Tallahassee’s Crime Problem Hits Florida State University

Tallahassee’s Crime Problem Hits Florida State University

According to the FBI’s 2017 crime statistics, Florida State University had the highest violent crime count of any public college in Florida.

This was also the case in 2016. See the FBI reports below.

The FBI states that university/college crime statistics are affected by a variety of factors. These include demographic characteristics of the surrounding community, ratio of male to female students, number of on-campus residents, accessibility of the campus to outside visitors, size of enrollment.

Florida State University is located within the Tallahassee city limits. Tallahassee/Leon county has led the state of Florida in crime rate for the last four years – 2014,2015,2016, and 2017.

Also, the city of Tallahassee has set two new records for murders over the last four years.

Last year President John Thrasher in a statement lauded the outreach and crime-fighting efforts of the police department and maintained that student safety is paramount.

“We must continue working closely with our local law enforcement agencies to stem the rising tide of crime in other parts of the community,” Thrasher said. “Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff.”

Like in 2017, the report says the FSU leads in multiple crime categories to include rape, property crime, larceny, and motor vehicle theft.

The statistics are based on all offenses that were reported to local law enforcement in 2017.

The university reported higher crime counts than larger schools like the University of Central Florida in Orlando, the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida International University in Miami, and the University of South Florida in Tampa.

The FBI reports for 2016 and 2017 are below:


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  1. I’ve said this over two years ago on TR, but at some point parents will start looking at the violent crime rate at FSU and Tallahassee and decide to send their kids elsewhere. FSU requires enormous amounts of tuition income to keep going – so when new student enrollments begin to drop off sharply, I imagine Thrasher and FSU Trustees will be in the city commission’s and mayor’s face (if they aren’t already), demanding they quickly improve the local crime situation. That would be a very entertaining series of meetings or phone calls to hear. If citizens can’t get any positive action from the COT and Mayor, perhaps the full weight and anger of FSU can.

    On the general issue of rising crime in Tally, before I moved to Tally I’d never owned a gun. Three years ago, as I watched the incidents of local violent crime spiral upward, I took an intense gun training and safety course to get my CC permit, and I now carry a gun most of the time. At the grocery store, in restaurants, at the mall, anytime I’m downtown, etc. In Tally, carrying a gun for self-defense is generally wise.

  2. You verbally abuse me, stalk me, obsessed with me, and offer no intelligent opposing or appropriate conversation… and I need to get a life?

    I am praying for you…

  3. Moving out of the city is being a coward! Stand and fight! Don’t you remember what Uncle Joe said about crime; “It’s OK to have a shot gun for self defence” I’m not sure Uncle Joe was talking about hunting or politics. I have shot gun but I keep it unloaded so our marriage goes smoothly. My wife’s temper is worst than Maxine Waters. But she is a better shot. I have to use the auto.

  4. It is not because of our fine law enforcement officers and the rank-and-file.

    The fault lies at Andrew Gillum’s feet, the city commission’s doorstep, and the Tallahassee Democrat for doing nothing and saying nothing and going along with the deception… getting paid to go along with the deception, Etc etc etc!

    I have been begging someone to do something that this would happen. It is not fair to those students and their families that Tallahassee is inundated with a crime problem that the mayor refuses to acknowledge or do anything about it.

    Shame on Andrew Gillum Shame Shame Shame! Shame on Bill Hatfield publisher at the Tallahassee Democrat Shame Shame Shame! Shame on Jeffrey schweers at the Tallahassee Democrat Shame Shame Shame! Shame Shame Shame on Tamaryn Waters at the Tallahassee Democrat Shame Shame Shame! Shame on Sheriff Walt McNeil at the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Shame Shame Shame! Shame!

    Anyone who has endorsed Andrew Gillum is irresponsible to not acknowledge Tallahassee’s crime problem.

    Numbers don’t lie, but Andrew Gillum does.

    Why isn’t every newspaper in Florida – including the mullet wrapper – reporting this on the front page above the fold?

    1. Remember that guy in “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” ? “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges”. I see few signs of “crime prevention” in Tallahassee. It’s as though the TPD has thrown in the towel. It comes on the scene after the fact, but that’s not very reassuring. Lock and bolt your doors and windows, buy motion detector lights for your porches and pay attention to suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Stay aware of your surroundings when you are away from home. Crime prevention begins at your front door.

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