BREAKING NEWS: State Documents Show Gillum, Maddox Records tied to “Active Criminal Investigation”

BREAKING NEWS: State Documents Show Gillum, Maddox Records tied to “Active Criminal Investigation”

Information acquired by TR from the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) this past Friday reveal that the driving records of two of the five Tallahassee City elected officials are tied to an “active criminal investigation” and can’t be released unredacted.

Based on an earlier report by POLITICO, which found Gillum’s records were tied to an “active criminal investigation,” TR requested driving record information for a number of Tallahassee elected officials.

The records associated with current city commissioners Nancy Miller, Gil Ziffer, Curtis Richardson and former Mayor John Marks were provided without redactions.

However, the records associated with City Commissioner Scott Maddox were redacted.

In accordance with Florida law, active criminal intelligence information and active investigative information are exempt from public record.

Also, a DHSMV has previously stated that the reasons “agencies need access may include performing investigations or gathering information as part of their official duties.”

These findings indicate that the two Tallahassee elected officials whose records are tied to an  “active criminal investigation” are Mayor Andrew Gillum and City Commissioner Scott Maddox.

However, these new revelations show Gillum has something in common with Maddox who was named in a federal affidavit as an FBI target. The affidavit indicated that Maddox was under investigation for mail fraud and bribery.

In addition, both Maddox and Gillum have taken trips with undercover FBI agents who were posing as developers seeking business with the city of Tallahassee.

Maddox has maintained he has done nothing wrong.

POLITICO previously reported that Gillum’s record “has been accessed by governments or law enforcement agencies. The listing shows Gillum’s records have been accessed 106 times, but a vast majority were redacted by the department, and no specific information could be provided.”

TR found that the data associated with Maddox’s records has been accessed over 150 times with well over 100 redactions.

In comparison, the records of former Mayor John Marks and City Commissioner Nancy Miller were not accessed by any government agencies and had no redactions.

The records of City Commissioner Gil Ziffer were accessed twice with no redactions and the records of City Commissioner Curtis Richardson were accessed nine times with no redactions.

Barry Richard, an attorney for Gillum, told POLITICO that this “public record doesn’t show anything of substance, and as we’ve said, the Mayor is not under investigation. Government agencies frequently cite this statute when any information is redacted.”

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  1. This Republican victory was brought to you by the intrepid reporter, Steve Stewart. Without Stewart’s detailed accounts of Mayor Gillum’s corrupt behavior the voters would have been uninformed.

    Let the indictments begin!

  2. He took tickets without knowing where they came from. When he did know where they came from afterwards he lied! Thank you Jesus for saving us from this man! He would have raised taxes by 40 percent, he wanted to add a state income tax too, make Fl a sanctuary state, penalized police officer and driven so many companies out of this state! Even with all the star power that backed him he couldn’t win!

    AT 8:52PM 11/6/18
    Congratulations to all for your hard work.
    Tyranny is dead!

  4. I’m hoping Tuesday the REAL Florida shows up at the polls and gives gillum a kick to the curb. Sad thing is, FL is now populated with all kinds of people either so accustomed to Dem-Socialist welfare life, so lockstep-liberal (northerners) or so ignorant (uninformed millenials) they don’t realize they’re turning FL into Venezuela when they vote for any liberal. At least the ignorant can be forgiven, provided they don’t carry it into adulthood.
    Another thing I’m hoping Tuesday is that a hard-line Conservative FL legislature slams the door on any and every move a gov. gillum could make. Gridlock? – it’s a great thing if a liberal is the one being “locked” out of power.

  5. This wonderful state we live in will be hurt to the core if Gillum wins!
    Higher property taxes
    State income tax
    A penny added to our sales tax.
    Much higher corporate taxes that will cause a massive lay offs.
    See all these construction workers building houses and commercial buildings well take a good look now!
    They will soon be on unemployment..
    Florida’s booming economy over.
    So who in Gods name would want to vote for this man????

    1. Who will vote for Gillum:
      • Illegal Aliens
      • Criminals
      • Gay Mafia
      • All Non-Whites
      • Lamestream Media and their Clapping Seals
      • His brother in Chicago, and his dead friends there
      • His sister in NY
      • The Caravan in Mexico (by mail)
      • Socialists/Marxists
      • And Self-Hating Libs

      Who am I forgetting, Snidely?

      1. A more clear and concise compilation of the slimey inhabitants of the BLUE cesspool has never been published before.
        Proud to know ya Maven.

  6. And I must add that DEEESantis is the worst Republican candidate since Claude Kirk ran – which is ironic since Claude’s daughter in law has turned into a pee-brained Never Trumper and is now supporting Gillum on all her stupid facebook posts.

  7. Gillum is going to be governor unless there is a huge Republican turnout tomorrow. So everyone had better get used to it. Unfortunately.

  8. This is why we need to abandon the false choice 2 party system. OK America, you can only choose one of these two crooked snakes that would sell their own mothers into slavery to get into that particular office, what’s it gonna be?

  9. Gillum… Living proof that Chuck Schumer is correct… The Dems will do EVERYTHING to win.. Even run a corrupt racist getting getting big bucks from Steyer

  10. I don’t mean to bring up the elephant in the room here, but…why is Gillum getting 99% of the black vote? He isn’t qualified to be Governor much less mayor. He hasn’t improved the crime rate in Tallahassee. In fact, anyone could argue that Mayor Gillum has made crime worse in Tallahassee. He is the leader of Tallahassee and he tells police that when they pull their gun, or taser, or baton that they have already gone too far. Think about what message that sends to our men and women on the streets trying to uphold law and order? Furthermore, think about what message that sends to criminals. I hold both Sheriff McNeil and Chief Deleo equally responsible. They have the resources to lock up these thugs. To make matters even worse Gillum makes public statements that all illegal immigrants can feel safe in Tallahassee. Then he signs a Dreamer pledge that publicly denounces I.C.E. It is no wonder that Tallahassee now has the highest murder/crime rate. I think he is an embarrassment.

    I am not a racist. I believe that candidates should be judged on their merit and ability. Andrew Gillum will be an absolute disaster for the State of Florida. Let’s hope that logic and reason prevail tomorrow at the polls.

  11. Gillum is a Democrat.That is his qualification for Governor-period. Everyone understands that a Democrat governor is a black-eye for President Trump. November 6th is the Official Start of the 2020 election and as usual, Florida will be the key battleground state of the Electoral College.

  12. Records tied to an “active criminal investigation” does not mean that person is specifically under investigation. Rick Scott bilked taxpayers out of millions of fraudulent medicare bills. Gillum was given tickets to a show without his knowledge of where they cam from until after the fact. There is a difference.

    1. Hey Nunya, yes it does both he and Maddox. Maddox has hired Stephen Dobson and quite possibly is cooperating with DOJ. Barry Richard is not a criminal defense attorney which is what Gillum needs, but Richard is pro bono for him. There at least a half dozen others looking at criminal exposure and trying to cooperate. Gillum says he is not a target, no one else backs that up. Richard has to take Gillums word because he wasn’t there. Steve Stewart has been in the lead ahead of everyone here. This is a very deep investigation.

  13. Mr Richards is deflecting. There is a specific statute and he is hoping no one looks it up. But even the dmv records are basically stamped with the reference.

    Chapter 119 PUBLIC RECORDS
    119.071?General exemptions from inspection or copying of public records.—
    (c)1.?Active criminal intelligence information and active criminal investigative information are exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

  14. How much did trumps henchman pay you to write this garbage . There is zero factual evidence that shows Gilliam has commited a crime ! People are getting sick of tepublucans lack of moral character and telling lies to get elected .

    1. * Republicans

      Gillum lies about the crime rate, his trip to Costa Rica, his trip to New York, his trip to Tampa, etc etc etc.

      If you’re going to bring up moral character talk to him about his intimate trips with his best friend from college.

      And instead of a diatribe regarding Gillum’s crimes perhaps you might discuss it with the FBI.

    2. Gillum could shoot his mother with you watching and you still would vote for him. You are just a brainwashed liberal without the ability to think.

    3. Gern blanston you mean like the Dimms do with President Trump? They tried with the lies during the campaign of 2016 but we saw right through the lies. We still see through them everyday. Gillum’s consistent lying about things like the crime rate in Tallahassee dropping 21% since he became Mayor, also his pride in taking money for hus campaign for the American hating George Soros and many other things, have us here in Florida wide awake!
      #RedTsunami #VoteDemOut #VoteRightOrBeLeft #VoteRedToSaveAmerica

    4. You’re right of course, Gern. The FBI just likes hanging around Tallahassee for years and wasting time with expensive undercover agents going on trips with gillum grabbing up the free Hamilton tickets and trips to the ballgame and “free” Costa Rica trips and $4,300 “donations” for gillum’s fundraisers and . . . but – as you maintain, I guess the FBI just enjoys goofing off in Tally with a nothing assignment. By the way, Pres. Trump’s henchmen paid me really well to write this garbage.

  15. The records not being released is VERY significant in and of itself. How does Mr. Richards know the records don’t show anything if they won’t release them?

  16. Sigh….I still wish DeSantis had hit Gillum harder sooner with the truth.
    DeSantis irrational fear of being non-PC made him shy away from the truth for way too long.
    Same stupid thing was done by Gillum’s Democratic opponents and you see what happened to them.
    Only after so very many early voters had already cast their ballots did the overly timid DeSantis finally hit Gillum hard as he should have done on day one and each subsequent day of the campaign.
    This PC dance is not how to win in today’s political environment. Is that how Trump won? No…Hell No!
    If DeSantis wins I will be happy and relived.
    Florida will have totally dodged a bullet if DeSantis wins.
    If he loses…well then…DeSantis shot himself in his own overly PC foot…Sigh…

      1. Nia, do you realize you’re still stuck on something that obviously doesn’t matter to the majority of the people. He or any other politician is NOT required to show his tax return. It’s none of your or my business. Is that all you got to complain about?

      2. Nia,

        Where are the 30K emails deleted from your Goddess Hillary? Which was a definitive violation of Federal law, as they were under subpoena. That’s a FEDERAL OFFENSE. Not to mention the smashing on cell phone with hammers that were ALSO under subpoena… Tax Returns are NOT required by law to be produced. They are private personal information and has always been an accommodation from said candidate.

      1. Ms. (or Mr. ) Nia, then indict him – once you have evidence. Two years of Mueller “investigation” with his several dozen lawyers (all big Dem donors) and millions of dollars in taxpayer money have yielded…nothing. If Mueller had a shred of a bit of evidence to indict Pres. Trump for anything, all the broadcast time and ink in the world wouldn’t be enough to blare it out 24/7 on the MSM.
        Either produce evidence, or sit down and be quiet.
        Meanwhile, there is evidently more than enough evidence on gillum and his crony maddox to keep the FBI here and busy. We’ll soon see who gets indicted first, those two or Pres Trump.

        1. Its sad that people are so stupid they have to have people thats crooked people to tell the. If they dont vote the way they want them to the people that wants them to have freedom and not controledby socialism will wil win i want my freedom not socialism

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