Florida Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum’s Family Under Investigation; May Have Engaged In Voter Fraud

Florida Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum’s Family Under Investigation; May Have Engaged In Voter Fraud

Less than a year before gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum publicly denounced President Donald trump’s efforts to investigate the threat of voter fraud, Gillum’s brother, Marcus Gillum, voted in the 2016 general election in Tallahassee, Florida while a resident of Chicago, Illinois.

According to Florida law, you must be a legal resident in Florida to vote in elections. Casting an illegal vote in Florida is a third degree felony.

Andrew Gillum and his brother Marcus are close. Media reports indicate they have traveled together and attended sporting events together. Also, Marcus Gillum has been caught up in the FBI investigation involving possible corruption in Tallahassee, Florida.

Leon County voting records show Marcus Gillum voted by absentee in the 2012 general election, absentee in the 2014 primary election, and early voted in the 2016 general election.

But the trouble is months before he cast that 2016 ballot in Florida, Marcus Gillum in an affidavit for an unrelated court case, swore under oath he was a resident of Chicago.

Also, according to records, Marcus Gillum is still currently registered to vote in Leon County  at a home that his brother, gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, sold over three years ago. The Leon County Property Appraiser indicates that Andrew Gillum sold 5325 St. Ives Lane on February 27th, 2015.

Furthermore, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle records shows that Marcus Gillum has not had a valid Florida drivers license since 2011.

Marcus Gillum has not returned repeated calls from TR seeking comment.

Tallahassee Reports presented this information to Leon County Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley. “Based on this information I will initiate an investigation into potential voter ineligibility,” Earley said.

Earley also added that fraudulent voting is actually very difficult to prevent.

“It could be that (ineligible voters) consider Leon County to be their place of residence,” Earley said.  “But the reality is until they notify us that it isn’t their residence, or we are notified by a different jurisdiction we have nothing to go on to remove them as an active voter.”

But voting irregularities involving Andrew Gillum’s siblings may not be confined to his brother Marcus. Voter records indicate that Monique Gillum, Andrew Gillum’s sister, voted in Florida despite questions about residency.

Monique Gillum voted absentee in the 2012 general election, absentee in 2014 primary election, early voted in the 2016 general election and voted in the 2018 primary election.

However, like her brother Marcus, voting records also show that Monique Gillum is still currently registered to vote at the St. Ives address. However, the mailing address she provided to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections is a P.O Box in New York City.

Public records show Monique Gillum does have a current Florida drivers license with a Tallahassee address. However, the address is different from the two provided to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

Also, other records, including work she did as a registered lobbyist for the Southern Poverty Law Center, indicate that Monique resided in Montgomery, Alabama from 2014 to 2016.

TR reached out to Monique Gillum but has yet to receive a comment.

While a definitive residency could not be ascertained by publicly available records for Monique Gillum, what is clear, is Monique Gillum voted in 2016 and 2018 registered at an address that was not her residence.

According to Florida statutes, the supervisor of elections is authorized to investigate fraudulent registrations and illegal voting and to report his or her findings to the local state attorney and the Florida Elections Commission.

This report is also published on Breitbart News.

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  1. Desperate Trump/DeSantis sheep trying to find anything to support their losing candidate. What does his brother have to do with him?

  2. AND these are the kind of folks we have running for Governor of the state of Florida……good Lord ….can we not due better than this ?

  3. So here’s the rest of the Bizarre Story on Gillum’s Brother’s Affidavit on the Dallas Commissioners info: Via sworn statement on the ‘woman who was eaten by a pack of dogs’ – so start with the affidavit, track the dates, timeframes, phone calls:


  4. Mr. Gillum is a smooth talker, with multiple undertoned racial comments.
    We had eight years of a man that did that, also!
    It divided our country!
    Our State is too far ahead to go back to someone who makes every decision based on race. That is called “Racist”. No to Gillum!
    GOD Bless FLORIDA!

  5. As I read and understand the article above, andrew’s brother marcus is either guilty of lying under oath that he was a resident of Chicago (if he was in fact a resident of FL at that time) – or he is guilty of a 3rd degree felony by voting in the 2016 election (since he was a resident of Chicago and NOT of FL). So he’s guilty one way or another, if the facts bear that out
    Likewise case in monique gillum: the article states she voted in 2014 and 2016 FL elections while she was in fact a resident of Alabama. Either that, or monique somehow lives in a P.O. Box in New York City, as she submitted to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections. And the address on her driver’s license (coincidentally the same St. Ives address marcus used) hasn’t been valid since 2015. So looks like a 3rd degree felony for monique also, if the facts bear that out.

    Mr. Mark Earley must certainly be aware that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and is immaterial in court. So marcus and/or monique have no defense if the facts prove their voting falsehoods.
    If the gillum siblings are both facing 3rd degree felony charges for voter fraud in FL, I’m hoping the FBI is leaning very, very hard on them to sing all they know about andrew gillum’s activities.

  6. It is suspect that CNN releases a bogus poll prior to the debate. I guess this is their way of doing damage control knowing that DeSantis would clearly have a significant increase in the poll numbers post debate.

    The only thing this poll shows is the lack of integrity at CNN and this is a perfect example of FAKE NEWS.

  7. Ron DeSantis did an exceptional job in the debate last night on CNN!

    He exceeded expectations and kicked Andrew Gillum into the next County.

    DeSantis exposed Gillum for the left-wing Ultra fanatic liberal that he is. He hit a homerun everytime Gillum threw something at him that just didn’t stick.

    On the other hand DeSantis exposed Gillum for the radical ridiculous nonsense corruption and incompetence that we experience first hand.

    I am disappointed in CNN on their ridiculous bogus poll. Let us not forget that CNN had Hillary ahead in double-digit numbers prior to the election.

    Ron DeSantis was the clear winner of the CNN debate! Good job RonDeSantis!

  8. We have major issues in Tallahassee. Walt McNeil is endorsing Gillum. Hmm, I wonder why? We have the highest murder rate in the state, highest utility rates. Meanwhile, Gillum goes to NY with FBI undercover agents? Democrats in Tallahassee would re-elect Gillum in a heart beat just like Marion Barry. Let’s hope Florida voters are smarter and make the only sensible decision by electing DeSantis.

  9. Guillum is such a Communist! I was born in Cuba and am a citizen, and I want NO Communists as anything in my adopted country. I don’t want a Communist Mayor, which we’ve had, I don’t want a Communist governor, which Guillum wants to be. He needs to crawl back to wherever he crawled out of.

  10. Someone should check and see if Andrew Gillum claimed homestead exemption on that property. If so, he would know that the supervisor of elections was sending mailers to that address for his non- citizen brother and sister for past 6 years.

  11. How much did it cost us to rename the airport? It’s absolutely foolish that we spent money to call ourselves and international airport when we have no international flights and don’t even have a customs presents to allow general aviation aircraft clear there. Just more of the Gillum Smoke and mirrors!

  12. Jim Comey took a crap on the once proud FBI.
    I feel like expecting Comey’s weasels to do the right thing regarding Gillum is less likely than expecting to win that 1.6 Billion Mega Money lotto ticket.

  13. I wonder where the FBI is at on their investigation of City of Tallahassee corruption? Gillum ended up in photographs with supposed FBI undercover agents while in New York City. That doesn’t happen unless you are one of the targets in an investigation. You don’t see or hear much from Adam Corey. Was he working with the FBI as an informant?

    1. If the FBI had the above evidence on Marcus Gillum committing a third degree felony, in addition to his scofflaw past, I’m betting they could easily flip him.
      Such as with the “Hamilton” tickets thing, the ball game and the comped NYC hotel.

      Perhaps the Feds will create a “November surprise” with some arrests?

      1. Gillum stated he was not the focus of the FBI investigation. He has no way of verifying that.

        Didn’t Gillum state that Marcus traded Corey a Jay Z ticket for a Hamilton ticket?

        Their cover ups are stacking up to be as many as their crimes.

        1. When does the FBI ever tell someone – especially someone they took on a sting operation “boat ride” – that they are not under investigation.

          If that is the case, then Andrew must be satisfied that our President is in the clear and will stop with his rhetoric on any wrong-doing by POTUS.

  14. I don’t think I have ever witnessed a candidate with so much baggage as gillum; I don’t know how he keeps his head above water.

    1. I would like to see the tax returns of our President to see who he owes money too and exactly how much money did he make and from what sources. I would assume he claims a lot more than $47.0k and Trump’s charities are probably those run by his family. But who knows since he will not produce them.

  15. Yes Steve good work!!
    Bringing Andrew’s chickens home to roost just enough time prior to the election to help the moderate USA loving God fearing registered Dems and NPA’s make the correct decision at the voting booth.
    Come on over to truth, justice, and the American way all you moderate USA loving God fearing registered Dems and NPA’s!!
    Welcome home!!
    DeSantis is the only choice.

  16. Well, clutch my pearls! A relative who *may* have voted for a candidate illegally just must be worse than a candidate who himself says racist things regularly like de Santos does , huh?

    1. Really? The word “may” is to be safe. The records are what they are…once again, Gillum is left with another cloud surrounding him. He is under investigation by the FBI (his claims to the contrary have been proven false by Politico-Florida), every one in his circle (formerly or now) is in the middle of it. Spare me. Oh, and racist things regularly? Please prove this statement. “Regularly” suggests routinely or consistently. He has not said anything racist…the context of his statement regarding “monkeying up” the state was directed at voters. But, keep doing what you must to ignore the obvious.

      1. Preston, you have at least put two plus two together with Politico-Florida. Maybe you can highlight the fact that the reason his driving records were withheld was a SPECIFIC records exemption for individuals under ACTIVE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!

        I can’t believe DeSantis won’t even hit him on this… Florida Statute 119.071(2)(c)1.

        Active criminal intelligence information and active criminal investigative information are exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

        Gillum’s campaign tried to say Chapter 119 is just the standard exemption always cited… and completely ignored the specific section hoping everyone else would.

      2. Preston Scott, you are wasting your words. The person who posted it is obviously not well-informed, makes up facts, and then convinces herself/himself that they are true. People should have to be able to pass a test to vote.

    2. First of all, who is De Santos? Secondly, since apparently you are voting for Gillum, YOU must be a Socialist, anti Semite, corruption loving so called human. May I suggest you move to Venezuela, that location seems to be more of your speed.

    3. Mame, do you consider yourself a racist? Why did you have to make fun of Mr. DeSantis last name “de Santos”. Can’t be auto correct because it didn’t change it for me when I typed his name.

      Also, please send the list of racist comments to include dates, times and comments. After all you claim he does it regularly so you must be keeping score I would assume.

    4. DeSantis is not a racist. That is a charge made by Gillum two days after getting his parties’ nomination. DeSantis was making reference to the economic status of Florida and we being on the right track. It would be bad to ‘monkey’ this up. This is a term used in the military which Gillum would know nothing about. DeSantis was a Seal Team One member in the Navy and a JAG prosecutor as well as a graduate of Yale and Harvard Law. When you are involved in “monkey business” it is not a reference to racism but you are doing something you do not want all to know about or you are ‘up to no good.’ If you are “monkeying around” you are not using time wisely. Again, these have NOTHING to do with race. Gillum made the racist charge to try and divide people which is a typical socialist action.

    1. Story details the crimes of his brothers (drug convictions) and MOM (writing bad checks):
      Guess his felonious brother in Jax still won’t be able to vote for him; maybe Monique can vote twice to make up for it?
      His GOP moniker:
      “Andrew Guilty”
      Imagine if DeSantis had a crime family like this, how many dozens of times the Lamestream Media would have shoved it down your throat, without the added sympathy prose?
      Then again, there’s still time – maybe they’ll throw out a whopper on how he might be connected to the Mafia (because he has an Italian name) and see if they can fool some.

  17. Were the rest of Corrupt Andy’s siblings prevented from voting because they’re in the Big House (drug convictions), or dead?

    More excellent work, TR.

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