TR’s Election Guide for Leon County Commission District 3

TR’s Election Guide for Leon County Commission District 3

The race for Leon county commission district 3 features five candidates. Listed below is a table that provides information on work experience, endorsements, straw poll results, public office experience, and campaign contributions for each candidate. There is a guide to the abbreviations at the bottom of the table.

Four of the five candidates discussed the race on WFSU’s Perspectives.

Aggregated campaign contributions for the seat 3 race can be viewed here.

Detailed campaign contribution information for each candidate can be reviewed by visiting these links: Emily Fritz, Kyle Frost, Rick Minor, Rex Rekstis, and Carlos Rey.

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Current/Recent Work Experience: This information was taken from questionnaire documents completed by candidates. If there was a question, candidates were contacted directly.

Endorsements: The endorsements included in the charts were from the Tallahassee Board of Realtors (TBR), the police union (PBA) and the firefighter union (FF). These organizations traditionally hold private interviews with candidates before deciding whom to endorse.

Straw Poll Results: The rank finish of each candidate in the Network of Entrepreneurs & Advocates (NEBA) and the Capital Tiger Bay (TB) straw polls were included. The Capital Tiger Bay did not hold a straw poll for Leon County District 3 candidates.

Previous Elected Office: A YES indicates the candidate has previously held elected office.

Campaign Donations: Campaign donations were taken from the Leon County Supervisor of Elections website as of August 21, 2018.

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