Canopy Development Receives “Warning Letter” from NFWMD

Canopy Development Receives “Warning Letter” from NFWMD

After completing an investigation on August 6th, the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NFWMD) issued a “warning letter” on August 9th to the owners of the Canopy Development citing “possible violations” of Florida statutes.

In the “warning letter”, the NFWMD “strongly recommended” that all construction activity cease until the issues are addressed.

Problems came to light after heavy rains resulted in flooding that closed Fleischmann Lane. Fleischmann Lane borders the Canopy Development. The road was closed for several days and was opened back up to traffic on Tuesday, August 7th.

The “warning letter”, shown below, cites a storm pond constructed outside of permit regulations, a number of permit conditions not being met, construction on site without proper permits and water quality violations.

Representatives of the development have two business days to arrange a meeting to address the issue.


NFWMD Warning Letter


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  1. These kind of slapdash, cookie-cutter “developments” are all too common blights on Florida’s landscape. I’d hoped Tallahassee-Leon County would have the sense not to allow them, or at least to have very tight restrictions and requirements on them. Nothing against the folks who buy in them, but I’d hate to see Tallahassee look like much of the overbuilt, cookie-cutter, traffic-choked wasteland in central and south Florida. It’s the same old Florida Two-Step: (1) the developers grease the right local officials’ palms (2) jammed-together, production-built neighborhoods and overbuilt strip malls are approved and multiply.

    Perhaps this is another caution to reconsider any local “Board of Realtors” endorsements of candidates for local office.

  2. He might have gotten a foot in the door with the boy mayor, but Water Management directors are appointed by the governor, in this case, Rick Scott.

  3. Look at how much AND to whom the Ghazvinis contribute to, and you might be in for an education.
    Meanwhile, the local rag finally put TFlub on this three-day old story to scribble much of what is already here.
    How sorry is that?
    Cancel your subscription:

  4. That Canopy development has been a major disappointment. These clowns first took some of the most beautiful land in North Florida and made a moonscape out of it. Now they plant cheap looking houses like postage stamps. They could have developed an even better Southwood.

  5. I just want to point out: Who started his illustrious political career with NFWMD?
    That’s right our own beloved Mayor Andrew Gillum who by the way is also running for Governor.
    Quite likely not related to this letter in any way….but it’s your Mayor Andy….so who really knows???
    Wonder if Andrew’s still got connections with the NFWMD?

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