Tallahassee Police Logs 31 Auto Burglaries Over Three Days

Tallahassee Police Logs 31 Auto Burglaries Over Three Days

In the after math of an incident in Killearn Acres where shots were fired and multiple cars were broken into Saturday morning, Tallahassee Reports reviewed the daily crime report filed by the Tallahassee Police Department.

The crime reports show that the Tallahassee Police Department logged 31 auto burglaries in locations across town over a 72 hour period beginning Thursday September 20th.

The raw reports are attached below.

Also, the reports show that on the same night of the Killearn Acres (located in the county) incident, there were four auto burglaries in the nearby city neighborhood of Lenox Mil, just off of Kerry Forest Blvd.

The report shows that three incidents took place in the 5300 block of Tewkesbury Trace and one incident in the 3500 block of Bankhead Rd.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Friday September 21, 2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

13 Responses to "Tallahassee Police Logs 31 Auto Burglaries Over Three Days"

  1. TPD Officers better not draw their weapons on these criminals unless the criminals fire first, otherwise the officers will be vilified and fired. Good luck ever working in law enforcement again after a Chief fires you for “excessive force”. Chief DeLeo favors the criminals over the police. No wonder criminals are running amok. The Chief has their back.

  2. “Broken” into is a very incorrect term for these incidents (which include multiple hand guns and a stolen car that had a key inside) where the owners failed to simply lock the vehicles!!!!

  3. State troopers had to come to Tallahassee in droves. Troopers rom all around the state came to Tallahassee to help with the out of control crime. The gig was cslled ALL-IN. Sheriff McNeill endorsed the idea.

  4. …this guy is a flash in the pan…another one with the mouth and no intelligence to back it up…long story short — they can dribble the ball but they cannot manage the team….period….

  5. The local news can not report on anything negative (which probably also covers the Mayor) within the City, because the City will black ball them… just ask WCTV and Andy Adcock… it took a long time for WCTV to get back on the good side of the City. That’s why all the important news comes from the St. Pete Times. Once they carry it, then the local news can jump on board.

  6. If Andrew was the “Republican” Mayor of Tallahassee running for Governor the liberal fake news media would be hammering him to no end on these very same 31 crimes in just 3 days. This you can not dispute.
    However thanks to Andrew’s leftist affiliation we got crickets.
    Here’s what’s so sadly ironic:
    Do not even expect Mr. DeSantis to go there either. He’s too skeerd to even mention it.
    Thank God Steve’s got testicles big enough for himself and Mr. DeSantis.
    Please prove me wrong here Mr. DeSantis. We will all be overjoyed if you locate your testicles and bash Gillum on the high crime in his city. Please Sir find the courage to do that for yourself and for Florida Sir.
    Would a phone call from the President help you to “man up”?
    No sir…SMACK!!!… We are all counting on you to find them Mr. DeSantis.
    “Through humor comes truth.” Snidely Whiplash

  7. Day 26:

    26 days ago Andrew Gillum announced on national TV that there was no crime problem in Tallahassee. When will the Tallahassee Democrat acknowledge that Andrew Gillum lied to America stating that there is no crime problem in Tallahasse? I am waiting for the Tallahassee Democrat to report Breaking News at any moment to report that Mr. Gillam grossly misled viewers regarding the crime problem in Tallahassee.

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