Former Chiles High School Teacher Arrested

Former Chiles High School Teacher Arrested

Former Chiles High School teacher Casey O’Brien, who resigned October 1 after being placed on administrative leave in August due to allegedly sending a student “sexually explicit messages, was booked into the Leon County Detention Center on Saturday and has since been released on bail.

O’Brien, who is 33 years-old, taught Chemistry at Chiles for 7 years, has been charged with “felony obscene communications” and “use of a computer service to seduce a child.”

He’s been ordered to have no contact with the victim, to stay away from schools and to not use any social media or internet.

Reports allege that O’Brien exchanged pictures and videos back and forth on SnapChat with a male student since at least April. According to the student, he never had a class with O’Brien but that he had met him through other students, and that many other students followed O’Brien on Instagram and SnapChat.

The student told detectives O’Brien sent a video of him “rubbing his penis on the outside of his pants,” as well as of conversations they had where O’Brien would ask the student to “lower the camera.” O’Brien admitted he was in the video.

This is just the most recent of incidents that have arisen at Chiles. In June and May there were two separate incidents with coaches at the school. One was arrested on stalking and battery charges and the other was suspended without pay and barred from coaching because of his use of racial slurs.

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  1. I wonder if this is the same teacher the administration allowed to supervise the “alternative” lifestyle club at the school that meets during lunch, where no parent notification is required for students to attend?

    As a more than upset parent, I know how they recruit unsuspecting, socially awkward students to attend…

  2. How many incidents/arrests/allegations against teachers do we have to endure at Chiles before we get a change in the administration? It seems apparent that there is a lack of leadership and a lack of teacher discipline and accountability at CHS.

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