Undercover FBI $5K Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum Affiliated PAC Not Reported

Undercover FBI $5K Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum Affiliated PAC Not Reported

Newly released emails reveal that Mike Miller – an undercover FBI agent posing as a developer with business interests before the city of Tallahassee – covered a $4,386 expense for a fundraiser honoring Andrew Gillum which benefited the Gilllum affiliated PAC, Forward Florida.

However, a review of Forward Florida campaign reports show no expenditure or donation for the expense.

The invitation, is shown below, indicates the event was held at the home of Adam Corey on April 11, 2016 “Honoring Mayor Andrew Gillum.”

Emails indicate that the Florida Democratic help organize the event through the work of Brice Barnes. Barnes was listed as the Finance Director of the Florida Democratic Party at the time of the event.

An email, shown below, indicates that “Mike Miller” was asked to cover food and beverage expenses for the event which were provided by the Edison restaurant. Adam Corey was developer and owner of The Edison.

The invoice, shown below, indicates the cost of the the food and beverage for the event was $4,386.

A review of campaign records for the Forward Florida PAC shows no expenditure in 2016 for food and shows no donations from a Mike Miller or a company related to Mike Miller.

Another email, shown below, indicates that Mike Miller was previously going to donate $5,000, but that was changed after the event and, Miller paid for Edison bill. The email was from Adam Corey to Brice Barnes.

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Email from Adam Corey to Mike Miller



17 Responses to "Undercover FBI $5K Campaign Donation to Andrew Gillum Affiliated PAC Not Reported"

  1. What is this about a car? Just another “super” happening. How does he get away with so much? The “press” should ask about how many lawsuits have happened in the district since he got elected. They should also do an anonymous survey of employees. The revelations would shock the community.Time the citizens of Leon County got educated. How can that happen?

  2. Wendy, the answer is YES, Mr. Hanna did buy a car for Mr. Sims. The fund source was out of Atlanta and Vegas. Contributors out of these areas supported Hanna in 2016 and supported opponents of two current Board members in 2018.

  3. I guess the joke is on us when the FBI gets away with funneling illegal campaign contributions to a Soros candidate while claiming it was part of an active investigation. The only thing they seem to be actively investigating is the open bar. I wonder if they all have that Peter Strohk smirk on their face while they are doing it.

  4. So, we have so far for andrew:
    1: Not paying for a trip to Costa Rica trip costing $941.95. Corey’s lawyer said Corey “never received money from Gillum” for the trip.
    2: Knowingly accepting tickets to the Broadway play Hamilton from “Mike Miller” (FBI agent).
    3: Accepting $4,386 in a “donation” for fundraiser food and drink expenses from “Mike Miller” that was never reported. “Forward Florida campaign reports show no expenditure or donation for the expense” according to the article above.

    So, if andrew isn’t presently “a subject of an FBI investigation”, looks like he very soon will be – or another FL law enforcement agency will soon be knocking on his door. There are simply too many glaring examples of campaign and-or legal violations for andrew out in plain sight now.
    It’s no longer an option to spin this away somehow.

  5. Why is this crook still our mayor, Gov. Scott?
    How much evidence does it take for you to act?
    A high school debate champion could argue the stories on TR into a conviction!

    1. The Gov. does not possess the fortitude to do the right thing in todays racially charged enviornment.
      The one and only shot at the Gov. doing the right thing is if Trump calls the Gov’s bowing to the situation into question at one of Trump’s rallys.
      Even then the Gov. would likely defy Trump and let Andrew have his way.
      Strange times we live in.
      I say go ahead Gov. a few riots in a few leftist FL cities is a small price to pay for stopping Gillum.

      1. And furthermore: speaking to the Gov. – do you think for a minute that if you and Andrew trade places that Andrew would not have crushed you like a FL palmetto bug Andrew found running across his kitchen floor?
        Think about it my man.

  6. I take it Fernandez, Gillum and Corey are also friends? So Corey gives the “owners discount” to his buddies and Fernandez got in trouble for it? Ethics? Donation?… and now Gillum has an “owners discount”?

    Why is none of the stuff having any bearing on the polls? Are the polls wrong, or do the Democrats just not give a ****?

  7. Mr. Snidely – So – Fernandez and/or Gillum and/or Daniels couldn’t possibly one of the undisclosed owners/investors of the Edison; could they? How else would Fernandez get an owner’s discount? Did anyone ever find out who this last mystery investor in the Edison was???

  8. Oh my look again at that receipt!!!!
    Is that the dreaded Owners Discount that got Mr. Fernandez in so much trouble?
    Why yes I believe it is the dreaded problematic Owners Discount!!!!

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