North Florida District has Largest Drop in White Collar Federal Prosecutions in Nation

North Florida District has Largest Drop in White Collar Federal Prosecutions in Nation

It is a tale of two Florida’s when it comes to federal prosecution of white collar crime.

A national report shows that over the last five years the Southern District of Florida had the largest increase in federal prosecutions while the Northern District of Florida had the largest decrease during the same period.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida serves 23 counties in northern Florida, including the state capital, Tallahassee. The District runs from Pensacola in the west to Gainesville in the east.

The Northern District is one of three districts in Florida, with the Middle District covering from Jacksonville to Ft. Myers, and the Southern District covering Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

The Data

The latest available data from the Justice Department show that during June 2018 the government reported 503 new white collar crime prosecutions. According to the case-by-case information analyzed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), this number is up 4.4 percent over the previous month.

The comparisons of the number of defendants charged with white collar crime-related offenses are based on case-by-case information obtained by TRAC under the Freedom of Information Act from the Executive Office for United States Attorneys.

When monthly 2018 prosecutions are compared with those of the same period in the previous year, the number of filings was down (-2.6%). Prosecutions over the past year are still much lower than they were five years ago. Overall, the data show that prosecutions of this type are down 31.6 percent from levels reported in 2013.

In June 2018 the Justice Department said the government brought 175.3 white collar crime prosecutions for every ten million people in the United States.

Understandably, there is great variation in the per capita number of white collar crime prosecutions that are filed in each of the nation’s ninety-four federal judicial districts.

The Southern District of Florida (Miami) — with 983 prosecutions as compared with 175.3 prosecutions per ten million population in the United States — was the most active during June 2018. Also, the Southern District of Florida (Miami) was ranked 1 a year ago.

The federal judicial district which showed the largest growth — 25.1 percent — in the rate of white collar crime prosecutions compared to five years ago was the Southern District of Florida (Miami).

However, the judicial District Court recording the largest drop— 64.3 percent— in the rate of white collar crime prosecutions over the past five years was the Northern District of Florida (Pensacola) showed the largest drop — 64.3 percent.

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  1. Looking at one month is meaningless. What does it look like over a year….or given the time these investigations take….5 years would be more useful. No wonder I can hardly ever under stand the TR exposes

  2. Maybe the North District should look into Leon Schools giving a construction contract to a campaign donor of Rocky Hanna. Rocky Hanna is now signing off on all construction items which is problematic, poses conflicts on multiple levels and Mr. Hanna has no
    background as a purchasing agent or a certificate in construction. The individual who gave a campaign contributions to Mr. Hanna is over budget and behind schedule. Perhaps the North District would like to look into Rocky Hanna deliberately falsifying information to start a misleading investigation by federal and state law enforcement agencies. Mr. Hanna cost Leon County taxpayers $600,000. While the investigation was ongoing, Rocky Hanna admits to the attorney hired to investigate the issues (Hank Coxe, former president of the Florida Bar) that he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing, he wrote each summary of each section in the notebook using innuendo with no knowledge of any wrongdoing and he admitted to circulating the notebook.

    1. Here you go Mark give them a call or stop by for a friendly chat and discuss your concerns:

      Federal Bureau-Investigation
      Address: 227 N Bronough St # 6300, Tallahassee, FL 32301
      Phone: (850) 224-4107

      You are welcome.

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