Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Accepts Thousands in Campaign Donations from City Vendors He Recommended

Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Accepts Thousands in Campaign Donations from City Vendors He Recommended

Public records indicate that Mayoral candidate Dustin Daniels has accepted approximately $3,750 in campaign donations from city vendors he previously recommended to the city commission when he was the Chief of Staff for Mayor Andrew Gillum.

In 2016 the competitive bid process indicated that someone other than the current Daniels’ campaign donor should be awarded the federal lobbying contract.

However, Daniels – as the chairmen of the review committee -signed off on a recommendation that all bids be rejected.

The city commission adopted the recommendation and awarded a one-year $90,000 contract to Richard Spees, the second place bidder.

In 2017, Daniels recommended a one-year extension of the $90,000 lobbying contract for Spees. Again, the city commission voted to adopt Daniels’ recommendation.

Campaign records show that on April 6, 2018 Richard Spees donated $2,000 to Tallahassee Forward, the political action committee supporting the mayoral bid of Dustin Daniels.

In 2016, Daniels recommended that William Peebles P. A.  receive a tw0-year state electric lobbying contract.

Again, the city commission accepted the recommendations.

On April 30th Peebles donated $1,000 to Tallahassee Forward and and on April 23rd donated $250 to Daniels’ campaign.

Also, in 2016, Daniels recommended that Ronald Book P.A. receive the tw0-year state legislative lobbying contract.

On June 19th ESP Media and Pittman Law each donated $250 to the Daniels’ campaign.

ESP Media and Pittman Law are controlled by Sean Pittman who is part of the Ronald Book P.A. lobbying team.

In addition, ESP Media has been paid approximately $12,000 in campaign expenses by entities supporting Daniels’ campaign.

10 Responses to "Mayoral Candidate Dustin Daniels Accepts Thousands in Campaign Donations from City Vendors He Recommended"

  1. Do a public record request on any and all ETHICS training via City of Tallahassee or supplied otherwise for Daniels and Gillum and you will see it is basically VOID. REALLY.

    NOTE: these are the same yo-yoes that REQUIRE ethics training for the CITY of Tallahassee employees.

    Mystery solved.

    Mr. SCHACK AND Mr. WEST, Mr. Kessler, Mr. Dailey, Ms. Vasilinda and anybody else elected knock these idiots and their 30 or so associated extortionars out of the field; PLEASE! GET TALLAHASSEE BACK ON TRACK!

  2. IT’S TIME to change it, and you can on August 28th. I look forward to exposing all the corruption at City Hall. Why, because I see people struggling every single day.

    1. Corruption is not just at city hall – the root of most of it started at 2602 Jackson Bluff Rd. UU Senior Management. It all started with the combining of utilities 2007 – 2008. Vendors + Contractors = free hunting trips, free tickets, luxury golf resort stays. Fortunately the godfathers RF&MT are gone leaving a few that need to follow suit. When contractors were awarded contracts, management was awarded $$$$.

  3. I’m so surprised Dustin would do something that could be interpreted as being unethical. He’s always been so honest with EVERYONE!!!! In case you’re wondering, it looks like my campaign may get to 6 grand by election day, don’t think I fall into the big money category yet?

    1. Hypocrisy at its best… Joe West is unethical to the core. Misappropriating funds from a non-profit that was not even lawfully registered to solicit contributions.

  4. Dustin should consider getting a Man Bun wig and start wearing it wherever he goes from now on.
    I think the man bun look will really be what’s needed to help Dustin get those few remaining hold out City of Tallahassee employee voters he needs to win in this North Florida man bun loving town.
    Take my advice and go get that Man Bun wig tomorrow Dustin!
    Assuming of course that you do not already own one or two.
    Looking good my Man Bun man!!!

  5. An elected city employee, or candidate, who accepts contributions from city contractors is selling his vote. The very fact that they don’t seem to recognize the conflict of interest inherent in those contributions should concern us all.

  6. If you a Take a look at John Dailey’s you will see the same!! The insiders control… not that they are not nice democratic socialist but when are the regular people going to change this?!!!

  7. Steve , take a look at all of the big money candidates they all are being paid…( funded) by the same old insiders and will continue to win until our local people wake up.., that’s All…!

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