The Tallahassee Democrat Provides “Free” Boost to Local Democrat Party Candidates

The Tallahassee Democrat Provides “Free” Boost to Local Democrat Party Candidates

Less than ten days before the August 28 primary elections, the Gannett corporation owned Tallahassee Democrat gave local Democrat Party candidates free advertising by publishing the party affiliations of all candidates running for nonpartisan offices.

In theory, in nonpartisan elections the goal is for candidates to be judged on her or his own merits rather than as a member of a political party. Unlike partisan elections, no political affiliation is shown on the ballot next to a candidate.

However, the Tallahassee Democrat has decided to ignore this nonpartisan goal in a voting jurisdiction where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 108,000 to 57,000.

In an article by Jeff Burlew titled, “The partisan guide to the nonpartisan races in Tallahassee and Leon County,”  the Tallahassee Democrat has provided thousands of dollars of free advertising for all local Democrat candidates by publishing a detailed list of party affiliations for candidates running for nonpartisan offices.

This is the same Tallahassee Democrat that recently decided not to “formally” endorse political candidates.

It used to be that candidates and political parties would have to spend campaign monies to make partisanship an issue in nonpartisan elections. The success of their efforts often were determined by the credibility of the campaign and the efficiency of their efforts.

Now the Tallahassee Democrat has decided to aid the Democrat Party.

It would not be surprising to see Democrat Party political operatives photo copying the Tallahassee Democrat story and handing it out to voters as they approach voting locations. This would take the place of the home made “slates” that campaigns traditionally produced to promote Democrat Party candidates in nonpartisan elections.

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  1. How about Jeff Burlew authoring or co-writing over 50 stories about the Leon Schools FBI investigation never fact checking even when Rocky Hanna admitted it was ALL fabricated. The misinformation that spews from the Democrat is biased reporting that is unethical. Hanna admits he lied and no apology from the Democrat but Burlew posts Hanna’s claims on his twitter account as truthful. Burlew is a biased gossip reporter.

      1. Todd,
        Call Rocky Hanna ask him to call an attorney maybe they can develop a notebook of your life with false innuendo, before they circulate the notebook they can send it anonymously to Jeff Burlew, he can print the the notebook without fact checking, when the story goes away maybe Rocky will call Burlew back feed him more false information, you can ask the school board for $600,000 of taxpayer dollars to defend you while Rocky later admits he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing neither does anyone else. Let 4 years go by, have your life turned upside down, then cry a river.

    1. I knew that 13 YEARS AGO.
      Will Tallahasseans be forced to wander in the wilderness of Fake News for another 27 years?

      Maybe not.

      Google this:
      Blockchain Journalism

  2. Did the Tallahassee Democrat withhold reporting the Waste Pro problems regarding their significant fines because of their bad service? This is a significant issue that citizens have a right to know. The Democrat knew this information yet they failed to investigate it and report on it. It came back to bite them because a City Commissioner former mayor who has been embroiled in Scandal his entire career is now under FBI investigation for an issue with County Waste Pro. When the Tallahassee Democrat is given information about problems with a city or county issue and ignores it and then they find that the entity that they were given information about is embroiled in an FBI investigation this makes them look pretty bad and exposes their cherry picking information of what to report. Did the Tallahassee Democrat knowingly withhold reporting issues about Waste Pro because it didn’t want to tarnish their pet public relations firm Vencore Jones’ clients… who are present elected officials / candidates? I believe this may be significant evidence that the Democrat withholds reporting when it will tarnish clients / candidates of Vancore Jones. Waste Pro Dailey and Scott Maddox are too close for comfort. If you vote in John Dailey for mayor the corruption will go unchecked and continue. Democrats need to decide whether they are going to vote for corruption or vote for their children their community and safety or vote for John Dailey and have the corruption continue. Dailey will just be there to cover for all his cronies and think up new schemes such as the Children’s Services Council to increase his political power. It’s up to voters to decide corruption or a better community a safer community and a more vibrant economy. I believe the editor of the Tallahassee Democrat should resign immediately! He is a shill to Vancore Jones and suppresses information uses his staff to give favor to public relations firms and it gives power to the corrupt and hurts our community. Again, the Tallahassee Democrat editor should resign immediately!

  3. Anyone see today’s screaming Headline in The Democrat that Gillium’s Surging!!…did he finally crack 10 percent?..congrats in advance on your third place finish Andrew

    1. Gillum at 10 or 11% in a state with an average 17% black population proves he’s just in it for the money. There is no political future for Gillum.
      George Soros and the other handful of idiot leftist contributors should demand their money back from this lost cause before Gillum launders it all out and back to himself thru the “usual suspect” money laundry.

      1. Wow…you are a racist… And before u say that i cant prove it, i can BECAUSE YOU CANT EVEN PUT YOUR REAL NAME ON HERE…..LOSER

    2. “If a lie is repeated often enough…”. This is what fake news does to great effect today: relentlessly beat the oppositional narrative drums and the ‘average’ voter will eventually believe it. Somewhere Alinsky, and Goebbels’ ghost, are smiling.

  4. Saw a great bumper sticker this weekend:

    “Some say: ‘We believe in Tallahassee’
    I say: ‘We be leavin’ Tallahassee’

    Do a web search using “Safest and Best cities in Florida” and woopsie, Tallahassee is in NONE of them. Liberals are so “open minded” their brains have fallen out and Tally is fast become a bastion of that. Next up, human excrement on our downtown sidewalks since it’s the trendy thing for SJW’s to have.

      1. As cities grow, they turn leftist especially if there is a large industry or natural resource nearby to milk for tax money to buy votes. Tallahassee is a ‘company town’ and that company is the State with generally stable and sometimes high salaries, great medical insurance which funds great health care facilities, retirement plans, etc. Life is good, but the crime rate, noise and filth are eating into it. Statistics show we have a one in sixty chance of being a victim of a violent crime here which puts us in the Stockton and Oakland, CA., category. Not only are decent folk leaving Democrat stronghold cities, they are also walking away from the Democrat party itself (#WalkAway) in droves. Tallahassee will eventually turn itself around but it might take a decade or more to do it. A clue will be results of these next couple of elections.

  5. You did not think for one minute that a community made up of snowflakes/moonbeams would be anything but ultra liberal progressive Democrats—did you ? And the local RAG has , for many years, been supportive of such a position. Fair and Balanced is not in their vocabulary. When the taxpayers get a belly full of tax&spend Democratic rule , there will be a massive shift in local politics long over due.

    1. Wow..your pretty funny.. Dont u think maybe it is because you are just a LITTLE BIT BISEST your self…. No, im sure u dont..Whatever, like ur old girlfriend said to you back in theday…..Suck it Up Buttercup…

  6. The Tallahassee Democrat started out by doing a good job with their candidate editorial video forums. Informative, fair, and balanced…but, then they went to the dark side and just like Gabordi began to shill for their pet Public Relations firms. This is sad and irresponsible. They lost sight of their responsibility and unfortunately chose the advertising dollar over humanity, public safety, and the economy.

    Where were the questions from the Tallahassee Democrat regarding John Dailey’s and Rick Minor’s facilitating the high level corruption? Dailey as a county commissioner never questioned or did one thing to set the CDA right or on track. He did nothing. As a result a deputy sheriff lost his life. On the other hand one candidate in and editorial candidate interview made a statement so profound and accurate that in one sentence solved the mystery as to why the CDA was so dysfunctional. The level of too many tiers of (mis)management was ineffective. BINGO! The publisher and editor of the TD should have ran a breaking news on this profound enlightenment by Emily Fritz. Candidate Emily Fritz running for Dailey’s seat made the connection! Finally! Fritz also has experience turning around businesses as she also revealed in the editorial interviews.

    Yet, the TD publishes irresponsible biased propaganda giving two party line democrats (Minor and Dailey) who have been facilitating insider corruption and inaction the edge. Why did the TD rave over Minor’s attending several county commission meetings over Fritz’s hard work on a county issue and speaking on the issue at the county commission meeting? THE TD FAILED TO REVEAL MINOR’S CONTRIBUTIONS (if any) TO THE COUNTY COMMISSION OTHER THAN ATTENDING OVER FRITZ’S ACTUAL CONTRIBUTION TO A COUNTY ISSUE.

    Where are the TD’s questions regarding John Dailey’s failing to question the CDA (mis)management and looking the other way at Scott Maddox’s involvement in the Waste Pro lobbying that has led to an FBI investigation? The county voted to go from Waste Management to Waste Pro that ultimately dropped a significant amount of money into Scott Maddox’s pocket. Dailey and Minor simply will let corruption flourish rather than rattle the cage of their cronies and insiders that have devastating consequences for the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve.

    Dailey let Scott Maddox get paid while the citizens received inferior waste services. The TD has failed to report and investigate that Waste Pro has paid fines for their bad service. They did report to their credit Waste Pro having to testify in a Grand Jury regarding the corruption. But, the TD and John Dailey were not ahead of it nor did they prevent it…thus, facilitating it..again leading to devastating consequences for citizens.

    The biased and subtle leanings that give the edge to people they failed to ask important questions to or have significant apprehensions about give way to the corruption and lead to corruption and the high crime rate.

    If Tallahassee wants to end the corruption and focus on proficient management, lowering the crime rate, supporting public safety, and boosting the economy and ending the pay for play ineffective mismanaged corrupt path there are two standouts to vote for to do this…Emily Fritz for County Commission and Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda for Mayor.

  7. The point is that the Tallahassee Democrat is a bias newspaper. They are trying to manipulate the process and persuade the general public to vote against the Republican candidates or even those that were once registered as Republicans. This, in itself, is wrong–especially in a Non-partisan race. It should also serve as a insult to the general public because it is the “slate card” suggesting who should vote for who. What is most disappointing to me is that Skip Foster should know better, and so should Jeff Berlow. The only thing that will change the incestuous relationship of the Democrat with the local thugs running this town (and I mean many of your elected officials) is several indictments which are “long overdue”. Otherwise, expect more of the same.

    1. Wow…are you still taking ur meds sport… Thats a lot to throw out there, guess u have no problem with mr trump being a co conspirarer in all kinds of nasty stuff….. Guess ur all good with that…..Right

  8. It’s a reminder/scorecard for the unhinged Democrat zombies (sorry for the triple redundancy) to vote straight party lines regardless of qualifications or ability.

  9. If the Democrat made the front page a full length pic of Trump with the caption ” Long may he reign” TR would complain about it. Sad!

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