Senator Bill Nelson Moves Away From Andrew Gillum Policy Positions

Senator Bill Nelson Moves Away From Andrew Gillum Policy Positions

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Senator Bill Nelson who claims to be one of the nations most independent senators, is distancing himself from some of the progressive positions of Democratic party nominee Andrew Gillum.

In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Nelson staked out more moderate positions than those being advocated by Gillum.

On Gillum’s position to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Nelson said , “I don’t want to abolish ICE. I want to abolish Trump. ICE is merely the administrative agency. It’s the policies in that agency that is problem.”

On Gillum’s support for Medicare for all, rather than endorse the policy proscription, Nelson said, “I’ve got enough trouble just trying to save Obamacare. I’m into results.”

On Gillum’s proposal for a $15 minimum wage, Nelson said, “I have supported a $12 minimum wage, but I am certainly open to suggesting anything that will improve the lot of the average working man.”

In addition, Neslon is not on board with Gillum’s proposal to legalize marijuana or Gillum’s desire to impeach President Trump.

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  1. Also last week there was a pregnant woman who was shot. Andrew Gillum take trips to Costa Rica New York Philadelphia with lobbyists he can’t show receipts for these trips so they’re obviously paid for by the lobbyists / FBI. The only thing Gillium does to try to get the crime rate down is put out false crime stat numbers and say there is no crime problem.

  2. I believe Senator Nelson has standards that he won’t stoop to regarding Andrew Gillum’s corruption. Andrew Gillum lied on CNN on Election night stating there was no crime problem in Tallahassee. Gillum took it a step further and is manipulating crime stats saying that crime is down. In the last few weeks we have had a special needs School on lockdown because of a shooting with helicopters flying overhead. Tallahassee has had multiple shootings involving shootings of students attending our universities. It is not fair to the parents all over the world who send their children here to study and to get an education to not inform them of our high crime rate. We have a homeless problem we have the homeless living in the Walmart Lobby we have the homeless begging for food in front of restaurants we have the homeless begging for money at traffic intersections. The men and women on the Frontline and rank-and-file are doing a wonderful job are hard-working and doing the best they can. But the Tallahassee leadership is so corrupt that Tallahassee is a war zone of crime and Corruption and most of it revolves around Andrew Gillum and the City commissioners.

  3. How can you believe anything this swamp eel says. Whenever you write him about something he only gives you a canned vague political response. In other words, Nelson is a waste of vote. He is an awful legislator and does nothing for Florida until it’s too late. The only time you see this fool is when it’s time to get reelected.

  4. Bill Nelson is just being a politician…saying what will serve him best running against Rick Scott.
    Dont think for a split second that he will not vote the liberal democrat line, even if they go far left…that’s who he’s been for 18 years. I can’t think of one solitary thing Nelson has fought for…other than sporting the party line every election year…otherwise you never hear a peep out of him.

  5. Good for Bill he or his advisors are smart enough to see moving away may help them.
    On another “moving away” issue I am feeling the FBI already “moved away” from dropping any Federal indictments on Tallahassee’s very own dirty Usual Suspects. Yeah Jim Comey’s “Weasels” are not comfy with anything that may influence the upcoming Florida Governors election. Those Weasels likely see Gillum as being a great choice for Floridafornia.

    1. Snidely, I share your concerns about the FBI. I’m beginning to feel that the remaining Top-Office FBI and DOJ Deep-Staters are now following Soros’, obama’s and the DNC’s orders to “back off” the Tallahassee investigation. I’m afraid any day now we’ll hear another tortured legal gymnastic “exoneration” speech of all members of the Tally Corruption Machine, and the the FBI tents will all be folded and leave town. I’m really hoping I’m wrong about all of this. The FBI has a lot of very dedicated and hardworking agents and I’m hoping we have some on this case in Tallahassee.

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