Politico: Gillum Driving Records Tied to “Active Criminal Investigation”

Politico: Gillum Driving Records Tied to “Active Criminal Investigation”

POLITICO is reporting that driving records related to Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum are tied to an “active criminal investigation” and can’t be released unredacted by the state, according to an audit housed with the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles.

POLITICO requested a listing of the number of times Gillum’s record has been accessed by governments or law enforcement agencies. The listing shows Gillum’s records have been accessed 106 times, but a vast majority were redacted by the department, and no specific information could be provided.

The public records exemption cited by the department for not releasing details to POLITICO relates to records tied to an “active criminal intelligence information and active criminal investigative information.”

“In accordance with Florida law, active criminal intelligence information and active investigative information are exempt from public record,” Frady said when asked for additional information.

Veteran POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo tweeted the following:

There’s an active federal criminal investigation into Tallahassee City Hall. Mayor Andrew Gillum —Dem frontrunner for gov— said he’s not a target.

Yet his driving records are being exempted from public record because of an “active criminal investigation.”

What investigation?

Mayor Gillum has wrestled with questions during his gubernatorial campaign about the FBI investigation into the Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency which involves Adam Corey, a close associate of Gillum’s.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Republican nominee Ron DeSantis said earlier this week that, “There’s huge problems when you govern that way, when you‘re on junkets with undercover FBI agents, when you’re the subject of a major investigation involving pay to play and involving corruption.”

Barry Richard, an attorney for Gillum, told POLITICO that “the Mayor is not under investigation. Government agencies frequently cite this statute when any information is redacted.” .

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  1. A mayor being cited for littering is a significant breach for someone who is supposed to be a role model and leader.

    How did the Tallahassee Democrat miss this, or did they sweep it under the proverbial rug?

    If this is true this should be reported on local, state, and national news.

  2. Unfortunately the investigation has to do with security breach of DHSMV records. Although, The Mayor was cited for littering in Jacksonville back in August of this year. Typical

  3. Thank You Hope for speaking the truth.

    Robert you think this is about “racism”. Really? How? Soros is white and Andrew is not.

    But, I would agree that Andrew (And Soros) are definately racist.

    And, I’m sure lost quite a few votes for himself and Hillary (but given to Obama) by their RACIST sereotyping of Confederate ancestors and decendents and Southerners.

    Going after them as if “white supremacists”. One, should truly get to know their supporting voters before slinging slurs.

    Just because the majority of victims are white is no excuse not to care. Or, increase LE when needed. That may come across as racist as well.

    See how that works.

    Soros needs to go. Stop corrupting Andy if Andy has nothing to hide!

    1. Hope isn’t speaking the truth. She’s speaking an opinion based on hearsay, nothing near fact. Just like you’re a hypocrite hiding behind the nick “Prayers,” most of the comments here are based on inaccurate information. If George Soros has to go, then so should the Koch brothers. My favorite part of these posts is watching idiots accuse the black man of being the racist and those whose families were Confederates of being stereotyped. That’s rich. Don’t hurt your brain coming up with a reply.

  4. Thank You Hope for speaking the truth.

    Robert you think this is about “racism”. Really? How? Soros is white and Andre is not.

    But, I would agree that Andrew (And Soemros) are definately racist. And, I’m sure lost quite a few votes for himself and Hillary (but given to Obama) by their RACIST sereotyping of Confederates and Southerners. Going after them as if “white supremacists”. One, should truly get to know their supporting voters before slinging slurs.

    Just because the majority of victims are white is no excuse not to care. Or, increase LE when needed. That may come across as racist as well.

  5. “Please this is a black men” If all of this was going on. He would already be in jail. This country dont care about anything black or African related. So let the truth be told. It’s all lies. How is it we have a Presedent that never turn in his tax information, but no one is worried about that. As always some rules only apply to some people only.

  6. When the records of anyone are hidden from public record of those who have entered into the political venue, it is a crime of omission and the public should reject their service and they should be removed from the seat of authority granted by the people. If their records are redacted it should be viewed as an act to obstruct justice and truth and obscure transparency and the record of their character and nature of their actions past and present. The people should no longer just demand full transparency, but they should file suits and charges against all who imped and attempt to block the information should have to make an informed and moral decision. This is an attempt to destroy the people’s choice and desire to shape self governance. It actually steals the power of everyone’s “Free Choice”! If the FHSMV is withholding this information, they are an accessory to this crime which is in my opinion a form of treason against the people. When the TRUTH is compromised in a marriage, TRUST is lost and both are divided and destroyed. The relationship of the people and government is a type of marriage and in order for this relationship to live and thrive, it must be fully open with one another. It is time that we stop asking for transparency and a full transcript of TRUTH and take actions to obtain it under the full force of Law so everyone is represented equally.

  7. Again, the Tallahassee Democrat refuses to publish the news like the helicopter buzzing over Tallahassee and informing us that they’re chasing another criminal the other day, the Star Metro van that ran into a tree, the plethora of people on street corners begging for money at intersections, the homeless people over-running neighborhoods so that owners can’t rent out their property to even Section 8 people, shootings of our young people, car burglaries car thefts, etc.

    Where is the expose on the Gillum crime family? Cocaine dealing!

    Tallahassee is like the Wild West and not only are Tallahasseans not being informed, but neither is Florida.

    Sheriff Walt McNeil is covering for Gillum, they’re making Chief DeLeo state crime is down. These two public law enforcement officers are good men and they shouldn’t be restricted or choosing to keep the truth from the public to cover for Gillum. Chief Walt McNeil can say it’s disrespectful to law enforcement for the public to question Gillum, but it’s disrespectful and dangerous to the public and putting the public in jeopardy to cover for Gillum. Come on McNeil and DeLeo! You took an oath to serve the citizens not Gillum’s political aspirations. It’s called aiding and abetting and we’re sick of it.

    Crime is out of control and DeLeo and McNeil are under Gillum’s thumb and the Tallahassee Democrat is complicit in the chicanery. The African-American minister from the Frenchtown area yesterday was crying out for help because the youth in his area were being shot and killed because crime is out of control and the Tallahassee Democrat, McNeil, and DeLeo need to do their jobs and not be aiding and abetting Gillum.

    What crimes won’t be reported today? Do we need to go to our legislature and have the feds come in and take over law enforcement to get our crime under control?

  8. Momma always said your defined by your choice of friends. Well, for Andrew to choose Adam for all those years, shows at least a complete lack of judgement. Hello? It took the FBI to wake him up to who he had in his inter circle? Just think if the FBI had not come along, Adam would be running the finance of this campaign.

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of Gillum waking up it’s a matter of Gillum getting caught. And why does Gillum take off and leave his family and go on an excursions with a single man/ lobbyist to New York on a junket strictly for pleasure? This just does not add up in the morality category either. There is something off on so many levels that it is just plain scary.

    1. You may want to relay this information to reporter Jeffrey Schweers at the Tallahassee Democrat. The Tallahassee Democrat has gone rogue and all responsible reporting is out the window; they are all in for Gillum and Truth is Out and lies are in.

      1. Now, all of you know in your hearts with your evil thoughts and that phony Spanish American that there’s nothing unusual about this, your President has been charged over 30 times with sexual harassment of women and failed to surrender his taxes, supports racism, and you are spinning your thoughts on a driving record of this honest individual, boy you people like degrading people of color and I am white. SAD AND SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. JUDGENENT DAY IS COMING, HOW WILL ALL OF YOU BE JUDGED. GOD BLESS YOU.

        1. Not judging, simply reporting what we are seeing, what public records are revealing, and what we are seeing through our own eyes. If you don’t like it perhaps you should switch to a candidate that isn’t so heavily burdened with a poor track record, an FBI investigation, etcetera…

          I just give the facts, but you are stating categorically that Andrew is evil. You said it, not me. I believe you were attempting to make us feel like we were saying something evil , but you failed miserably.

  9. Thank you Mr Caputo! Finally a reporter with common sense and integrity and responsible reporting. A lot of information that an individual perpetuates is captured by the DMV and not necessarily captured in local files. Again, actual factual reporting is certainly a breath of fresh air.

    Believe me these rabbit trails can be followed and it is amazing what they can find.

    Thank you Mr. Stewart for reporting Mr.. Caputo’s information.

  10. I know my driving records haven’t been part of a criminal investigation – not even once. Gillum has been investigated 106 times!

    1. The key word is “active” investigation(s).

      I do not believe the FBI told Gillum he was not the subject of the investigation(s). I believe that is wishful thinking on his part.

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