City to Vote on $600K for Public Housing Project

City to Vote on $600K for Public Housing Project

At their next meeting, the Tallahassee City Commission will vote on a recommendation to provide $600,000 in additional funding for a major public housing project.

The City and the Tallahassee Housing Authority (THA) have created a redevelopment plan for the Orange Avenue public housing complex. The 200-unit apartment complex will be replaced with 390 residential units that will include “public housing, affordable rental housing, and market rate rental housing.”

Approximately $425,625 has been provided to the city by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) for the housing project. This level of support qualifies the project as a Local Government Area of Opportunity (LGAO) project, therefore improving the chances of receiving additional funding from Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) that were applied for.

In May, the City applied for $2 million through the CDBG Disaster Recovery program to help with development. The Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) suggested that funding would be provided, so the city built this expected funding into their model. However, DEO has not funded the grant request and the project now has a funding gap.

The total cost for the housing project is estimated at $22,108,761. If the LIHTC award is received, funding will cover roughly $16,148,385. The balance remaining would be covered by “conventional financing and contributions by THA and the City.” The budget has been revised, with a gap of $600,000.

The City’s contribution would total $1,025,625 if they receive LIHTC funds. It is recommended that the $600,000 be provided by the City Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF). If the city receives the tax credit allocations they’ve applied for, the City can request that the CRA reimburses the AHTF for its contribution.

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  1. People quick to judge the poor not everybody sitting on there ass. If yall kids grow up and have hard times and yall dead. What would yall have to say than when she out on the street with her kids or living from house to house. Yes its the poor this world would be a better place if we would put our self in there shoes if you were poor that would be a big blessing . I stay in public housing I made bad decisions we all do. And I work my ass off to try to get out but I have to work 2 or 3 jobs to take care my son dont have time to go to school abd I wish I could my son is all that I have and being here with THA is a blessing because I would not know were I would be yall can keep yall money yall love talking about Tax payer and yall living yall best life while we stuck here trying to make the next meal or rent that we have to pay. Yes its alot of them that can do better but the kids is the next Generation and thats what this all about . i see these kids everyday they smart funny and they want to go up and put there mom in a house. I talk to these kids motivates them NOT EVERYBODY COMES FROM A GOID HIME OR GOOD GUIDANCE and I try to be that person. Who every that will bless us with this money to rebuild that would be a big blessing for theses kids that didnt ask to be here. For the ones that sit on yall high horse my son might just be your dam docter one day this bless and the poir does matter because I matter and my son and so do the next Generation.

  2. I just hope that when you start renting the Units, that you put in the Contracts that the Renter MUST maintain the Unit. When I started looking for a House/Townhouse to buy, I looked at Many that were HUD and they ALL needed to be rebuilt. Every one of them were nasty filthy and disgusting. They would rather live like that then spend one Dollar to keep it clean.

  3. I agree with rb! Such a waste of taxpayer money to keep dishing out to those in poverty who have no ambition or plans to better themselves! Such people would rather continue taking it from the workers while they loll around and continue to reproduce themselves! People who are truly disabled and unable to care for themselves, should definitely receive assistance, but most do not fall into that category!

  4. Great………lets spend some more taxpayer”s money on southside do gooder projects. Does anyone see where this actually benefits the so called “”poor”” ? Build a tent city for the unfortunate which will encourage the residents not to become a life time resident in subsidised housing , and up grade themselves to work hard AND move on to a better life style ! Incentive is the answere… not free stuff and subsidised housing !!

  5. I’m fairly certain this is in the block bounded by Orange on the South, Brighton on the west, Putnam on the north, and Country Club Drive on the east. If they build the 390 units, it’s “only” $56,700 per unit, but another way to look at it is a net increase of 190 units at a cost of $22M, which puts the cost up >$100,000 per unit.

  6. That comes out to about $110,500/unit. For “public housing?” Sounds too expensive to me. Which of our city/county commissar’s buddies will be raking it in on this deal? And exactly where on Orange is this Project proposed to be built?

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