Harvard Poll: 69% Say Hearings National Disgrace, 75% Say Feinstein Should Have Turned Over Letter

Harvard Poll: 69% Say Hearings National Disgrace, 75% Say Feinstein Should Have Turned Over Letter

The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) at Harvard University released polling results before and after the confirmation testimony of Judge Kavanaugh. The findings, per CAPS, are outlined below.

Kavanaugh Confirmation (Pre-Testimony)

In the days leading up to the testimony of Dr, Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh before the Senate Judicial Committee, 82% had heard about the sexual harassment allegations and the majority – 60%– believed the allegations are mostly true (16% think they are definitely true, 44% probably true). Further, most voters (54%) said it is fair for Kavanaugh to have to defend accusations from over 35 years ago.

Voters were split on whether or not they wanted their Senators to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Thirty-six percent wanted their Senator to vote in favor, 38% against, and 26% were not sure.

On aggregate, voters wanted corroborating evidence before calling for Kavanaugh’s withdrawal. Sixty-one percent of voters said that if no corroborating evidence is found that that they would like the nomination to proceed. When asked if the allegations against Kavanaugh are mostly true, 51% of voters still through the nomination should proceed (49% say it should be withdrawn).

Kavanaugh Confirmation (Post-Testimony)

After the testimony, a majority of voters (89%) has watched or heard about the Kavanaugh hearings. Most voters (67%) found Dr. Ford to be a credible witness; 50% also thought that Kavanaugh was credible.

Voters remained split on the question of Kavanaugh’s nomination, with a sizeable group of voters still unsure of what they want their Senators to do. Thirty-seven percent of voters said they wanted their Senators to vote in favor, 44% to vote against and 18% were unsure.

Majorities of voters – 66% – the Senate decision to delay the vote by the week and involve the FBI to search for corroborating evidence. If the FBI review finds no corroborating evidence, 60% of voters support the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

A majority of voters believe that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was politicized and mishandled, with 69% calling it a “national disgrace”. They blame both parties for being partisan, with 54% blaming the Republicans and 55% blaming Democrats. Further, 75% of voters believe that Senator Diana Feinstein should have immediately turned over the letter from Christine Ford to the Senate Judiciary committee in July, when she received it.

The Kavanaugh nomination battle also appears to have further polarized the political environment, with 45% of voters saying they are more likely to vote in the midterm elections. Ultimately, 63% of voters believe Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

The Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) is committed to the interdisciplinary study of U.S. politics.  Governed by an interdisciplinary group of political scientists, sociologists, historians, and economists within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, CAPS fosters discussion, research, public outreach, and pedagogy about all aspects of U.S. politics.

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  1. Feinstein needs to be investagated for hiding letter and leaking letter. What a disgrace and betrayal she has made out of the Kavanaugh case. This is why I do not vote Demacrates!!!

  2. National conservative reporting seems to have forgotten that many of the Republicans complicite in the slow rolling of Kavanaugh are never Trumpers waiting gleefully for the next idiot far fetched Kavanaugh did thes or Kavanaugh did that falsehood which “we must take seriously”.
    For example: what do you readers think Marco Rubio be doing if he had any ability to slow roll Kavanaugh?

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