Two Polls Show Florida’s Race for Governor Tightening

Two Polls Show Florida’s Race for Governor Tightening

Two recent polls show that Andrew Gillum’s lead over Ron DeSantis in the Florida governors race is significantly down from the 9-point lead reported last week in a Quinnipiac University poll. That poll had Gillum leading DeSantis, 54 percent to 45 percent among likely voters.

However, Peter Schorsch, with, is reporting that a St. Pete Polls survey has Gillum’s lead down to 2 percent, which is within the margin of error.

The St. Pete Polls survey, commissioned by Florida Politics, found Gillum leading DeSantis 47 percent-45 percent with Reform Party nominee Darcy Richardson pulling 2 percent support and the remaining 6 percent of voters undecided.

The poll showed Gillum with a 52-36 percent lead among independent voters.

The results show Gillum leads in Tallahassee, Gainesville, West Palm Beach and Miami. DeSantis is strong in Pensacola, Panama City, Jacksonville and Fort Myers. In Tampa and Orlando the two are statistically tied.

Schorsch, addressing the accuracy of St.Pete Polls, points out that St. Pete Polls had “DeSantis up on Adam Putnam by 23 points, compared to his 20-point victory. And our numbers reflected a last-minute surge from Gillum into second place, compared to the numerous other surveys that suggested anything but.”

The St. Pete Polls is an automated phone poll that was conducted Sept. 29 through Sept. 30 and received responses from 2,313 registered voters who said they planned to vote in the November election.

Also, the newest poll from Public Policy Polling has Gillum ahead by four points in over Ron DeSantis. The survey sampled 779 registered voters Sept. 28-30. Gillum earned 48 percent support while DeSantis came in with 44 percent.

According to RealClearPolitics, Gillum has now led DeSantis in every major poll released since the primary on Aug. 28.

3 Responses to "Two Polls Show Florida’s Race for Governor Tightening"

  1. Regardless of what the polls say, conservatives need to get out and vote! Democrats and liberals just need to #Walkaway!

  2. I believe there is an underestimation in Tallahassee of the enthusiasm to vote for DeSantis because DeSantis is a good man with a proven track record and Gillum has an abominable track record in public service.

    Day 35 since Andrew Gillum lied on national TV that there is no crime problem in Tallahassee. He won’t acknowledge it, he won’t do anything about it except report false numbers that crime is down.

    Tallahassee is inundated with crime problems, the highest crime rate in Florida, sewage spill after sewage spill, lagging economy, corruption on his Board of City commissioners, homelessness, FBI investigations, etcetera.

    Gillum orchestrated the ruse to give his traveling partner and very close friend a $2000000 outlay for a restaurant attached to a city project.

    Other City commissioners followed suit by the city awarding a $100,000 pay out to a commissioner’s wife, City contracts to the mayor’s, commissioner Miller’s friends and family, commissioner Maddox’s friends, voting in a city manager who would not blow the whistle on their corruption, but only indulge in it further for himself and so on and so on and so on.

    Gillum failed US during the hurricane Hermine.

    Anyone who dares to give an opinion is confronted with vulgarity, threats, and abuse.

    What kind of public servant who is supposed to lead takes intimate trips with a single man leaving his family behind, the same man he voted to give a two-million-dollar pay out of taxpayer money.

    Okay, if he has to have indiscretions I guess okay, but it comes to a criminal situation when his indiscretion is involved with taxpayer funds.

    Our newspaper is complicit in the cover-up and only goes along with the PR nonsense stating crime is down tourism is up, etcetera.

    Florida will become the worst state in America if the way Andrew Gillum has run Tallahassee is any indication.

    I will not vote for someone with a poor track record and no morals and who gives our hard-earned money to his friends.

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