Semi-Annual Crime Numbers Decrease 7.7% in Leon County

Semi-Annual Crime Numbers Decrease 7.7% in Leon County

According to data released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the Total Crime Index in Leon County decreased by 7.7 % in the first six months of 2018 when compared to the first six months of 2017.

The statewide numbers show a decrease of 8.0% for this time period.

The table below compares the six categories that constitute the Total Crime Index for the first six months of 2017 and 2018 for Leon County and Florida.

For Leon County, the decrease translates to 541 fewer crimes. Declines in the categories of aggravated assault, burglary, and larceny had the largest impact on the Total Crime Index. Only rape and motor vehicle theft showed increases.

Also, the clearance rate for offenses in Leon County increased from 17.3% to 21.9%. The statewide clearance rate was reported to be 20.0%.

All data is self-reported by each jurisdiction and compiled by the FDLE.

Earlier this year, the Tallahassee Police Department, after hiring a consultant to conduct an audit, changed the way it reports the number of crimes. For example, now incidents in a specific area committed by the same person are tallied as one crime.

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  1. Speaking of criminals, I’d still like to see a story on whether or not Gillum’s brother in Chicago, his sister in NY or AL, and his convicted brother in Jax voted for him. (Recall, the first two are still using Gillum’s former house on St. Ives Lane as their current address, per TR reporting.)
    What say you, Mr. Earley?

    1. Good point Mav just because Gillum choked on his run at the Gov. Mansion, is no longer Mayor, is no reason to slack up on reporting on his criminal activities.
      Giving Gillum a courtsey “pass” is so much like the liberal “fake news” entities operate.
      Slacking up on Gillum criminal reporting = supporting leftist dreams for Gillum in the White House.
      Keep on hitting Gillum Steve:
      Tallahassee and the surounding area will never get tired of you reporting on the latest Gillum dirt!!!!!

  2. I don’t remember a “semi-annual” crime statistics report?

    The crime rate seems to be dropping rapidly… What’s next… An hourly crime statistics report that shows the crime stats significantly lower?

    I believe the same people that made up the bogus polls are making up the crime stats.

  3. The only thing these numbers mean both statewide and in Tallahassee is the economy is much better with fewer people unemployed thereby reducing the crime rate. Has nothing to do with what government did or didn’t do.

    1. Hold on there James the locals are going to think you are crediting this crime drop to President Donald Trump!!!
      I agree with you James.

  4. The way Sheriff Walt McNeil behaved regarding promoting Andrew Gillum at the expense of the public safety for Leon County is unforgivable in political terms.

    I hope Mr Strickland is mounting his campaign to run for Sheriff because I don’t see any way Walt McNeil could win after using his public office to rally for Gillum.

    Then the way the crime stats have been manipulated to coincide with Gillum’s campaign is unbelievable and No One Believes it.

    Charlie Strickland for Sheriff!

  5. @Steve – how about you answer Toby’s question because you’re deliberately misleading statement about the way TPD tallies stats is working to confuse and bamboozle Toby. It’s not right. You’d have much more credibility if you didn’t write that way.

    Toby – that’s not it at all. Don’t believe the hype.

  6. Wow, get rid of those 3 city commissioners and the crime rate suddenly drops nearly 8% just think how much it will drop when Maddox is finally off the commission.

  7. So what do they mean by area?

    Are you telling us that in the case of the Yoga Studio murders where 7 people were shot 3 including the murderer were killed TPD will report that as 1 murder?

    How about the 25 car breakins in one weekend?

    Is this in any way a standard metric for tracking crime?

    Do the Sheriffs do the same thing or do we have one standard for TPD and another for LCSO?

  8. That is so funny on so many different levels.

    Who was the consultant conducting the audit ? Brenda Snipes?

    Whoever it was they weren’t worth one cent.

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