“Florida Cannot Afford Gillum” Ad Highlights Expense of Gillum Proposals

“Florida Cannot Afford Gillum” Ad Highlights Expense of Gillum Proposals

An advertisement put out by the Republican National Committee highlights Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s plans to raises taxes by $1 billion, provide medicare for all, and increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The ad pulls comments from Gillum’s visit with various host of national talk shows on CNN and FOX shortly after his primary victory.

19 Responses to "“Florida Cannot Afford Gillum” Ad Highlights Expense of Gillum Proposals"

  1. Andrew Gillum has no answers for the FBI investagation. He will not admit on TV that he is for Medicare for all which would Abolish Medicare for all Florida Seniors!!! He just signed onto anti Police Doctrine so less cops to protect our State just like he did in Talahassee and their Murder rate went up by 52%. He wants to make Florida a Sanctuary State so Ten of thousands of Illegals here to collect Welfare and food stamps living in tent city’s in a neiborhood near you. To do all this our taxes would have to go up dramatically!! Even a new State income tax on top of a massive rise in our Property taxes. People will be moving out of our state.

  2. Democrats of prior decades are Communists of today. Socialism is a sanitized word that means Comminist Doctrine. Gillum and his supporters in the DNC and DSA are interested in only one thing and that’s turning Florida into a copy of California, which is the Communist model state for the rest of America.

    Gillums supporters are either the mega-wealthy who can absorb the burden of communist taxation or the poor who live off the taxpayers and who pay no taxes. Which means it’s the middle tax that gets shafted.

    Gillum wants legalized pot. He wants a pot tax to pay for teachers raises. Which means teachers get paid extra to deal with brain damaged and stoned students incapable of learning.

    Gillium will turn Floridia into a sanctuary state and colony for criminals. A state unsafe for the young and elderly.

    At the same time Gillum fills our streets with illegals and criminals he will seize our firearms, disarm us, and make gun possession a felony. All while pot is legalized and doped up criminals control the streets and neighborhoods.

    Will Floridians elect a Communist and clone of Barack Obama as their governor or a Veteran Naval JAG officer to lead Florida into the next decade ?

    Its going to be a close race as Florida is filled with illegals who vote and leftist elections supervisors who cover up the vote fraud. Add the waves of communists from Puerto Rico into Florida and it’s going to take a miracle for Disantis to win.
    But my vote is for Ron Disantis.

  3. Andrew Gillum is an anti-semite who hates Jews and is a far-left socialist who wants to raise our taxes through the roof and cut our social security benefits just to pay for his radical programs!

  4. I am going to vote for Desantis and voted for him over Putnam in the primary election. However, he appears very weak in the ads that I see running; I would characterize him as being a “sissy” in the manner that he has delivered his message so far. Being behind 6% in the polls, I believe if the election were held today, gillum would win. That being said, DeSantis and the Republican Party apparatus need to be more forceful, get into the attack mode, and let the voters know what a criminal gillum is and that he gets campaign funding from globalists who want to make the common people of America slaves to their desired economic system. The devil is hard at work in this election and may prevail. In the first place, had there not been so many candidates in the primary, gillum would have not won. Had not Putnam supported big sugar, Disney World, and Publix, I think he would have won the primary election. In retrospect, I think Putnam would have a much better chance to defeat gillum that DeSantis. It will be the darkest day in the history of the State of Florida if gillum is elected. Then, he will probably later be elected President of the United States. Stop him, DeSantis!

  5. Snidely, I share your impatience with DeSantis – to me, he should right now be criss-crossing FL, with the goal of doing ten FL cities a week until election day – all making speeches with an item-by-item list of what he intends to do for FL to bolster the economy, improve/preserve the environment, and attract/retain companies to provide high-paying jobs. At the same time, DeSantis’ campaign people need to have 50% commercials repeating that same item list, and another 50% commercials broadcasting Gillum’s abysmal Tallahassee record of no-growth and booming crime. I’m not even a campaign wiz and I could do a better job for Desantis than he’s doing now.

    On the other side – Hope, I sincerely pray you’re right and DeSantis has some fantastic campaign ready to roll out immediately. Soros and the Dem-Socialists want FL very badly and will spend mega-millions to get it. If Desantis doesn’t get a helluva lot faster and better at campaigning, he will let FL slip into Gillum’s and Socialist hands. All I can do is vote for him, but I can’t make DeSantis improve his game with only my vote – he better quickly do that himself.

  6. Hope, DeSantis camp should THANK YOU for reminding people not to lose HOPE and not be WEARY. FBI what’s the plan with releasing “leaking” long anticipated indictments? Citizens of Tallahassee and State of Florida needs YOU to expedite and two-step up to the plate! Expect DeSantis to run circles around delusional Andy in their debate. DeSantis measure your words otherwise delusional Andy most definitely to race bait with scripted narrative. Good luck and KEEP the Governor mansion Republican! Vote DeSantis!

  7. Seriously folks DeSantis has so much red meat with Gillum to work with that he really needs to quit pussy footing around, taking the losers “high road”, and being so meek – mild – and timid!
    What he needs to do is get up and come out swinging at Gillum right now.
    Darn people Christmas and the election will be here before you know it.
    Yet DeSantis sits quietly and contimplates his belly button!!!

    1. Less is more, patience is a virtue, slow and steady wins the race, have faith, hope, and believe! And go sign up on the DeSantis camping site! Pronto!

        1. You can’t afford me Hope, hah!
          What about this hypothetical: perhaps DeSantis is laying low right now because he knows what and when the FBI hammer is coming down? I mean, he’s a lawyer, and he’s in the same party as Jeff Sessions.

    2. In case you didnt know…there are ads running in the Tampa, Orlando, and South Florida markets exposing Gillum’s socialist agenda…I guess its too early for ads in the Tallahassee market, with two thirds of registered voters here leanin left anyway.

  8. I am concerned about the messaging system (or lack of) of the Republican Party of Florida. They are the worse when it comes to getting the message out and have no way of competing with the mainstream media. I give the advantage in this race to Gillum and the Democratic Party of Florida.

    1. Have you signed up to receive info from the DeSantis campaign?

      That is the problem with Tallahassee voters, they vote on who has the most publicity stunt schemes and not actual substance.

      Gillum’s ads are prattle and nonsense and you would be shocked at who gets drawn in by his load of nothingness and his Proclamations of himself that he is the greatest gift on Earth to mankind… because of his ethnicity and mother’s occupation. That’s it! THAT is his total package of what he has to offer for his qualifications to be the next governor. No plan, no proven track record, in fact, a negative track record of turning Tallahassee into the highest crime rate city in Florida. With Gillum Florida would have the highest crime rate in the United States. Gillum is good at being bad except for his proclamations that he is great but he is great at nothing other than prattle.

      Every time you see a Gillum ad everyone must run and sign up on the DeSantis campaign site to subscribe, donate, and volunteer. We must react positive towards DeSantis for each Gillum ad which would counter the productivity of Gillum’s ads. We can’t just sit there and get sucked in we must do something positive Pro DeSantis!

  9. OK gentle readers; the National RNC had to step up and do something. Why you ask? Well thats because DeSantis is doing nothing whatsoever to get himself elected.
    Beginning to think he is a never Trumper gleefully laughing as he sells out Florida to George Soros.
    DeSantis’ inaction is starting to become very desturbing.

    1. DeSantis is preparing, learning, educating, and being responsible to prepare for being governor of the state of Florida. He is not a showboater attempting silly public relations stunts and fluff ads touting his mom’s occupation and his ethnicity as the two only qualifications that he believes entitles him to be governor. I have already received DeSantis information via email and on a TV ad informing voters of well-prepared plans for Florida that are backed up with substance and not nonsense. Floridians must ask themselves do they want to vote for a man that will move Florida forward who has a proven track record already– or do they want to vote for a man who will make Florida the Section 8 housing capital of the U.S. with a failed performance track record? Also, if DeSantis and Gillum both applied for a top secret clearance which one do you think would be approved? Voters must ask these questions.

      1. EXCELLENT point, Hope!
        Due to his involvement in the ongoing FBI probe, is it possible that Gillum would be unable to get the clearance level necessary for the job?

  10. DAY 21:

    It has been 21 days since Andrew Gillum lied on national TV stating there was no crime problem in Tallahassee . The Tallahassee Democrat refuses to report that Andrew Gillum lied on national TV on Election night. In fact they are reporting lower crime stats even though the crime seems to be escalating with shootings, shooting deaths, a lockdown of a school , Etc. To ignore this blatant lie it is imperative that the editor of the Tallahassee Democrat, William Hatfield, resign.

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