Sixty-Six Page Indictment of Tallahassee City Officials Released

Sixty-Six Page Indictment of Tallahassee City Officials Released

Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Florida released a 66 page indictment of Scott Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith.

See the indictment here.

The indictment  details forty-four counts related to conspiring to operate a racketeering enterprise that engaged in acts of bank fraud, extortion, honest services fraud, and bribery.

Maddox and CarterSmith are also charged with substantive counts of bank fraud, false statements to financial institutions, extortion, honest services fraud, use of interstate facilities in furtherance of bribery, false statements to federal officers, conspiracy to interfere with the lawful function of the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), and filing false tax returns.

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  1. Steve,

    Can you confirm that Gillum followed through on his promise years ago to give his deferred compensation money to charity when he left office? I would be interested to see which charity he chose (the elect Gillum to anything campaign I’m guessing). I’m sure he would never ever ever go back on a promise he made. Maybe he is going to donate it to the Scott and Paige defense fund. We are all here holding our breath waiting on his illegally obtained money to be returned or at least donated to charity.

  2. Gil.
    I’m betting a 60% likelihood one of those 3 will be picked by the commissars.

    We’d be much better off if Gov. Scott picked someone.

    1. The trip to Las Vegas ensnared Maddox and is part of the case against him so I would think that it will ensnare Gillum with his trip to New York.

      The dark clouds are still looming.

  3. I echo the comments. Erwin has put he and his wife through a lot the last 10 years exposing some of this stuff. Despite the fact that he is treated as a “gadfly” and as some “politically motivated” guy, he has gotten some bad eggs out of office. And I, for one, will be extremely disappointed if the indictments stop here. Our city has become like so many other cities – a cesspool of corruption. It needs to be cleaned out.

  4. It will be interesting to see which Democratic Insider the city commission picks…


    Will they actually make a choice based on resume, accomplishments, and character which could come from another political party?

    My hope Is that they will make a decision not based on someone from the Democratic Party as I believe citizens have seen the fall-out from an unbalanced government … high-crime and corruption but to name a few.

    Will the new seated commission pass their first test?

    We know Curtis can’t pass this test unless by some miracle, but let’s see if the others do the right thing or continue down their corruptive path set forth by their predecessors and own political party.

    Andrew Gillum need not apply.

  5. 6 years of FBI investigation has positive results.

    That’s the same FBI that cleared Hillary in a month. Obviously not very thorough when they don’t want to be….

    1. What constitutes a positive result for a FBI investigation? Whether or not there is evidence of criminal activity does not invalidate the results of an FBI investigation.

    1. Ageed, iTodd – the Democrat-Socialist party rejects any sort of morality, ethics, or basic sense of “right and wrong”. Anything that gets the job done is OK, just as long as you don’t get caught – but if you do, you can be certain that the Mainstream Media (the Propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) will exonerate you from any wrongdoing, and attack your accusers, no matter how damning the evidence convicts you. In the Dem-Socialist world, there is no morality, no sin, no truth or lies, there is only What Gets Done, and anything that accomplishes that is not only OK, it is applauded by them. Why else are Hillary and Bill, Comey, Strock, Lynch, Paige, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, Rice, Kerry, and obama (an incomplete list of the guilty) walking around free? In a sane America, they all would be behind bars for decades.

      For now, let’s be grateful that a few long-time COT officials here in Tally are at least having to put up with the offense of being indicted. Let’s hope that perhaps here in our small city, some semblance of justice still exists, and the guilty will be found out in a true court of law (not some local paid-off judge’s courtroom) It’s a faint hope in modern America, but we can still hope at least.

  6. Don’t just look at City Hall there are plenty who need excercism from City of Tallahassee working at Renaissance Center Building that need to go big time. Place is just as crooked away from the ivory tower and needs a clean sweep as well.

  7. Thank you Dr. Jackson & Steve Stewart! Both are a Light in the cesspool of darkness over City of Tallahassee! Great Job Gentlemen!!

  8. I am so happy that Erwin Jackson is on patrol. But, even with being rid of Marks, Maddox, and Gillum, there is no shortage of scammers in office.

  9. I believe that cloud that Curtis Richardson could not see and even denied looming over City Hall has appeared and literally rained on their parade.

    I believe an umbrella would be a most appropriate gift for Mr Richardson this season.

    1. You know: you just gotta think the fix is already in.
      In the form of lavish payments to one or more local Federal FBI employees to “exclude” Ex-Mayor Andy from any future “indictment drops”.
      Crazy George Soros is sitting on top of a mountain of money and would have no problem breaking some of that stinky cheese off to a local Bureau Chief or whomever could make that happen.
      Crazy George sees Gillum as his next “Obama” and just loves that sexy crease in Andy’s pants ya know!! That you can not dispute.
      Before you poo-poo the idea keep in mind Snidely does not trust any of those “James Comey” people and you should think long and hard about it too.
      Hey one of your Federal employee neighbors may be soon enjoying the most lavish and luxurious of retirements ever!!
      Unless of course George Soros begins to deem the rat-fink to be a liability. Then good luck ‘splaining that “protect Andy for Beelzebub’s dirty money” thingy to St. Peter up there at the Pearly Gates.

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