TCC Political Science Professor: Trump Could End All Elections, Create US Terrorist Attack

TCC Political Science Professor: Trump Could End All Elections, Create US Terrorist Attack

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Tallahassee Community College (TCC) political science professor Edward Duggan has posted comments on Facebook and made public statements to local groups that indicate President Trump could end all elections in the United States and create a terrorist attack for political purposes.

It also appears that Duggan is sharing some of his views with his students.

The Facebook posts and conspiracy theories described in public meetings go beyond the standard name calling that is common place for many of President Trump opponents. Duggan routinely calls trump a fascist and a traitor. Duggan also referred to Sarah Palin as a “Meth Head” when he wrote, “When Sarah Meth Head Palin takes office Putin will hold a Mission Accomplished Party.”

In addition to the name calling, Duggan advocates conspiracy theories that rival those of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

On the recent immigration controversy over separating families, Duggan saw the zero tolerance policy at the border as more than a get tough approach to illegal immigration gone wrong. Rather Duggan said that Trump – like many authoritarian leaders – was testing the limits of cruelty that could eventually be applied to others in the United States.

His exact words to a local group called “Resist TRUMP Indivisible”:

“A lot of people miss what the whole immigration thing is all about. Trump does not care about the immigrants. Right. This is him seeing what he can get away with. And if he can perform cruelty on these children, then he can get away with performing cruelty and targeting other members of the community….This zero-tolerance was a test balloon and it was test balloon for all of us, right. Political science professors, muslims, radicals, people that are considered to be enemies of the people. We need to realize that we are kind of all on the menu.”

Also, Duggan told the group that Trump will create a terrorist attack in order to transition United States away from democracy and towards authoritarianism.

His exact words:

“The thing that will accelerate the transition to authoritarianism will be a terrorist attack. Right. Without San Bernardino and without Paris, Trump would not have been elected. These terrorists attacks are very dangerous and it is only a matter of time before he has one or he creates one.”

Duggan wrote that Trump is “Our First KGB President” and he told the Resist group that “I view the KGB as working for the Trump Administration.”

Duggan also believes that the upcoming elections could be the last elections in America.

As a TCC political science professor, Duggan’s activities are regulated by school policy. That policy states:

“As a citizen in the community, the faculty member should be free from any institutional control. However, the faculty member should remember that the public may judge the teaching profession and the College by what the faculty member writes or says. Therefore, the faculty member should clearly state that the information may not necessarily represent the point of view of the College.”

Has Duggan’s violated this policy?

Tallahassee Reports recovered a social media invite for a Duggan speech to the “Resist TRUMP Indivisible” group that clearly advertises Duggan’s position with TCC. See below.

Also, Duggan wrote on one of his Facebook posts denigrating Trump that “I pointed this out to some students earlier. Trump has some tells.”

TR will continue to investigate.

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  1. Well turns out Duggan’s comments aged, sadly, remarkably well. The end of elections? No. But Trump did try to end elections as we know it. He attempted a coup and instigated an attack against a sovereign body of government.

    Also, to this day, best professor I’ve had. This has been a fun article to revisit just to see Duggan’s comments age well.

  2. Best professor I’ve ever had hands down. I’m currently a student at FSU about to graduate and I can say this with absolute certainty. He was very unbiased when giving lectures in class, and would never try to persuade us into taking a stance on any matter. Even made it a point (from time to time) to say that he wouldn’t reveal his political affiliation with us. Of course some theories/comments made by him may seem extreme, but let’s be honest here…behind closed doors many intellectuals and ordinary citizens alike have had similar theories/conversations.

  3. Being cited doesn’t mean you have won any journalistic awards etc. OR that your information is anything but biased opinion. Your “article” regarding Dr. Duggan was full of insinuation and innuendo. Really? If you aren’t out to “get” people, why does Andrew Gillum have his own tab? It would be so much better if you would just rename your publication the Tallahassee Right Reports or Tallahassee Conservative Reports. You aren’t fooling anyone. AND you have a right to responsibly share your opinions…just not ruin people’s ability to work because they don’t believe what you believe…Mr. Staff.

  4. I have an idea, Steve.
    “Article III: Create high quality journalism that will support democracy and strengthen the community in Tallahassee, Florida”.
    To that end, how about posting my comments as a stand-alone; a support of democracy, with the links to supporting evidence? As you can see, there are many questions but no opinions in my comments.

    1. Lee, I have read your piece. It isn’t being published because it is sourced with viable, FACTUAL sources and that is not what this publication does. Most are just opinions scattered with Breitbart and InfoWars substantiation.


      1. Tallahassee Reports publishes factually based articles. Our work has been cited by Politico, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times and the Tallahassee Democrat.

  5. Steve,
    Don’t take such a lofty tone and imply that you are an intrepid journalist on the beat working hard to write balanced and forthright articles to save civility in America. You wrote a one sided hit piece. If you wanted to inform your readers or be FAIR AND BALANCED you wouldn’t have fooled your readers by implying that Ted’s talk was taking place in the classroom! You might have included his high rating on Rate my Professor. You might have called his dean to see if any students had made complaints about bias. You might have interviewed students for your story. IF you were sincerely concerned about his connection to TCC. You might have included the fact that in the speech Ted talked about not banning ICE, inviting gun owners and Republicans to the group.

    When I was in college, a humanities professor I had believed and taught a segment on the God is Dead theory. It was fascinating! How would you address that? Have you gone after religion professors? Humanities professors? Do you realize that 15% of the professors in 1933 were fired because of public knowledge of their politics? What about the McCarthy era? Is that the world you want to live in? That is NOT the world I want to live in! You are trying to curtail freedom of speech and thought by causing fear. Not because of TRUE investigative reporting! BOTH sides are reported on by investigative reporters.

    In reality what you were doing was combing through personal Facebook posts, looking for juicy tidbits to quote out of context. It’s just plain creepy and Orwellian to go after people’s personal posts.

    In reading your Articles of Incorporation, Article III says you are organized to “create high quality independent journalism that will support Democracy and strengthen the community in Tallahassee and Florida.” How did this hit piece do that? Also, if you have 5,000 subscribers at $36 a subscription, that would total $180,000. If that is true, why haven’t you filed a full 990?

    Now you say you are going to continue looking for more dirt and more quotes taken out of context. I have seen Ted fight right wing trolls on Facebook no doubt you will find these battles and present one side of them. Have you no decency? Can we both agree that going after a person’s livelihood should be outside of your moral bounds? Stop trying to smear a man who has 2 children to feed and is trying to do the best job he can, inspiring students to study politics. Many of these students he has inspired as seen by the comments, are actually conservative. Stop tipping your lance at phantom windmills. You are not really trying to protect the students who judging from the comments don’t need your protection. I am sure TCC has well vetted Dr. Duggan. Don’t you have an election to cover? Give up the hit pieces and go back to covering politicians.


  6. Steve: First of all, you are very mistaken to jump to conclusions and speak about something you have NO KNOWLEDGE about: Resist TRUMP Indivisible-Tallahassee AND Edward Duggan. Ted is an adult and I would, in no way speak for him other than to tell you he is a decent, honest, highly intelligent man who loves his family and his country. Because you plucked segments out of what he was saying to us is your loss and your reader’s loss.

    Resist TRUMP Indivisible-Tallahassee was formed because early on, HUNDREDS of people in Tallahasseee realized that Donald J. Trump would, if left unchecked, destroy the Democracy and free speech that everyone in the United States should have. We gather to discuss ways to elect and support people we believe will fight for our rights, not destroy them or curtail them.

    It is ironic that you say to me that we “seek to hear from people that reinforce (our) views.” Rick Wilson a very Republican, very conservative, concealed gun carrier, spoke at our meeting last month! EACH month we have speakers who TEACH us new skills in how to interact and deal with people who do not ascribe to the same beliefs and thoughts, so we might better communicate with others.

    We have had Mark Early, Ion Sancho, legal experts, history and communications professors and deans of colleges speak to us. So you have NO idea who or what Resist TRUMP Indivisible-Tallahassee is or what we do. You have never bothered to come to a meeting – which is open to anyone who wants to come. We do not tolerate anyone who would disrupt our meetings, but certainly our meetings are open to anyone who wants to come.

    I will speak to our group and see if they would like to hear your speak and get back with you.

    1. I would like more info on that group… Would love to join…Maybe TR could start having different things on here…Steve ur the one crusading for right wing views…maybe u should do the same sport….

          1. Cheryl, The Tallahassee Democrat just wrote they were cited by Breibart. TR has been cited by Politico, the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times, the Palm Beach Post, the Washington Post, and yes, Breibart.

            Set that meeting up. It will be worthwhile, I promise.


    2. Look Cheryl, the article on Mr. Duggan never passes judgement on him as a teacher or a person. It was about the statements he made to a group of politically active citizens that only promote division. There is enough material on Trump without promoting conspiracy theories.

      These are challenging times and it is important that community leaders promote responsible dialogue – even in vehement disagreement.

      Let me know about speaking to the group. Thanks, Steve

  7. Sounds like a great teacher, i hope there are more like him…Keep up the good work at TCC… Oh TR… Wow, guess u need to learn to suck it up buttercup….

  8. REALLY Steve? It is amazing to know people are out there trying to stop others from having views and opinions different than your own.
    Trump hasn’t killed freedom of speech YET. But I know you would love to control what people say if their thoughts are different than yours. Just so Trump-like.

    Ted Duggan is one of the smartest people I have known and unlike YOU he believes in intelligent DISCUSSIONS and sharing of opinions rather than attacking via an article that aims to destroy a person’s employment for absolutely no reason. IF you had bothered to interviewed this intelligent young man you would realize he is compassionate and not out to hurt anyone and is merely exercising his freedom of speech.

    Unlike your one sided, uninformed opinions, Ted teaches political science and FREE thought. Not brainwashing like you do. Why don’t you try to be a real reporter instead of a rabble rouser? Oh wait that would take forethought, grace, tolerance and the desire for truth and honesty.

    Oh and by the way, I suppose it is okay for Mr Trump to call sitting congresswomen names and declare they have low IQ’s? How does that work for you?? As always your way or the highway huh? That’s why you never got elected.

    1. Cheryl, Mr. Duggan is free to say what he wants. However, as TCC policy indicates, his public comments can reflect on the institution. A professor of political science commenting to a group of citizens that any president of the United States would create a terrorist attack for political purposes or end all elections warrants follow-up in our current political environment.

      I encourage open and informed dialogue. Based on what I viewed, the group you belong to is no different than intolerant right wing groups. They operate on emotion and misinformation. They only seek to hear from people that reinforce their views. And sure, they have a right to this approach, but it is my view such an approach is not good for the US.

      If you are interested, I would love to speak to your group . I can be reached at 766-6208.


      Steve Stewart

  9. I guess TR has stooped to the journalistic low of drafting hit pieces on individuals with views different from those of the editors.

    This whole site is little more than a local white nationalist rallying point that feigns legitimacy by asserting that it’s news.

  10. Those of you that want to see Dr. Duggan fired for exercising free speech are the very reason the left can call us fascists with some credibility. On the basis of a lone, poorly written article and a few small clips of a video you want to take away a man’s ability to feed his family simply because you don’t like what he says outside of a classroom. Those of you in this camp should be ashamed of yourselves.

  11. Everyone views the world from their own personal status and position in life. I believe that unless one has experienced many different occupations, pastimes, social statuses, economic conditions, racial and ethnic interactions, etc., then a person’s political opinion will always be skewed toward the side they know best. Therefore it is not surprising that professors who have spent their lives in the hallowed halls of academia would gravitate toward the political left’s promises of an omnipotent and benevolent government under the control of those who purport to take care of all our basic needs and from which these professors draw a portion of their livelihood. Anyone who would oppose this more collectivist political stance is currently viewed as an enemy of the people, a misguided ignoramus, or even worse, a racist and treasonous terrorist. On the other hand as one who has spent his life in the midst of aggressively competitive free market capitalism, I gravitate strongly toward the right side of the political spectrum. I have given ample consideration to my political convictions and will defend them confidently, however I understand that others will disagree. My gut feeling is that there is a crucial lack of representation for the political right in the classroom simply because there is no one there with the life experience or vested interest in that political position. Neither the students nor the professors deal with aggressive free market competition on a daily basis and therefore they cannot possess a thorough understanding or affinity of it. Hence we have the ongoing argument from the right that the educational institutions are too politically liberal, and I believe this argument is justified. And what I see here in TR is an example of this political bias even though the students of Edward Duggan might not recognize it as such, although I would not be so sure that intelligent students are not intuitively influenced by the inferences of their professor no matter how much he attempts to hide his beliefs. This article is warranted as a check and balance to the opposing viewpoint and the controversial statements by the professor. It is worth noting that something was said that is concerning, and we all know that concerning statements show up in the news everyday. In the end I am thankful that we live under a system of government that encourages vigorous debate and continues to survive through the pendulum swing from left to right. I only hope that all opposition will allow the voters’ decisions to stand until the next election.

  12. Edward Duggan is one of the finest professors I’ve had at TCC, and this hit piece is ridiculous. Voicing one’s opinions in an out-of-class event does not make for a breach in policy, and the decision to frame his remarks in this light is disgusting.

  13. The professor’s comment seems sincere. Glad to see someone admitting to an error. I don’t agree with his leftist views but he seems like he’d be willing to debate them.

  14. This is really inspiring to see, that so many have called out TR “journalism”. If this is your first artucke, I ecourage you to go back and see that this is not new territory. Quite a few articles are just click bate for his fans.

  15. Mr. Duggan, You have indeed made a mistake. My concern is you view your only mistake was getting caught on video.
    My question to you is, were you in that same “fearful state of mind” when Obama was exhibiting those very actions of “creeping fascism” while he was in office dismantling and ignoring the constitution? Were you plotting his demise too? I would wager you weren’t. Your comments are very troubling. Your rhetoric calling people racist tell on you. Your tactics are those of McCarthyism, “OH NO, there’s a racist under every rock, and I’m the enlightened one here to show you”.
    So, forgive the small knee jerk reaction of those of us who oppose your political point of view (as stated by you in those videos). You can’t blame us for seeing it that way when that very type of rhetoric and worse is forced upon students.
    I challenge you do deny, with a straight face, that a significant percentage of institutions of higher learning have succeeded in stifling free speech and systematically persecute people with conservative views.
    Personally I view most of what YOU view as Trump/fFacisim is merely pushback on the abuses of both parties that have been in power for a long time.
    p.s. Progressives/Democrats/leftists only have themselves to blame for Trump being elected. When you push so hard in one direction, the pendulum inevitably swings back. Have a nice day.

  16. I made a mistake and I apologize. I had been reading many books on creeping fascism in the US—Trumpocracy, On Tyranny and Madeleine Albright’s Fascism. I got in a fearful state of mind and began to speculate on capitalizing on a terror attack and then let slip “or create one.” Not my finest moment. The part that was edited out talked about a potential hacking of the midterm by the Russians not Trump calling off the elections. I can understand some of the statements about fears of indoctrination. This speech was not in a classroom–it was in a progressive meeting. I don’t bring my personal views on Trump into the classroom. My students at the end of the semester often don’t know my party affiliation because I make a concerted effort to go straight down the middle and entertain all points of view in the classroom. I believe in the Constitution. I love the country and any of my students will vouch for me that I say this over and over in the classroom. I said it outside the classroom, not my greatest moment.

    1. Thanks for your response and willingness to clarify things.
      You’ve provided a terrific basis for one of the better discussions here. Very enjoyable!

    2. Ted, you are way over the top (IMHO) to apologize to anyone…let’s see….Trump has created HOW MANY crises in the last year: the family separation debacle , fake news (the only fake news are the lies that spew out of his mouth daily) , Witch hunt (we will see when Muller is finished-so far he has indicted 31 people and 3 companies) a pretty successful HUNT if you ask me…and it sure isn’t over, emoluments violations that just don’t stop, increase in hate crimes towards jews, muslims, and the lgbtq communities, and people of color, the travel ban, trump university, a horrific handling of the hurricane in Puerto, Rico…the list isn’t finished, but you get the idea.
      I was there the night that you claim wasn’t your greatest moment, and I will assert that 40 or more people who heard ALL that you said would vehemently disagree.

      I too have read Madeleine Albright’s Fascism and if you can read that and feel terrified, more power to you. And let’s face it….Madeleine isn’t over the top in her book-it is a well written book.

      If anyone wants to get REALLY excited, read Rick Wilson’s Everything Trump Touches Dies. That one will get your blood pressure up- and Rick is a staunch Republican!

      You are smart, articulate and always disclaim your opinions are just that: your opinions. You also share factual, true events and history and I for one appreciate you intelligence, your forethought and your passion. Our democracy is being destroyed by a madman named Trump. And that is MY OPINION-arrived at by thousands of hours reading, and listening and attending rallys that have been attended by millions of people.

  17. And the young skulls full of mush gang up and support their mis-educator…well, of course!
    VERY disappointed in this local election – years of corruption, documented here in droves, and yet the sheeple still vote for the same usual-suspect crowd.
    Four years from now, when we have a state income tax, I wonder if taking white people’s stuff (and killing them) will be on the Socialist’s agenda, as it is now in South Africa. The Lamestream Media was all over apartheid for decades.
    I don’t hear a peep from them about what’s happening there now.
    Time to sanction that country again.
    Ban all investments, as we have done to Venezuela.

    1. I don’t know how you simultaneously insulted our intelligence and sound like a blatant pseudo-intellectual. I don’t know how you managed to convince yourself that the people we elect somehow have an influence on the instructors views. I certainly don’t know how you managed to bring Venezuela into the matter. I congratulate you on the power and limber nature of your mind, because the mental gymnastics you’ve pulled off are unparalleled

    2. First of all, the fact that one article like this makes you think you know enough about his teaching style to lash out like that is really worrying. Second, as a former student of his, I can tell you personally that Duggan’s classes are unique because he creates an environment which allows for free debate. When I took his Poli Sci class, large chunks of time ended up being devoted to debates between the leftward and rightward-leaning students in the classroom, with Duggan’s involvement limited only to bringing the focus back to class material when needed. I’m curious as to why you think all of that is less relevant to his effectiveness as a teacher than something he said outside of a classroom.

      1. Dax-the ones flailing around and crying “off with his head” are too biased to allow free thought and exchange of ideas. All they want is control of everyone’s mind and to run this country into the ground and reverse 250 years of forward thought.

  18. He may be right. Just look at the past year and a half.
    We are in trouble as a democracy for sure.
    I am glad to read responses from students in these comments.

    1. “We are in trouble as a democracy for sure.” We (our country) is not, nor was ever intended to be a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

  19. What an astonishing hitpiece. Food for thought; this man is an inspiration. He is also a tremendous human being with no hate in his heart.

    Not ONCE has anything resembling a hyperbolic personal opinion made its way into a classroom lecture.

    Not ONCE has he ever failed to properly delineate a personal opinion from actual class material.

    Not ONCE has he considered views other than his own grounds for unfairly targeting students of differing ideologies. On the contrary, he has encouraged open and frank, yet respectful dialogue amongst students outside of regular class time.

    I don’t share some of his personal views, I don’t share a lot of my professors’ personal views.

    This is a disingenuous portrayal of somebody that many students (myself included) consider to be one of the most caring and consequential teachers they’ve ever had. He has the full backing of anybody who has ever had the privilege of having one of his classes.

    Absolute fake news. Un-American.

  20. This article, and the number of people crying about it, are hilarious. The professor in question has always made it clear that his opinions do not reflect those of the institution he works for, and has never in my experience used his position to push students to believe one way or another. This is yellow journalism at its finest, a sensationalist hit piece about an excellent instructor motivated purely by self interest and petty political disagreements.

  21. As a student of Dr. Duggan, I can say that this article was an unfortunate read. Dr Duggan is one of the most incredible professors I’ve ever met; he is someone who is passionate, educated, and extremely enthusiastic about teaching his students. He encourages his students to think critically about everything we are presented in class and welcomes discussion and disagreement throughout the course. It’s a shame to see his words taken out of context in such a malicious way, and worse, to see people who don’t have never been to his lectures make harsh judgements.

  22. I currently am a student of Professor Duggan, and while I do not share some of his political views I can thouroughly say this is utterly horrendous the way this article makes him out to be. He is an excellent professor but an even better teacher and man since my first semester of college I have had him for both of his classes and these classes have been enlightening and thoughtful. He welcomes each and every opinion and if you are able to back up your claims sufficiently, he will even concede. He is not radical he is not a bad person he is just an individual who is motivated to teaching the new generation and teaching everyone he meets to think and challenge your bias and challenge yourself to grow.

  23. This is very disturbing video of a mentor if you are this passionate about your dislike for Trump, you know this man has poorly spoken about our president in front of our children you know this man is putting his personal views in the classroom.. This man wants to claim it’s his freedom of speech and that’s what he saying on Facebook tonight..

  24. There’s multiple errors made throughout this “article” (I use the term oh so loosely here)
    This is a joke.

  25. Though I don’t share all of Dr. Duggan’s views, I must contend this is a baseless hit piece on one of the most inspiring and captivating lecturers in Tallahassee, and it is a shameful excuse for journalism. But, unlike the staff writer responsible for this piece, I have enough integrity to sign this post with my own legal name instead of anonymously denigrating someone else’s.

    Warm regards,

    Andrew Ashburn
    Former student of Edward Duggan
    Current Political Science major at FSU

      1. Now we see the outcome of the “professor” on his students. Very sad. If this is what TCC now allows, I am going to mail my AA back to the TCC Registrar. Glad I didn’t have Professor Pied Piper.

      1. When this piece was originally posted, it was listed as having been written by “Staff”. Only After Mr. Stewart replied to me with his name and phone number was the anonymous nature of this post rectified.

    1. Mr. Ashburn, they are either your own words or not posted in the article. If they’re not your words, then you have legitimate ground to stand on. If they are your words and you’re stating similar words in your classroom, then claiming you’re a “victim of a hit piece” is a laughable dodge from personal responsibility.
      Whatever the situation, the classroom in which you’re employed is not a personal playground and if you’re presenting your personal views there, they are as inappropriate as a doctor imposing his political views on you when you’re in his office. Or – as inappropriate as an NFL player using the field on which he’s employed to express his own political views.

  26. “Hello, Mr. Murdaugh…Tallahassee Reports on line 1.” This is troubling and not at all surprising. It is in our local high schools, too.

  27. I would not allow a child of mine to take this class, if at all possible. I really am disgusted that my tax dollars are paying his salary!!!!!

  28. No no no this man has to go and does not need to be around of the younger generation brainwashing them this is kind of scary..

  29. Join the movement: #WalkAway from being a continuous victim; #WalkAway from hate and intolerance of the Democrat Party; #WalkAway from far-left propaganda and the Dem’s hate of this great country. Just #WalkAway! It’s catching on, please share with everyone!

    1. You mean like the lunacy the trump brings to the table…come on, trump has the mental health problem… He is bats@#t crazy…..

    2. Anyone who falls for this amateur, poorly edited hit piece written by a mediocre, public bathroom philosopher, deserves to take it in the behind from those KGB goons. I am truly shocked and appalled by the low IQ, inconsiderate and moronic comments on one of our most decent, educated and hardworking professors, Mr. Duggan. God Bless America and God grant us all an American president that’s not elected by Putin and is not married to an eastern European hooker. Peace.

      1. Ad hominem attack, Mikey, bereft of thought or critical thinking. Exposing the leftist diatribe of person who may influence our children (though most Tallyreports readers kids are educated enough to fight back) is completely acceptable.


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