Andrew Gillum’s Campaign Headquarters Home to Solar Business Involved with FBI Investigation

Andrew Gillum’s Campaign Headquarters Home to Solar Business Involved with FBI Investigation

Tallahassee Reports has recovered documents which shows that Solar Distributors of America, LLC, a business identified in a federal subpoena related to the investigation of local corruption in Tallahassee, resides in the same 3,650 square foot building that is headquarters to the Andrew Gillum campaign for Florida governor.

Also, summaries of city commission meetings show that, then City Commissioner Andrew Gillum, was a crucial vote on a $5.4 million industrial bond issue for a solar project that resulted in the creation of Solar Distributors of America, LLC.

The Florida Department of Revenue was served with a subpoena on June 19, 2017 by the US Attorney of the Northern District of Florida seeking tax records for various businesses including Solar Distributors of America, LLC.

Gillum’s campaign headquarters is also the current address for P&P Communications, a public relations firm with no website that employs Gillum.

Sharon Lettman-Hicks, the owner of P&P Communications and 1550 Melvin Street, reorganized her ownership of the building just after Gillum declared his candidacy for governor.

State of Florida records show that Solar Distributors of America, LLC has listed the 1550 Melvin Street as the principle business address since its incorporation on August 3, 2011.

The date of the incorporation occurred less than two months after a 3-1 vote by the Tallahassee City Commission on June 22, 2011 to move forward with the approval of a Memorandum of Agreement with Sunnyland Solar, LLC.

Solar Distributors of America, LLC partnered with Sunnyland Solar, LLC in a solar business venture.

Also, Sunnyland Solar, LLC is connected to Kim Rivers and JT Burnette who are considered targets of the FBI investigation. Rivers and Burnette have been major campaign donors to Gillum’s city campaigns.

City Commissioner Gil Ziffer voted against the measure and City Commissioner Mark Mustian abstained for conflict reasons. This means that without the support of any of the three remaining commissioners, which included Gillum, the measure would have failed.

The agreement authorized the issue of tax-exempt debt with a principal amount not to exceed $5,400,000 for the purpose of financing the cost of acquisition, installation, and equipping of Sunnyland Solar facilities.

The Sunnyland Solar project included Solar Distributors of America as the company under which a 23-acre site in Madison County was purchased for $175,000 to house the solar facilities.

Charles Frazier, the managing member of Solar Distributors of America, was also a member of the Imagine Tallahassee steering committee which was  founded by Rivers and Burnette. The nonprofit was created to help make recommendations on what projects to spend Blueprint 2020 one-cent sales tax money.

Records show that when Solar Distributors of America first listed 1550 Melvin Street as their business address in 2011, Andrew Gillum also listed the 1550 Melvin Street as the address for his employer at the time, People for the American Way, on his financial disclosure form. Gillum worked for the People for American Way at the 1550 Melvin Street address until 2016.

The Sunnyland project -relying on tax incentives and creative financing – promised an innovative source of renewable energy through sausage solar tubes. However, technical problems followed by lawsuits ended the project.

The FBI subpoena hit city hall in June 2017.

Andrew Gillum continues to say that he is not a target in the FBI investigation.

23 Responses to "Andrew Gillum’s Campaign Headquarters Home to Solar Business Involved with FBI Investigation"

  1. I want Mr. Gillum to know how very impressed I am with him and that, of course, I voted for him in Rockledge, Florida. I support his recount so that every ballot counts. If, sadly, that does not prove his win, I want him to know I WANT TO SEE MORE OF HIM IN ANY CAPACITY to continue to represent Floridians! Keep visible! This country NEEDS him. Hang tight! Keep reaching for leadership. God bless Andrew Gillum!

    1. God never bless shysters nor their mess Ms.Linda Valencis! What He will do to exposed deeds done in darkness and uncover all for daylight exposure resulting in “FBI & IRS” serious felonious problems for the former Hizzoner Gullible and friends who will mostly likely throw each other under the incarceration bus. Letterman-Hick weak link on chain! Don’t believe she has loyalty as a ride and die soldier thru thick and thin to the very end! Nope! Stay tuned!

  2. Rick de Santis says from Dunedin to Tallahassee he will be representing Floridians.
    I think Mr. Gillum needs to say he will represent ALL Floridians, from Key West to Pensacola!!!!!!

  3. I do remember Scott overseeing one of the the largest medicare fraud schemes as CEO of Columbia/HCA. He claimed that he didn’t know anything. Yeah, right. the board of Columbia/HCA settled with the feds to the tune of $840 million!

    He still became governor. *Shrugs*

  4. Please use your keyboard with caution. I do not know who Todd Gulledge really is but I can see the impact of responding to him. Most of us express considered thoughts and opinions and generally stay within the confines of friendly, albeit occasionally adversarial, banter. When you get a drive by poster with bumper sticker quality provocations it can provoke retorts outside the norm for this site.
    This is precisely how they marginalized Breitbart as the ALT RIGHT. It was not based on the article content, but the un-moderated message boards. Bots and trolls hijacked threads and ugly words started to fly. Then the media focuses on that content as representative of the audience. The information gathered by TR is too important to this election to let provocateurs provoke us to do to TR what was done to Breitbart.

  5. Todd, sounds like you still live with Mom, ride your bike to the mall and enjoy your frosty-flakes in the morning. However, I do give you credit for reading a great newspaper. When your frontal lobe develops you will catch on to the truth. Suck it up snowflake!

  6. Fortunately I believe this will bring a resurgence of people wanting honesty integrity and a solid record of performance. Gillum promised to provide records of his trip to Costa Rica showing that it wasn’t paid by lobbyists and he has yet to provide those records. He will not state that he did not attend the play Hamilton or attend a Mets baseball game at the expense of developers posing as the FBI. So we may assume that he did attend those events at the FBI’s expense. Since he fails to provide records of his Costa Rica trip we may also assume that the trip was paid for by lobbyists. Among his other dealings such as spending taxpayers money on campaign expenses will not play well. Gillum needs to step up as the Day of Reckoning has arrived for Mr. Gillium.

      1. Could you give Andrew a poke and have him turn over his receipts for his trip to Costa Rica that he promised and his receipts for his trip to New York with the FBI agents? We would be ever so grateful to you.

  7. Qualifications/Performance do not matter at this point for liberals/socialists. It’s all about winning and getting their agenda pushed forward. It’s all about hating conservatives and anyone that doesn’t agree with them. The vote will be closer than Scotts first win. Democrats will spend any amount and say and do anything to have Gillum elected. This state is a huge win for their agenda if they can pull it off. If they win governor they will reelect nelson also. Orlando and further south will be inundated with money and Hollywood types covering up his incompetence and lies he has done here as well as the MSM covering for him. He is their new Obama.

    1. All true points, Brad. You are correct that Dems don’t care about a glaring record of corruption and incompetence in their candidates or elected officials. Anyone who supported (and still does) Hillary and obama is walking proof of that fact. Since many Dems still love and support those two, they’ll happily vote for Gillum, and the MSM will smear any FBI or other investigations as “racist right wing conspiracies”. You are correct that Gillum is their next obama, and any charge against him therefore must be racist.
      You’re also correct that Soros and the Dems will spend mega-millions here to get Gillum elected, since this is a proxy election between their Dem-Socialist agenda and the Trump-Conservative agenda. I look for obama and Bernie to stump for Gillum here in FL soon. If Gillum wins (gad, no!) they’ll claim a huge victory in Florida, 3rd most-populated state in the U.S. They’ll also claim victory for their agenda, and it will fuel their 2020 hopes. Won’t surprise me if Bernie picked “governor” Gillum as a running mate.

      I’ve said many times in the last few years that Florida is slowly becoming the California of the East Coast. If Gillum wins, that transition will be greatly accelerated. I hope for the FBI to soon make announcements ending that possibility, and my vote is for DeSantis, as it was in the primary.

      1. Fortunately, all of Florida is not like Tallahassee. There are still voters in this state that vote for honesty and integrity and a solid performance record. These voters will come en masse. We already saw a preview of this in the primary.

  8. Due to the poor Democratic voter turnout and uninformed voters of Mr Gillum’s disasterous record as a Tallahassee mayor… I believe voters will learn more and become more informed of his poor performance as a mayor, then up against DeSantis with a Harvard Yale law degree and a US representative in Congress plus his service to our country in Iraq I believe Gillum’s lackluster resume will just not hold up. Gillum’s performance as a mayor is not even average it is so disastrous it cannot hold up against DeSantis’s record.

    1. Well Hope… I guess ur going to need a lot of hope…Desanto has no record of anything, except hanging on to trumps coat tails… Wake up.. We really dont need ur vote anyway.U keep thinking ur trump dreams ok Hope…m

      1. Governor DeSantis is not only not riding on Trump’s coattails, he has his own coattails which will help Republican candidates in the future. His limited government reforms as in tax cuts, sacking incompetent elected officials such as the Sheriff in Broward County, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, eliminating common core(thank you governor DeSantis) and moving forward with medical marijuana which the voters passed does not look like someone who is just rearranging the furniture in the governor’s mansion. He is getting things done!

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