Leon School Board Proposes Policy Addressing Improper Relationships

Leon School Board Proposes Policy Addressing Improper Relationships

Less than a month after Tallahassee Reports broke a story about an improper relationship between a principal and a married teacher, the Leon County School Board will consider adopting rules that make such a relationship against school policy.

The proposed policy states that “consensual/intimate relationships between employees in supervisor-subordinate roles increase the likelihood of sexual harassment in the workplace and create morale problems resulting from actual or perceived favoritism.”

The policy defines “consensual/intimate relationship”  as a relationship in which two persons are married or engaged by mutual consent in a betrothed, dating, amorous, intimate and/or sexual relationship. This definition applies regardless of the sexual orientation or gender of the employees involved.”

Such a relationship is deemed by the policy as “misconduct.”

The policy states that  “Supervisors and subordinates who engage in a consensual/intimate relationship, in violation of
this policy, are subject to disciplinary action ranging from involuntary transfer, reassignment, demotion, suspension or termination, as appropriate.”

The policy also provides a method for supervisors and subordinates who are currently engaged in a consensual/intimate  relationship to avoid a violation under the proposed policy by disclosing the relationship in writing to the Superintendent within thirty days of the effective date of the policy.

Failure to provide such written disclosure will be considered misconduct and subject to disciplinary action.

The new policy was made public during the “Agenda Review/Workshop for the Tuesday, August 14, 2018 School Board Business Meeting” held on August 13th.

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  1. The extent to which Leon County School Board and Mr Hanna go to cover up the ethical violations that Mr Hanna has taken part in by developing a policy that allows people to supervise, evaluate and date someone but they must report it to the superintendent is just bizarre. Maybe the comic books were right , Superman had Bizarro so do we in Leon County Schools County Schools like a bad comic book story.

  2. A new school board policy will require people to confess their sins to a man, Rocky Hanna, the current school superintendent, who has multiple ethics violations that the school board has ignored and not acted on only in Leon County. This is an embarrassment to Leon County and if a national publication were to pick this up we would be the laughing stock of the entire nation.

  3. Are the pre-agenda meetings noticed for the public to attend? Are they held within the sunshine laws? Given that Rocky used his his school district email to settle his personal paternity settlement, I would think Mr. Hanna has no idea what a public record is. Attention school board members Rocky dated at least one teacher he supervised while he was Principal, but hey Rocky mislead federal authorities with a falsified notebook and misled parents and students for years – graduation speech after speech “having no children of my own”…it has been proven Rocky knew he fathered a child but paid no child support until sued…ok Rocky “Pinocchio” Hanna, who usesd his school board email to settle his paternity suit and nobody says misuse of public technology…by the way was Rocky conducting personal business on school board time?

  4. It is interesting that the Board and Supt. discussed this at ‘Pre- Agenda and not a word at last nights Board meeting. When this policy comes up for adoption, a public hearing must be held at a public meeting. Since the proposed policy required employees to disclose all current sexual activity, hope we can get a TV station to cover this meeting live. May be better than Days of Our Lives.

  5. Back in the “”60”s , I pulled my kids out of public schools because they were not getting the education they should be, and put them in private school —-best move I ever made—-was costly but all turned out to be very successful in their careers. Politics, gender identity, sensitivity training , lack of civics classes, and the multitude of” feel good” time wasters , that currently encumber school teachers, staff , and students is and will be , a faulting of the public school system here in Leon Co. and elsewhere. Wake up parents (those of you that care ) and get active in school board meetings , elections that seldom seem to produce qualified candidates, and become pro-active in voicing common sense , conservative opinions—and I do not give a hoot about who dates whom as long as the job of properly teaching the young minds the 3 “”R””s is carried out—AMEN.

  6. Once again, as in 4 years ago, we are in a nasty campaign for school board. Guarantee you this will result in retaliation just as the superintendent’s campaign did when the “Rock” was elected. Sit back and watch. Leon County Schools is in a terrible mess and nothing is being done to stop it. WAKE UP LEON COUNTY!

  7. Only in Leon Schools would it be permissible for a supervisor to date someone they evaluate or supervise. By asking the employee to self report to the Superintendent…so now Rocky has the wisdom…only in Leon Schools. Wake up the emperor has no clothes but the school board will not tell him. Under the leadership of Hanna school grades are down, graduation rates down, cronyism is up.

  8. Maybe the School board should create a policy that when you get your stockings bunched up in your shoes, regarding a ‘personal beef’ with someone, while on a golf course, you don’t take it out on them ‘professionally’.

  9. Why is it so hard for Leon County Public Schools to write a definitive policy that clearly states supervisors should not date or have a sexual relationship with someone they supervise or evaluate? Anything less lacks common sense. When the Superintendent of Schools admits as a principal he dated a teacher he supervised, admitted to kissing her in the parking lot on her planning time, then when she ended the relstionship had her transferred with a monetary settlement, he had to be sued to pay child support, he admitted he sent false and misleading information to state and federal authorities, wrongly claimed whistle blower status, freely promoted 5 people to assistant superintendents without an interview… what else would we expect for an elected superintendent and a collective school board that does not hold the Superintendent accountable?

    1. Becky… You’re so correct. Common sense dictates that supervisors shouldn’t have relationships with subordinates, whether it’s government, military or business. That should get you fired in a big hurry.

  10. They should come up with a great policy. Some of the Board Members and Supt. have past hands-on experience with these matters. Hope they pull from their past to set a better course for the future.

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