive additional economic development in the area. The Opportunity Zone designation will provide additional incentives for investors and developers.

Census tract 11.01 borders Lake Bradford Road and Orange Avenue. Lake Bradford road is scheduled to receive Blueprint monies to improve the transportation corridor that leads to FSU and the proposed gateway to the city for the airport..

Census tract 14.01 is east of Ocala Road and includes the Griffin Heights area. Riley Elementary School is located in this area.

Census tract 20.05 is located south of Tennessee Street at High Road.

Census tract 20.03 is located south of Tennessee Street and includes Appleyard Drive and Tallahassee Community College.

With the upcoming debate over how to spend economic dollars that will start coming in from the Blueprint sales tax, the designations of opportunity zones and the associated financial incentives could play a role in what projects get funded.



8 Responses to "Five Tallahassee Census Tracts Designated as Opportunity Zones"

  1. All this money and we cant get badly needed bike paths or sidewalks by Bannerman Rd.????
    I have to wonder which Commissioners gain to make a profit from these “improvements” either by doing a favor for campaign contributors or have businesses and property in the area?

  2. Anhaica 2018 August 13, at 13:08 wrote:
    “How about we take the money and invest in putting our utilities underground…”

    This has been suggested several times, considered and rejected because of high up-front costs… nearly double stretching new line on poles, very early on some places had trouble with moisture leaks, and the occasional back-hoe incident. But, the maintenance, once properly installed, is much lower. Many people think it looks nicer.

    Then again, it could be like Tallahassee’s circle/perimeter/belt express-way. Pinched pennies too long, allowed too much valuable construction, and now they are afraid of…wait for it…harming our natural mosquito breeding facilities.

    rb 2018 August 13, at 13:19 wrote:
    “…the monies (tax $) come from other areas of the city and said residents are tired of their dollars being used to “upgrade” so called “opportunity zones”…”

    I pretty much agree, but… There was an area between Virginia St. and Macomb and Woodward and Georgia St. that, despite some new apartments built in the 1970s, was still run down, became an “attractive nuisance” (fights, drug deals, burglaries, car thefts, knifings were not uncommon at the jazz club, an accidental drowning and a couple murders in student apts…). The owners just did not have the resources to clean it up.

    Walking Lawton Chiles got wind of it in the 1990s, Habitat built a few houses, funds were funneled, shacks from the 1930s were torn down and residents helped get better housing, townhouses were built. Now, a couple blocks of the “new” townhouses have been torn down and the high-skilled Hispanics/Latinos are hard at work building a new sticks atop reinforced concrete project between Macomb & the city’s Strong mosquito selective breeding project.

    It’s a shame the powers that be coukd not have cleaned up the jazz club. There were some great musicians that came there from afar and locals who launched careers from that springboard. But the other, umm, activities, were intolerable.

    At least they git rid of the big sign on the empty lot about the “great jobs” that the Obummer regime are going to produce there…any year now. Progress.

  3. I agree with the need to move utilities and upgrade existing infrastructure. Wake up and take care of what we already have!!!!

  4. Did it ever occur to these snowflakes/moonbeams that the monies (tax $) come from other areas of the city and said residents are tired of their dollars being used to “upgrade” so called “opportunity zones” that have proved in the past to be lost causes ? It is the same old, sameold stuff, just different players but millions more in tax dollars————–keep it up , folks, and Tallahassee will become the new California with tax payer flight to other more friendly geographic areas !

  5. How about we take the money and invest in putting our utilities underground before the next hurricane hits and knocks our power out for an extended amount of time. This is a win-win for all of Tallahassee. Once that is done, then spend money elsewhere. Priorities!

  6. My business partner “Mike Miller” and I are looking to spread some big time cash around, and grease some palms and butts, by investing some serious money right here in beautiful Tallahassee.
    Oh look what a co-winkey-dink those 5 Opportunity Zones are just where we want to drop some big time major green.
    Do any of you local movers and shakers want to discuss our money making plans in Costa Rica, NYC, or at “The Midget Bunny Ranch” out there in Las Vegas?
    We have it already arraigned in advance where you will be “paying in cash” for everything (wink wink). Oh and bring your wives or significant others they too will also be “paying in cash” (wink wink).
    No no my man even the FBI cannot trace cash…don’t worry be happy!!!

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