BREAKING NEWS: Adam Corey’s Attorney Says Gillum Never Paid for Costa Rica Accommodations

BREAKING NEWS: Adam Corey’s Attorney Says Gillum Never Paid for Costa Rica Accommodations

Approximately three hours after gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum released documents that he claims supports his assertion that he paid his own way on his controversial trips to New York and Costa Rica, his “former friend” is saying something different.

According to veteran reporter Gary Fineout, Adam Corey’s attorney, Chris Kise, is stating that Gillum did not pay for his accommodations while in Costa Rica.

Also, Fineout is reporting that Kise says Gillum’s version of how he ended up with a free ticket to the Hamilton play in New York is “nonsense.”

Kise says that Corey did not swap tickets with Andrew Gillum’s brother, Marcus, and that Corey did not buy the Hamilton ticket.

So, if Marcus Gillum and Adam Corey did not pay for Andrew Gillum’s ticket, who did?

Fineout’s tweet is listed below.

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  1. the attorney is a mouth piece..the other guy was allowed to leave the one want s to go to jail…

  2. If I hadn’t seen that picture I would never have known that queerish is a synonym for nauseated.

    As a libertarian and lifelong democrat Gilliam makes me feel queerish with a profound ennui.

  3. Amazing! Rick Scott headed up company that defrauded Medicare and has to plead the 5th 75 times but you guys are concerned about a trip to Costa Rica and a Broadway play. Hopefully you raised this much hell about Governor Fraud. Shame on you Tallahassee Democrat!

    1. Governor Scott came to our Aid during Hurricane Hermine when Gillum dropped the ball because he couldn’t handle the situation. It’s not a little play or a little trip to Costa Rica it’s accepting bribes and fraud and lies and special interest and not attending to the needs of the citizens of Tallahassee but to his own pleasures and accepting gifts illegally. Gillum has been exposed for lying and cheating and breaking the law. And thank goodness it’s probably and hopefully all documented on tape.

      1. So true Hope!!!
        Gillum either had:

        1. A twisted leftist vision that if he delayed in getting vital city services restored he could cast blame on Governor Scott.

        And/Or: 2. A lack of confidence in himself, due to no leadership skills whatsoever on his resume, and just froze up like a deer in the headlights.Or like a dog crawled up under the bed from fear of thunder or 4th of July fireworks. Or like a millennial afraid of leaving the comfort of Mommy and Daddy’s basement and moving on with their lives. Or Gillum just froze up like a new military recruit under fire for the first time (not that a leftist like Gillum would ever serve his country like DeSantis did…just an example.)
        Either way Florida would be so foolish to elect Gillum Governor.

      1. Thank you Hope everyone knows in the uncropped version that as a gag Andy augmented his manhood by stuffing a vegatable up the leg of his shorts. Totally inappropriate a lesson in honesty for children to view. And almost as dishonest as stealing $5000,00 from the City of Tallahassee, buying some political software for his campiagn, and paying the $5000.00 back to the City of Tallahassee when Andy got caught. Yeah those 2 things should be kept from our precious childern.

  4. So, when will Bernie reverse his endorsement? Why would anyone make a contribution to the Gillum campaign after this Revelation that confirms Gillum has trouble telling the truth?

    1. Hope, I understand your frustration: “why would anyone make a contribution to his campaign?” but you have to realize that Dem-Socialists (they’re one and the same) don’t regard proof of lying or even outright proven crimes as a defect in their candidates. Exhibit A is Hillary Clinton, with inarguable proof of violating many federal crimes, lying about those crimes, and destroying evidence of those crimes. Regardless, there are thousands of people just in Tallahassee who would happily contribute to her and vote for her if the opportunity was there. All Hillary’s crimes and lying don’t matter a bit in their eyes. Same for the enthusistic Gillum supporters.
      Conservatives regard a failure to be honest, ethical, and loyal to America as fatal flaws in a candidate for office or an elected official. Dem-Socialists see all those failures as “skills” that are necessary and valuable traits to getting elected and accumulating power after being elected.

        1. Absolutely. As far as Dem-Socialists being anti-American (even their self-described label is anti-American), duplicitous, and lacking in ethics, just watch ten minutes of the Kavanaugh hearings and try to make a case that the Dem-Socialists and lunatic protesters present are America-loving, honest and ethical people. Any small-town courtroom in America would all have them thrown out and held in contempt, and be perfectly right in doing so. I rest my case.

  5. Keep in mind that Gillum and company (City of Tallahassee’s communication department (Farris) legal Department (Casandra Jackson) Crump incorporated, Gillum’s Campaign Headquarters and Financeer’s, the People for the UN -American away, Bernie Sanders, Gillum’s Campaign advisors, Gary Yordan, John Marks, Anita F. Thompson, and many, many more – specifically including his Chief of Staff – DUSTIN DANIELS) have strategically redacted only select documents to present Gillum’s ‘Innocence’ in this issue. Yes – they are trying to maneuver this in to diametric opposition of word of mouth. Just to put this in perspective.

  6. Interesting! Seems like it’s word against word right now. I am sure that the undercover FBI informants have the real proof as to who paid what. Is national mainstream media picking this up?

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