Planned Parenthood Abortion Services Slated for Tallahassee; Concerned Residents Raise Funds for Life

Planned Parenthood Abortion Services Slated for Tallahassee; Concerned Residents Raise Funds for Life

On Thursday, November 8th, Tallahassee residents gathered at the University Center Club at FSU to celebrate life and raise money for future efforts aimed at providing reproductive services for women that also encourage choosing life.

The timeliness of this fundraiser highlighted the changing reproductive healthcare landscape in Tallahassee. Speakers at the event informed attendees of Planned Parenthood’s intent of providing abortions in Tallahassee at its new facility as soon as 2019.

Tallahassee Reports was able to confirm through a story written by Mitch Perry, a reporter with Florida Phoenix, that Planned Parenthood “expects to provide abortion services around 2019 — the first time ever that the organization will provide those services in the state capital.”

Planned Parenthood officials say that the main objective of the new facility was to serve more people in Tallahassee which they stated was a medically underserved community.

Mr. Perry notes, “With 70,000 college students residing in Tallahassee for nine months out of the year, Planned Parenthood officials say that their services to educate and provide care are more needed than ever.”

However, Lillian Tamayo, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood for South, East, and North Florida, expects this new facility in Tallahassee to also be a hub for abortions in the South, saying, “You may not realize that Florida is the last of the southern states that does not have a waiting period prior to having an abortion.” Ms. Tamayo continues, “So women will travel over the state line and we’re just pleased to be able to be here for them.”

Thursday’s fundraiser benefiting a pro-life group featured testimonies from a woman who was adopted, a couple who recently chose to keep their unexpected baby, and a national speaker, Matt Walsh.

Attendees were moved when the woman described the experience of deciding to keep her baby. She said, “I didn’t know what to do. . . . I thought this (abortion) was my only option. . . . Still in my mind, there was a piece of me speaking, ‘Don’t do this; you can keep this baby.’ ”

After speaking with a counselor, seeing the baby from an ultrasound, and listening to the heartbeat, her mind changed, and she said, “This definitely has to happen . . . . This baby is a part of me.”

Matt Walsh, a pro-life conservative blogger, told the audience that abortion “is the number one defining issue in our society, because it gets down to the fundamentals of who you are and what you believe.”

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  1. All Flordia State Legislators should be advised of this critical issue and the importance of stepping up and establishing a waiting period before having an abortion,as one of the last Southern States to do so,thank you.

  2. Fits in with the progressive liberal folks that inhabit this city. Just one more good reason to move to a more balanced community of common sense folks !

  3. Planned Parenthood was exposed of going above and beyond the evilness of even the Devil himself when Project Veritas released verification that they had been selling dead babies for great profit for a long long time and are still doing it.
    The Devil had to build another Hell for them and get his mean brother to run it because Lucifer was so freaked out that mere mortals would do such an evil thing
    He did not even want to be around the Planned Parenthood leaders in his regular Hell.

    1. You’re mistaken.
      Lucifer’s brother is still alive, and running the newsroom at Florida Today.

      Into the ground.

      Just like he did in Tallahassee.

  4. Will never understand why they choose to be called something they are not.
    An abortion mill is the polar opposite of “Parenthood.”
    And what about an unexpected pregnancy is “planned?”

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